Drivers’ Ed: Roundabouts

Vehicles “in” a roundabout have the right of way.

Gol chakkar meiN gaari ka pehla haq hai.”

Why do we NEVER remember this? Do we need to put up boards around roundabouts similar to those set up by the Islamabad Traffic Police? I mean, come on! Common sense and high school physics (centrifugal force and all that jazz) dictate that vehicles in a roundabout cannot slow down or stop immediately.


No, really! Please don’t try to ram my car by coming straight at me while I’m in a roundabout or while I’m trying to exit one. I travel in a “hi-roof” with mean-looking metal bumpers (or whatever those things are called). If you ram my car, nothing much will happen to me. Your teensy-weensy vehicle will, however, crumple up like a tissue paper. Blah!

Aren’t there any regulations in place to check this? Does anyone have more info?

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  1. Arifa (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 12:07 am

    @ID: Talking about close calls…near Gulfway shopping mall, the car was so close to me that I had to curl up my toes and it went over my sneakers and the lady/driver showed me all her five fingers to count as I held onto my breath :)

    @Aegis: Very well-said—
    However, You forgot the donkey carts,not to forget the crazy races on sundays and in the middle of the night….

    And no matetr what car a teen has, he would think he is a NASCAR driver racing in the Grand Prix, no rules apply to these kids.

    Also watch out all the above cars.. I just heard through the grapevine… someone is opening up a Range Rover dealership in Karachi and 5 have already been bought. May GOD help the rest of us.

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