Imran Khan Banned in Sindh Again

News is just coming in that the Government of Sindh has issued orders to prevent Imran Khan from entering Sindh for one whole month. This is the second time the Sindh Government has prevented him from coming to Karachi the first time was back in May. Imran Khan was supposed to land in Karachi tomorrow afternoon and was scheduled to participate in a number of events across the city.

With the latest development it seems that we might actually see yet another deportation fiasco, I personally would urge him to come on his regularly scheduled flight and attempt to test the bureaucracy and in turn serve the government with yet another embarrassing media frenzy which will only continue to prove to the world (specially the US) that the notion of democracy and fundamental rights simply do not exist in Pakistan

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  1. Jamal Shamsi (unregistered) on September 15th, 2007 @ 2:41 pm

    IF elections 2007 takes place as scheduled –

    DEMO~GRAPHIC Change will appear on the SEAT winning situation –

    SINDH assembly will see the URBAN change The National assembly seats of Urban SINDH will have a few different flag carriers.

    STERN, arrogant, annoying attitude or let me rephrase it “Toxicated & Blinded with power” the existing ruling majority party of SINDH will lose few seats not as losing in score but losing few seats that MAY / COULD / MIGHT help their SELF-EXILED leader to guage the political mercury and shift in people’s approach.

    Come PPP and with (rigged) absolute MAJORITY & SUPPORT from ALL (ANP, PPI & JI) who DESIRE STAKE IN KARACHI at any price there will be surgical operation AGAINST the current ruling party and again SINDH rural will suffer to the most

    ARMY with their stakes multiplying in civil society everyday in the POST 9/11 scenario it is nearly an impossible TASK for ANY Civilian Govt to GOVERN Pakistan withOUT support n help of ARMY.

    Aisha Siddiqa book may be exaggerated, but it does have 20% truth and that 20% is enough to figure out that it is not IN Service who benefit most it is the RETIREEs` who manipulate the civilian politicians to stay under the Army Umbrella.

    Chauhdry Nisar Ali Khan – Brother of …….?? anyone can guess his real brother’s name – with Rank Major General ……..???? (now retired) is “excused” and allowed FREEDOM by NAB.

    despite the fact that he was the SINGLE Individual who manipulated the Corps Commander Quetta and Instigated Nawaz Shareef to Change the COAS.

    2010 and we will all see the common sindhi speaking and the Elites of Establishment blaming MQM for sufferings of SINDH.

    Writing on wall is there for those who can read it,

    The self exiled leader must remove his photo brown rayban and put on reading glasses,.

    Coming Back to Pakistan is no Harm if you really rule the heart of commoners IN Pakistan.

    ( ji haan mujhay roza lag raha tha iss leay sab likha hai )

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