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BBC Reports Reactions

In case anyone missed this, you can read up some reactions to the ongoing events on the BBC website:

Btw – For those who pointed out the obvious in my earlier posts, CNN is NOT the word of God (or even close to it) – my concern is to continue to report the callous editorial integrity of the thousands of people who DO rely on websites such as CNN and others. I continue to monitor the changes and continue to bring it to their attention. They need to keep their facts in check and report, rather than sell.

CNN Changes the Headline – again! (GoogleNews: 1,237 news items)

Round 9: CNN Online changes its headline AGAIN! As of 4 minutes ago, “Pakistan under Martial Law” – (please see earlier references to the editorial decision [or lack thereof]

Google News has 1,237 news articles tracking back to the news event this evening..

1018pm updates

And the updates continue –

– Only 4 Judges from Supreme Court take oath under new PCO
– 16 Judges in Lahore refuse to take oath
– 23 Judges refuse to take oath in Sigh High Court, only four take oath under PCO
– CJ of Peshawar High Court refused to take PCO oath

btw – for those of you who still want to watch the clips from Geo and ARY One World, there are fresh clips being updated on almost every 20 minutes..


Whereas there is visible ascendancy in the activities of extremists and incidents of terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings, IED explosions, rocket firing and bomb explosions and the banding together of some militant groups have taken such activities to an unprecedented level of violent intensity posing a grave threat to the life and property of the citizens of Pakistan.

Whereas there has also been a spate of attacks on state infrastructure and on law enforcement agencies;

Whereas some members of the judiciary are working at cross purposes with the executive and legislature in the fight against terrorism and extremism, thereby weakening the government and the nation’s resolve and diluting the efficacy of its actions to control this menace;

The Provincial Constitution Order

In pursuance of the Proclamation of the 3rd day of November, 2007, and in exercise of all powers enabling him in that behalf, the Chief of Army Staff under the Proclamation of Emergency of the 3rd day of November, 2007, is pleased to make and promulgate the following Order:-

Press under fire!!!

A 35-page “Press Ordinance” has reportedly been released as part of the PCO. Will post a copy as soon as I can lay my hands on one.

PS: Aitzaz Ahsan was caught trying to make a phonecall from the restroom of the thhaana that he is being kept at. I love Aitzaz Ahsan!!! :-D

To access TV channels

I just got this email:

You can probably access GEO from the website Just click on the link which says Live Stream 1 or Live Stream 2.

Let’s hope this works. I can’t test this because I’m having problems with my internet connection here.

Abdul Hammed Dogar takes oath as CJP

international reporters confirming that Abdul Hammed Dogar has taken oat as the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Talat Qayum takes oath as Chief Justice from NWFP

Chief Justice of Sindh has been removed – will update soon on the replacement

CNN Changes Its Mind…. again

And here we go again… The headline on the CNN Website is back from “Pakistan Declares Martial Law” to “Emergency Declared in Pakistan”.. again… This is perhaps the 8th time between 630pm and now (907pm) that the headline has changed..

Updates still ongoing on PTV National explaining the constitution to people who are glued to the internet and their cell phones, desperate for updates. President to address the nation at 11pm tonight.

Musharraf to address Nation at 11pm PST

President Musharraf to address the nation at 11pm tonight (PST) –


Police surround Imran Khan’s residence… Awaiting further updates from the voice from the toilet (please see situation below – no pun intended)

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