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Gov. breaks torture records as Police attack/raid Jang press

Well i was just wondering how come a tyrant gov. sit quietly. There has been severe beating on lawyers and Judges ( a woman Judge, would you believe it, has been beaten severely) by police. Hide and seek continued between police and journalist on IIC road. A raid on JANG PRESS to not allow them to publish their evening supplement. I heard this on GEO LIVE AUDIO stream. Apparently a senior police official phoned AWAAM’s editor and gave him dhumkies not to publish paper which he refused to comply. The paper would show the nakedness of government to the whole world but the government broke records of disrespect to law and Judges as expected.

What is this 1958 ? or 1258 ?

KSE Index/ Businesses suffer.

Owing to the rumors circulating of the internal military coup and house arrest of Musharraf, the Karachi Stock Exchange lost 635 points to close at 13,257 today. This trend also reflects the reluctance of foreign investors to inject funds into the Pakistani economy at the moment.

The market has shed almost a 1000 points since last week. The rumors have been confirmed as false, yet the uncertainty remains.

Karachi is (somewhat) Normal.

Life in the city is (somewhat) normal. “Somewhat” because there is little traffic on the roads, yesterday too the streets were considerably deserted. Last night after midnight at around 1:30 AM there was a pin drop silence, I went up my roof and there was no sound of traffic on the roads, not horns, not even a bark of the dog. It was very unusual, almost disturbing. and today too the traffic in the city is a bit less than normal and a fewer people are on the streets.

Arrests underway at the High Court

Bolshevik reports from the front lines that the High Court has been barricaded with the lawyers inside, whosoever comes out gets immediately arrested and sent to Preedy Street Police Station. One of Bolshevik’s lawyer friend is at the moment inside and is unable to come out.

Update: In Karachi, police entered the Sindh High Court and arrested the lawyers trying to escort the judges in – including Chief Justice Sabihuddin and others. The detained lawyers have been kept in the
Artillery Maidan Thana, and police were bringing more in… Arrested lawyers include Zahid F. Ebrahim, Haider Waheed, Taha Alizai, & CJ Sabih’s son.

Currently there are 40-60 lawyers in the lockup. Police started taking away their cell phones and some managed to hand them to friends outside.

There is a protest called by members of the civil society outside the Karachi Press Club at 4:00pm today. Poster below

Supreme Court order & few legal questions

Watch GEO LIVE, [ Notice :Please follow KMB comment policy ] image at the right should be useful in shutting Gov. mouth against their PTV propaganda that SC didn’t issue any notice for restraining government from taking any unconstitutional or for that matter order related to PCO etc.

Secondly, the order by SC is clear (this was issued before the supposedly emergency/Martial Law). The president has been restrained by the court to issue any such order. This BBC link also supports the point. The Sindh HC judges have refused to take oath on PCO and have said that they received a fax from SC not to obey any such order. And he is bound to follow the order.

So my question is, how come this emergency is validated when before that SC had declared any such action illegal and its copies have already been given to media and press. So does our gov. plans to bulldoze all norms of ethics & constitution by force ? What if this PCO is taken into court using this very same faxed copy of SC order ?. Also the few judges who did take oath, did they not indulge in contempt of court ?

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Imran Khan evades arrest

News is just coming in that the army had gone to arrest Imran Khan to take him to Kot Lakhpath but Imran Khan has evaded arrest. No news about his whereabouts and he remains missing. Updates to follow, if any.

There was a meeting at the Karachi Press Club organized by a number of organizations where it was decided to organize a protest at 4:00pm Monday 5th November outside the Karachi Press Club, while the Lawyers are also scheduled to protest outside the courts at 8:00am in the morning. A number of leaders addressed the gathering which included Fakhruddin G Ibrahim as well.

TV Channels still Off Air

While browsing i came across this Banana Republic Definition :-
In modern usage the term has come to be used to describe a generally unstable or “backward” dictatorial regime, especially one where elections are often fraudulent and corruption is rife. By extension, the word is occasionally applied to governments where a strong leader hands out appointments and advantages to friends and supporters, without much consideration for the law. A banana republic can also be used to describe a country where a large part of its economy and politics are controlled by foreign powers or even corporations. Wikipedia
How perfectly this para depicts our country. I woke up early morning, went to TV lounge , turn on TV and found it dumb & dead again. No channels. Its indeed a question to ponder how much we are a laughing stock for the rest of the world which is planning for MARS in 2025. Media is supposed to be the only hope people have to reach out to truth in difficult times but being unique our government blocked tools of news/information not allowing people to know whats happening around. We the unfortunates still search for the basic norms of democracy others got hundred years back. The outside worlds knows whats going in our country & we are blind about events around, a true sign of Banana country. Don’t be amazed if your cellular connection of internet connection goes dead too. In last thousand years if there is anything that didn’t change its a tyrants way of response in failure. Even chimpanzees evolved but our (or a dictator for that matter) Generals in GHQ wont. The lust for power is too overwhelming. Its probably is the price of pampering the gatekeepers in 1965. This government has weapons of media destruction in hand. I am not sure if there is a technical way to bypass a government like Burma or Pakistan. Is mobile TV a hope ?

Things stay peaceful in Karachi

While the blog is constantly being updated about the events as they unfold, I am sure there would be concerns about law and order situation in the city.

As of now (1230 AM) things are peaceful. There are police mobiles patrolling everywhere and that’s that. No major news of any disturbance so far. The traffic is out on the streets like a regular weekend.

I hope things stay peaceful in the coming days and weeks.

President Addressing the Nation

President Musharraf began his address a few minutes ago – Initial comments include the justification of why things are the way they are, major reasons including the recent unrest in the Northern regions.

He has just begun his comments about the unstable politics that were there before he took over, and how he and his government have worked to re-instate stability and economic growth. He has declared the State of Emergency to counter the recent terroristic activities ongoing across the country. A loose translation of one of his statements include – “Investors and investments that have been coming to Pakistan are slowing down because of the terrorism acts which show us as being an unstable environemtn.” and “Certain people are trying to stop our growth from happening and putting hurdles in the process.”

As this post is going up, he is giving an overview of what progress has happened in terms of infrastructure building, etc.. and he has declared emergency because “I cannot see things going back to the way they were”.

PTV Home is providing the feed to the television sets that are still getting reception.

Dawn News Reports on BB’s Landing

This is from the website:

(First Posted @ 19:18 PST Updated @ 23:28 PST)
Benazir Bhutto returns to Karachi KARACHI, Nov 3 (AP): Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan late Saturday. A plane carrying the former prime minister landed in Karachi from Dubai and she disembarked her plane, an Associated Press reporter saw. Supporters of her Pakistan People’s Party who had gathered at the airport shouted slogans as reports of her arrival filtered out.”

Haven’t read this newsbyte on any of the other websites or stations.

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