Dengue in Defence There are things we consider our fate and caused by natural calamities, and then there are repercussions of our own ignorance. In order to avoid the FTC-Shara-e-Faisal traffic, I sometimes take the Kala-Pul diversion into Azam Basti to go torwards the Regent Plaza road. This photograph is of the road just outside the World Food Program office, on your way to the National Hockey Club and the Askari Apartments. It is unfortunate that though these areas may not fall under the Ciy Nazim’s watch, that the rainwater, combined with flooding drain pipes, make one side of the 2-way road, completely unusable and a threat to a lot of diseases we can do without. What stops a resident of the area from doing something about a situation like this?

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  1. Jamal Shamsi (unregistered) on September 30th, 2007 @ 1:54 am

    BB this is not sewerage water it is 48″ Fresh water line which is always leaking., and main supply artery to the “sensitive area” between Cantt station and Shahrea Faisal.

    This very road is the extension of Rafiqi shaheed road which starts from Fleet Club, intersects Shahrae Faisal, goes towards NICVD, NICH, SMC & Jinnah Hospital, KIdney Centre, Minwala school and becomes single as it leads to Old Kala pul.

    This road patch which is single track less then 50 feet wide, is managed by Pakistan Railway as it is in their jurisdiction – in 1967 the patch of approx quarter of a mile was marked out paved and carpeted when Ayub Khan innaugrated DHA Karachi – at that time this was single access to Army graveyard, DHA, PNS SHIFA, Army VET Hospital, Old Sunset Boulevard., Naval SRE, Railway yard and Race course ground.

    Currently – the fresh water conduit of 48″ dia also supply water to Jinnah Hospital & its staff colony, and to Askari apptments on school road passes under this patch,

    now – for information:

    Water pipeline is managed by GE (Garrison Engineer) as the area is under Karachi Cantonment Board,

    Road is Under Pakistan Railway jurisdication,

    also am sure you must have noticed that patch does not even have the street lights upto Caltex Pump.

    :) so again … if Mr. Kudal say thats not my area, he is very right…..!

  2. Imran (unregistered) on September 30th, 2007 @ 1:14 pm

    EXCELLENT post Rabia;

    … this topic is the story of our (Pakistani) lives;

    … People living in COMPLETE disregard of their RESPONSIBILTIES & Civic Sense. Makes one wonder what kind of people we are as a SOCIETY???

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