no candidate fit for my vote!

That seem’s to be the dominant theme here, according to our latest poll (with 40%). However, it brings up an interesting question. Who is the candidate?

From the previous discussion we’ve had on why wont you vote, it appears the ‘candidate’ is the leader on top of each political party. However, i ask you this. Who *is* the actual candidate? The leader on top might go ahead to be Prime Minister and make decisions for the functioning of this country, but s/he is not determined by you. They do not represent you, they do not even know you exist for the large part, and they are not the ones asking for your vote.

You vote for your local candidate. The one who’ll be representing your constituency, the one who’ll be fighting for or against laws which directly affect the people in their area, so that they can get another term. They will have an agenda, which i agree largely follows the party agenda which is nothing currently but ‘continue the policies set forth by the previous government’ in most cases, but still, there’s is a more localized one. Your local candidate is the one who ‘should’ care about you, should care about getting your vote and should care about getting your voice heard in the assembly. They will not do it, unless you make them realize that your vote is not free, and they’ll have to work towards it.

To all the readers, i put forth this one question, which constituency do you belong to? And who are your candidates?

This post in part of a series of posts to understand the current apathy the KMB visitors feel towards elections and democracy.

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  1. Anathema (unregistered) on January 27th, 2008 @ 9:30 pm

    @Mansoor: my candidates are for the NA-250. I like one, and he has been in office before. that chap, though not MQM (and hey. truth be Governor and City Nazim HAVE proved MQM is worth my vote) has proved he can work for my city and its people. The problem: he is not strong enough to fight, argue or debate on behalf of the people. Same goes for the lady from my candidacy. She’s a novice to governmental politics, thouogh i’m told she’s brilliant at politics at the Arts Council and has held a superior post there. That said, she being from MQM may pass the message on to those who matter. But the point remains: will she raise a voice for her people? As for the third political party candidate: he can stick with his denim factory and honorary consul general-cy.
    I think two of the three candidates matter but matter enough to represent: i have my doubts.

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