Rock Your Shanaakht – Review

The final two days of the shanaakht festival, organized by the Citizens Archive of Pakistan, were just too good to miss! In addition to a full day of documentaries, talks, lectures, picture and art exhibits, each day ended on a high note.

shanaakht2.jpgThe third day saw the live performance of Loose Talk, featuring the icon’s of pakistani television media themselves, Moin Akhtar and Anwar Maqsood. Running for over 5 years, having produced more than 280 episodes for television, Loose Talk has redefined how satire is delivered to the audience. Be it political, social or even religious! The live show was no less specatular! The duo had the audience in stiches from the moment Anwar Maqsood came on stage to introduce the performance. The skits included Moin Akhtar as a poet, a guy who hates cable TV, the cricket lover, a shop owner, the poor husband of a very healthy woman and finally a representative of PML-Q! Each performance was a gem in its own right, and its hard to say which was my favourite. And judging from the standing ovation and the over 5 minutes of continuous clapping the duo got, i was not alone in thinking so.

shanaakht.jpgThe next day brought with it, a concert aptly titled Rock your Shanaakht. An event which ended the whole festival on just the right note. The event started with a surprise stand up comedy performance by Saad Haroon, who had the audience in stiches about with parody songs like Pakistani Pie and Mr. Dakoo. Not to mention skits on the defence bubble, why there are no terroists in Pakistan, the mobile snatcher, why giving directions in defence is almost dirty and last but not the least, the dream (and big movie idea) which shattered when sonia ghandi stepped down from accepting the prime ministership of India. (The movie ofcourse was based on the love relationship between the two leaders). Next up were Taal Charisma, a new band formed by students of NAPA, another prestigious institution of the city nurturing the arts, and their new genre, Body Percussion. The rest of the evening was filled by performances from zaeb and hania (from lahore), ali alim and the aunty disco project. The festival ended with the whole crowd joining the artists on stage in singing our national anthem! Definitely not a night to forget!

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  1. Edward Louis (unregistered) on August 15th, 2007 @ 2:27 pm

    I was interested in attending events on 13th August at the Shanakht festival which included a performance by Anwar Maqsood and Moin Akhtar. This was ofcourse something which the rest of this city of 16 million also wanted to do. As a person of principles, I waited for 13th August to arrive and hopped across the Arts Council to collect the passes. As per Citizen Archives website as well as their schedule for Shanakht, the passes could “only” be collected on the 13th for the performance scheduled for 13th August. But in the true spirit of Pakistan and in celebrating its 60th birthday… the Archive did what we as Pakistani’s should be proud of. They passed on all the passes to their cronies and contacts almost 3-4 days ahead in advance. I spoke to some lady at the Art Council on 13th Morning (a bimbo socialite!) who true to her calling could only be working for a NGO like Citizen’s Archive. Well done, people… we kept the tradition alive. Pakistan Zindabad!

    If anyone is interested in doing so… you might as well visit the Citizen’s Archive website, download the schedule and see for yourself what they have claimed as the schedule for availability of passes.

  2. mansoor (unregistered) on August 15th, 2007 @ 3:18 pm

    yes yes edward, we heard you.

    if you had come down earlier, you would’ve gotten the tickets. The fact that there were a limited amount was lost on you?

    the tickets were present (for the anwar maqsood thing) from the 12th, and they were gone almost instantaneously. The fact that you (with proof) mentioned that they went only to the ‘cronies’ is baseless since there were ‘reserved seats’ for the cronies to begin with.

    lastly, if you had wanted to enjoy the events, there were additional seats outside for you to enjoy the event as well.

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