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Guess Away!

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  1. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on August 5th, 2007 @ 5:32 pm

    Sid hyderi k overhead bridge per khari hay aur ye Hyderi market ka parking area hay. Tasweer k thora right per Hyderi Chaat wala hay. :-)

  2. Bolshevik (unregistered) on August 5th, 2007 @ 6:50 pm

    Haidery market! This is where I get all of my bangles from! : )

  3. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on August 5th, 2007 @ 8:50 pm

    there is a corner apartment on 2nd floor which is visible in this pic as well where a person who is always[or most of] in Banyan, has been playing songs and naats occasionally. I mean if you come to that particular region and hear loud music then that would be definitely coming out from tht apartment. I always wonder whether he’s paid by Market union or he doesn’t have a life?

  4. sid (unregistered) on August 5th, 2007 @ 8:53 pm

    spot on, both of you. :)

  5. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on August 5th, 2007 @ 9:37 pm

    Sid,being a north nazimabadi,specially a hyderi wala, it was not a difficult task at all =).

    Infact, I would be surprised if someone from entire North nazimabad town can’t recognize that place.

  6. Bolshevik (unregistered) on August 5th, 2007 @ 9:49 pm

    Yeah, when we first shifted to Karachi a couple of years ago, we were living in Block-D. Every morning, I’d walk from my house to the bus stop at Haidery to get a bus to the university. In the evening, I’d walk back home from the bus stop. This was before I’d discovered W-22 which would drop me closer to home, and only knew about G-17. :P Happy-dappy memories I have associated with this place. : )

  7. Farhat (unregistered) on August 6th, 2007 @ 3:32 am

    am 100% sure – not many know that –
    North Nazimabad is KDA Scheme no. 2 designed planned and developed by the Italians.

    It is officially KDA Scheme no. 2

    the 10 Foot by 4 foot 4 inches thick KDA Scheme 2 Cemented Tablet tells the whole hitory which is now lying behind traffic police kiosk near the basket ball court, it was removed from the place where current NEW bridge starts and since then that Tablet is there, gradually vanishing.

  8. Dictator (unregistered) on August 6th, 2007 @ 10:14 am

    Khursheed Hyderi Market Block G North Nazimabad. This is the parking area shot from the overhead crossing bridge.

  9. Balma (unregistered) on August 6th, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

    And I propose we start referring to North Nazimabad by its official name: Taimuryah.

    Otherwise, I porpose we call
    Gulshane-e-Iqbal as North Pir Colony or South Malir.
    Clifton as East Kimari, DHA as West Korangi or South Kala Pul, and the insult to Karachi Seaview quarters as South MArtin Quarters.

  10. Jamal Shamsi (unregistered) on August 8th, 2007 @ 12:48 am

    Balma – :) wah :) tabyat garden garden kar di :D dil jalgaya ho ga waha walon ka :)

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