Closure of various TV channels in Karachi

So i was not alone in thinking what i was thinking. We are once again into this GANG-like politics. Every Tom Dick and Harry wants the media not to show the dirt they carry. It first happened during the assembly session and then yesterday CAPITAL TALK went off air and my cable wala had no clue ( or pretended so) as to what is the reason. For few minutes i thought its a technical issue but i knew why would a technical issue only hit ARY and GEO, that too the news channels only. DAWN was fine at my side.

Our politicians dont know how to behave in front of camera’s. Last year it was people like Wasi Zafar. The PPP/MQM etc. ghundas consider the media just like few men watching their street cameos. Its only after knowing that their stunt is being watched by whole world that they resort to closing down channels or similar acts. While PPP workers may have something to do with Assembly incident. I am sure MQM “Angels” were not willing to stay behind when (also mentioned by a KMB reader on our mailing list ) Ansar Abbasi said that MQM won the election due to rigging.

Whoever said/did whatever, the fact is, it seems everyone has to kick MEDIA’s *** after doing something wrong. If these parties cannot control their workers and their emotions, what media do for em. It has to report things as they come. If things continue like this, it seems we shall be seeing more of this in coming weeks.

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  1. bozz on April 8th, 2008 @ 11:59 am

    You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. What did you honestly expect? Tried, tested and failed sycophants, uneducated scums the lot of them.

    Since we insist on having them as our leaders, all I can say is thank you to all those channels that volunteer or are forced into self censorship as I do NOT have any desire or interest to see clowns and monkeys at play. The circus and zoo provide much better viewing.

  2. Afreen (afreen) on April 8th, 2008 @ 1:15 pm

    I just don’t get how blatantly PEMRA can just up and off with some channels. In the same events, I was shocked to know that Peace TV was banned as well. Even when I’m not a regular watcher, the channel was full of informative and authentic information about Islam rather than political back-stabbing. What’s the reason behind this and who is answerable?!

  3. Shamsi (shamsi) on April 8th, 2008 @ 1:34 pm

    IF – Only IF the Governer

    is sincere to capture the culprits of Arbab incident, there are media tapes available to NET & NAB, arrest all those who are involved. – Why not seek media HELP, ?? OR —


  4. kwejghs on April 8th, 2008 @ 5:39 pm

    I thought yesterday’s ban was justified. The promo that Geo News made with visuals of Arbab Ghulam Rahim being slapped with the song ‘Yeh Kia Hua’ in the background was really in bad taste.
    I dont know what peple are the approving authorities at Geo News but they surely are very ill mannered ones thinking they can do anything.
    I could get the idea behind this promo.
    I hav the promo with me and if I knew how I would have posted it with the text :-(

  5. kwejghs on April 8th, 2008 @ 6:55 pm

    Nontheless this banning of channels is becoming a joke. Who ever is in power uses this threat to control the channels and try to mold their policies to suit their own interests.
    A content code is badly needed to define what is right for the channels to do and what is not.
    One contradiction that I have noticed is that the authorities (PEMRA or MQM) do not have any issues with entertainment channels. GEC Channels(general entertainment channels)can display any amount of flesh & skin and get away. It is not ethics that are being safeguarded by controlling, banning the channels but the image of the leaders only. And hence the ban is a tool in the hands of our elected representatives to be used whenever they feel threatened.

  6. barristerakc on April 8th, 2008 @ 6:57 pm

    Ansar Abbasi is a party now specially after the unfortunate Wasi Zaffar ‘big hang’ incident. Who is he to judge, MQM anyway? MQM has a history of winning elections from same constituencies’ right from 1986 – the number of voters shrunken and increased during past years but MQM has a consistent record. Agreed on the rigging part but for the newbes, how much rigging could one do, anyway? 2000-3000 votes?
    Margin of MQM’s candidate winning elections were in the range of 50,000 plus.

    Abbasi(s) investigation stories has continuously been proved wrong – yesterday he mentioned something like ‘someone told me that this is about to happen’ – there’s something called ‘ethical journalism’ – a journalist has to be unbiased and responsible.

