KPT Flyover at Korangi Road – Lights Out

This KPT flyover was lit up in full glory barely a few weeks back, literally the lights were seen to be dancing in the night (causing some serious distraction for the drivers [including em]) but now it has fallen prey to the country wide electricity crisis in Pakistan.

Here’s to hoping, that we see Pakistan recovering from this crisis very soon and with the hope that these lights will resume yet again to mesmerize us even more. As Karachi so desperately needs to be re-enabled with the title ‘City of Lights’ and the festivities, it has so long since forgotten

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  1. Mughni Raza (unregistered) on February 12th, 2008 @ 3:03 pm

    Hopefully the lights of Karachi bring vibrancy to Pakistan free of feudalism. True democracy where every men, women, and children are treated equally, where all people of the country respected and given rights, where there are no classes, no differences of color, race, and religion, where discrimination is seen as a sin and helping each other as noble practice. Equal justice and education should be served to all without his or her status in the society. Where extremism of any sort should be stopped forcefully and criticize strongly.

    Hopefully those who come in power this time around should remember that fulfilling their nomination is their godly duty therefore equal distribution must be their first priority. They must provide development across Pakistan so everyone in the country flourishes. They must not develop only certain part of the country and left others behind to be neglected. They should work to improve the situation of the people like in past seven years. They must show leadership and courage to control the crisis across Pakistan.

    As for Karachi, The City of Lights and the Heart of Pakistan will always shine and sparks separately on the horizon of Pakistan. No one will be able to taken the Crown of this city. History has proven the opposition of Karachi has always costing the federal government to collapse. Therefore whoever makes Federal government whether PPP, ML-N or ML-Q or anyone must respect the karachities mandate keep peace like President Musharaf did in his rule. As long as Karachi is thriving you will have one Pakistan. In the end loving your city of birth is natural instinct of humans so please try to understand my views.

    Mughni Raza

  2. hussain (unregistered) on February 19th, 2008 @ 1:32 am

    wow wonder full arial view…………..

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