Jobs to be given on quota basis

Next time you go for an interview, don’t be amazed if you are asked about the political party you belong to.Thankfully the policy is only for Government jobs.

According to Daily Times, the old rural of assigning jobs according to rural/urban quota will be taken over by the party basis assignment. The decission was taken two months back but is extremely unpopular with ministers and other government employees who plan to protest against it.

The former policy of 60-40 jobs for rural and urban population respectively has been modified with the new 50% for MQM, 30% for PML Q and 20% for other ruling parties. The recruitment cell has been set up at CM house, Karachi.

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  1. D0ct0r (unregistered) on July 26th, 2007 @ 1:43 am

    @Balma so if all these parties have a tainted past.. then why not join a party with a clean record.. for e.g. Insaf party , or would u continue to justify a fascist party?

  2. Balma (unregistered) on July 26th, 2007 @ 2:33 am

    Yes, any new party would have been good but Imran Khan himself has a tainted past. I am sure you must have read that story about Imam Bukhari (or another one of the six) going hundreds of miles to collect some hadees and he sees that person misrepresenting something to his goat, and Imam Bukhari comes back empty handed even after spending time and effort to get there.
    i.e. a person’s character is important.
    Note: I am not implying that Hadees are correct or should be followed blindly. But, this was an interesting story.

    Imran Khan has always been an asshole. The idiot used to think that he is a big shot, swearing at players on field while being live telecast on TV, Tariq Aziz asking him question in Urdu, the jerk responding back like a burger in English….now suddenly he has figured out all the Urdu / Panjabi in the world. Leadery kee umeed bandhee, toe Urdu / Panjabi bhee aa gayee. What a jerk. Just like Budnazir.

    I will take Navaz Sharif any time, over Budnazir and Imran…NAvaz just needed to be bit more intelligent. He was too simple.
    And of course, had bad company.

    I actually don’t care about Imran fooling around with Rita or Sita or Zeenat Aman. I almost think of him as a role model there. hehehe.
    My earlier post on him was just to prove that the word zani used by MQM is not bad at all and a legal, valid, acceptable, and sharaa’ee word:-)

    Just out of curiousity, how is Imran’s ex-mentor Hamid Gul (another chay vow) doing?

    I think Gandhi Jee was right. Muslims want a perfect leader, which I think ain’t gonna happen.

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