    Why MQM supported Mush?

    Although most of us despise arrogant, bloody, and irrational military dictators, we have to acknowledge that Mushy put an end to the carnage, slaughter, looting, and repression of Mohajirs. While the Pisser-e-Zameen, the students of PU, the Pathans and Sindhis were applauding "Operation Cleanup" of Nawaz Besharif and the wanton killing of "Choohas" by Bezamir Bhutni and her Ghaleezoola BuRbuR and giving each other jubilant high fives for Rangers killing "muttarwas," the citizens of Karachi bravely fought off their well-armed countrymen in total isolation.

    (I know MQM is not a bunch of angels but most of MQM actions had infact been
    Reactions – right or wrong is debatable. MQM had done lot of wrongs and has learned a lesson)

    On Arbab Gulam Rahim(s) Incident:

    Probably no-one likes Arbab Rahim (expect his mother, maybe he’s not a good child too) and I know personally that the MQM are not fond of him either but I am glad MQM took an honorable and a principled stand – boycotting the SA proceedings.
    Its not about GA Rahim, its about the cheapness and hyper PPP leaders and jiyalas apart from the arrogance after winning elections.

    Gulam Rahim’s slapping was a deliberate was a set-up, the person involved was the leader of the same group which broke in the SA Record Room on Saturday and the same leader was issued the pass. (One has to note that a SA assembly pass is issued on a MPA recommendation which is later cleared by the Special Branch and the staff).

    My points / rationale:

    a) Why is that the PPP-ghundas / goons from Lyari (courtesy of Rehman Daciot and Nabeel Gabol) not targeting Nawaz Sharif who inflicted maximum damage on Benazir Bhootani?
    b) They are targeting Arbab Ghulam Rahim because he’s a Sindi and against PPP – PPP is a Sindi Fascist Party (like PML (N) is a Punjabi Fascist Party) within – PPP can not afford opposition from within Sind – especially rural Sind.

    c) It’s a known fact that Nabeel Gabol is actively supporting criminal elements of Lyari (like Rehman Daciot, Ram Lulu, Jamshed Pistol) and the same folks helped him out during the election rigging (where PPP got 100000+ votes in a non-literate area without mobilizing the people or actually doing any work during five years).

    d) MQM (is a Mohajirs Fascist Party) has a tendency to play safe (we call it good politics – although it sounds like politics of power). MQM’s approach of boycotting the assembly is principled although eventually Zardari call will flatter Altaf Hussain Lunatic again.

    e) MQM should show a sign of strength in Karachi and Hyderabad again – either a huge million march ending at the Sind Assembly or anything which proves that Karachi and Hyderabad is in MQM’s hand.

    f) MQM should also have a tough word with Qaim Ali Shah not to mingle in Karachi, Hyderabad’s affairs and not even think of transferring the CCPO Karachi, IG Sind and other administrative staff in Karachi and Hyderabad.

    I agree on principals my stand or that of MQM stand is not correct but then one plays a fair game when opponents follow the rules too. It takes two to ‘Samba’…

    Barrister Ali K.Chishti.

  7. Udayan Tripathi (udayan) on April 8th, 2008 @ 7:10 pm

    @kwejghs Why should things get banned for being in bad taste? What will you say when something gets banned that you thought was in good taste?

    When the censor is inherently subjective, the censor ought not exist at all. Because everyone is subjective, no one should be censoring… and there you have ‘freedom of the press’.

  8. concerned on April 8th, 2008 @ 10:08 pm


    I am honestly very amused by this post. I remember when MB used to talk about getting rid of Mushy and having proper democracy.

    Here you go boy, this is what you get when you ask for these Jahils.

    Mark my words, this is just the beginning. Its going to get alot worse.

