Since last week, the main roads of Karachi have seen an unprecedented penetration of these mini pole based billboard-lets.

These are built out of very basic quality wood (which u can easily break with your hands) frame in an “8” shape, with pins and tacks used to support the panaflex skin. Once constructed, they are tied onto lamp posts and signals etc with a metallic wire roughly between 1-2 cubic mm in thickness.

During the recent rainfall which pulled down many billboards, these signs too were damaged, though their penetration was very limited at that point of time.

What concerns me as a citizen, is how much of a health hazard these seemingly small boards can also pose, especially when fast moving cars create an air vortex behind them that causes a huge pull on these boards.

Once a board comes loose, it immediately becomes a threat to the car / motorbike that is next in line.

Interestingly, the initial onslaught came from the ARY network guys, and now GEO is busy promoting the movie.

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