Gov. breaks torture records as Police attack/raid Jang press

Well i was just wondering how come a tyrant gov. sit quietly. There has been severe beating on lawyers and Judges ( a woman Judge, would you believe it, has been beaten severely) by police. Hide and seek continued between police and journalist on IIC road. A raid on JANG PRESS to not allow them to publish their evening supplement. I heard this on GEO LIVE AUDIO stream. Apparently a senior police official phoned AWAAM’s editor and gave him dhumkies not to publish paper which he refused to comply. The paper would show the nakedness of government to the whole world but the government broke records of disrespect to law and Judges as expected.

What is this 1958 ? or 1258 ?

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  1. SD (unregistered) on November 12th, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

    While so many of you are referring to journalists and lawyers as the evils of our society and musharaf as the hero…shouldnt musharaf go after terrorism and suicide bombers and do a good job at that, rather than terrorising lawyers, journalists and the media?

  2. saleem (unregistered) on November 25th, 2007 @ 4:29 am

    MEdia is shutdown that is very wrong BUT
    why it was shattered because of negative projection, do you thing GEO is serving nation NO they are not, what image they had already given to rest of the world its totally negative. GEO and some media members are getting commercial they must be money for it, Pakistan’s prestige has been disused specially by GEO, What has done by GEO so far nothing. i have a doubt that they must be sponsored by benazir and nawaz sharif the theives of nation. Pakistan is not belong to their fore fathers, I think current Govt. was the ever best Governence since Pakistan become indenpendent. Dr. shahid masood, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan they all are refilling there pockets, GEO its been so selfish so far. Atleast take lessons from India’s news channel they never go against to there govt. not that much wht geo and media is doing in pakistan. Musharraf is the best option for Pakistan. Please try to expose positive things what musharraf has done so far how many jobs sprreaded, international image, financial recovery, banks, foriegn investment, remittances, etc . atleast better then nawaz sharif, and benazir. plz giv him respect, he is president to pakistan. wht is this guy chief justice ch iftikhar ahmed doing do u think he is eligible to be part of supreme court its not his job to govern in the country, who the held he his what he has done so far serving nation ‘ nothing, just using politicians and poor people in his circles to get his seat back. You forget PM shoukat aziz the best finance minister of the world awarded by eurpeon union. PLz open your eyes and serve pakistan as Mir Khalil ur rehman wants. this was not his dream. Please GEO plz humai JEENAI DO.

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