  9. barristerakc on April 8th, 2008 @ 10:41 pm

    did someone mentioned, ‘worse to come’…

    just check out what the ‘do takay kay lawyers’ did to Sher Afghan!!!
    As a lawyer myself, I wish I could gun them down –

  10. MB (kar_munib) on April 9th, 2008 @ 7:55 am

    Where does i ever said i am a PPP/PML/ANP etc. fan when i talked about "getting rid of Mushy and having proper democracy." ??

    Poor MUSH is just a puppet head of a dirt called establishment. I have always stayed neutral of any party as i believe all of em are run by looters, ghundas and terrorist. Some of em are expert in this e.g MQM n PPP and others are doing less well like PML etc.

    Mushy put an end to the carnage, slaughter, looting, and repression of Mohajirs.

    The first part is a bad joke. You are a blind to see the plundering dude. Did you bother to check the TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL report which reported to say that CORRUPTION under mush was all time high?

    Did you bother to check all the so-called roads being built recently. Except the one from Jail Chowrangi to Mazar n New Karachi and few other 80% of them are THE BEST EXAMPLE OF CORRUPTION. Jus look at the standard of the work they are doing. If making a sub-standard road is your defination of progress, be happy with it.

    The second part clearly shows you are an ethnically intoxicated fellow, so we know now what value your statement has.

  11. barristerakc on April 9th, 2008 @ 11:10 am

    Transparency Intl`s rating for Pakistan offers no surpises. Corruption seems to have seeped down to our bone marrow. No department in Pakistan is immune from this cancer, not even the judiaciary or the self-styled saints, the army. What comes as a surprise is that Pakistan has improved its rating though there seems no change in our aberrant ways. Compare the ratings with that of the ‘lost decade’ when Maharaja Nawaz Sharif and Maharani Benazir Bhootani ruled our nation – corruption levels has declined. Evil but of a lesser degree and unfortunately until and unless we go back to the times of Caliphs – we have to settle with the lesser evil (take it or leave it).Where there is human society there is corruption. Theres no reason to believe this is going to change. I take the lubrication theory in good humour.

    For people with ‘weak memories’,

    Munshi Ishaq Dar single handidly costed Pakistan millions of dollars in fines for fudging fiscal numbers and misrepresentation to IMF. This jackass (Ishaq Dar) is another idiot who believes he is a genius given the company (NS &CO) he keeps. On the contrary, events and facts prove that he was a complete utter failure.

    As of October 1999, Pakistan had the following debt ratio’s:

    External debt: 47.6% of GDP
    Total external debt & Liabilities: 62.5%
    Domestic debt: 49.1% of GDP
    Fiscal deficit/GDP: 6.1%
    Current Account/GDP: -3.2%

    "The persistence of fiscal and external deficits led to accumulation of large domestic and external debt throughout the nineties. The NPV (net present value) of external debt as a % of exports was estimated at 230% in 1998, much higher than the safe limit of 150%"-Dr. Ishrat Hussein

    Foreign exchange reserves stood at $1.6BN with Total debt servicing due as % of FX earnings of 61.4%

    Inflation was above 10%, economic growth had stagnated and fallen to a low 4%, from 6.3% of the eighties.

    As for Musharraf, I don’t think they should send him to Attock or Adiala – they should let him ‘retire’ like Ayub Khan as long as he stays away from politics ….. it will only prolong the bitterness and might piss off the army who could end up doing something stupid but the man has an ego that is bigger than our vary own MB and Doctor Sahab and might try to become the head of the Q-league ; that would be a mistake maybe they can send him to live with MB for a while.

    MB Sahib, Why is every comment seen through the political partisan lens?
    Is it not possible to have a rational discussion based on facts rather than biased by who you happen to like or support at any given time? The words "democracy" and "dictatorship" should not deter us from the facts. Elections in Pakistan are no guarantee that the resulting government would necessarily be democratic. We have seen popularly elected dictatorships in our own history and history of other nations.

    Ethnically intoxicated? Yes and I don’t hide it like most of my brothers and sisters do in the Northern Parts of Pakistan or in Rural Gutters because I’m ethnically motivated because of a ‘reaction’ not because ‘I’m born with it’ like most of the Pisser-e-Zameen.

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