Best city for career growth?

Lahore metblogs did a poll on which is the best city for career growth. I thought we’d also participate in the same poll. So here goes.

Which city, out of Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad is the best for Career Growth?

Also, you can give your own list of most popular jobs and average salary of your city.

My apologies: due to a fault in html, the actual poll didn’t make it to the post.

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  1. dictator (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 1:15 pm

    Shah-e-Quaid. Even here in Glasgow, I meet a guy who lives and work in a bank in Isl says that u can get much opportunities in karachi

  2. MB (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 2:13 pm

    Obviously ma shweeet Karachi. But in some special situation you can never grow , thats the flip side of it but thats rare.

  3. Raza (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 4:05 pm

    The whole freakin country is down here in search of job opportunities. Karachi wins this poll hands down IMO!

  4. fAr stAr (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

    Not doubt Karachi. but Lahore is emerging pretty fast as far as IT industry is concerned, coz of the same damn security reasons. and IT is one of the fastest growing industry in recent times along with the Banking industry.

  5. fAr stAr (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 4:35 pm

    no doubt karachi. but lahore is emerging pretty fast as far as IT industry is concerned, coz of the same damn security issues in karachi. and IT sector is one of the fastest growing industry in Pakistan alongwith Banking industry.

  6. Concerned (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 4:51 pm

    No doubt about. Karachi.

  7. mansoor (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 4:55 pm

    far star: very rightly said about the IT industry. the following figures are from PSEB website about the number of *substantial* IT companies in each city, and lahore, isb are not far behind karachi in this regard.

    384 Karachi
    276 Islamabad
    353 Lahore
    69 others

  8. interested (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2007 @ 8:51 pm

    As an expat pakistani looking to move back to PK, I’d be interested in knowing what average salaries/benefits are like in the 3 major cities for professionals (preferably in the IT industry). Could KMB look into conducting an anonymous poll on that, or could users comment anonymously on their job, experience and salary? I think it would be an interesting and useful comparison for all. Thanks.

  9. ALAM (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2007 @ 12:21 am

    if u know ur work, then there is everything for a professional person in KHI.

    You can be disillusioned by hangamay, traffic, power outage, etc, but everything else is fine.

  10. iD (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2007 @ 8:32 am

    Though I’m a Karachiite but I guess it’s Lahore for it’s IT, Media and Showbiz industry

  11. Naveed Zuberi (unregistered) on November 5th, 2007 @ 11:05 am

    I dont know…But we Karachites are winning on the poll :-)

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