The Day After

I wanted to write something on the riots that occurred yesterday but i was too tired. I happen to be among one of those unfortunate people who do business in the I.I Chundrigarh Rd/M.A Jinnah Rd area. Yesterday afternoon was spent in a mass exodus of panic which usually follows any rioting, or rumors in this area. As per usual everyone runs for their homes and one gets stuck in traffic for 2 to 3 hrs while families frantically call each other to find out whereabouts of those in transit.

What follows the day after though is like salt on ones wounds. Right now i am sitting in my office at 2pm while 14, yes 14 brand new police mobiles are patrolling the entire area in single file with sirens blaring. Perhaps to make us, the business community and office goers in the area feel safe. I would like to ask our authorities where these mobiles were hidden when mayhem broke out yesterday? Why were they not doing what is occurring right now?

I would also like to ask all our readers to if they can, please explain to me what has changed between Martial Law as it was before the elections and Democracy which is the supposed system in existence today in accordance with their daily lives?

Ok granted the new government has barely had time to function before all hell is seemingly breaking loose from every quarter, perhaps at the will of those who were in power before or whatever. The fact still staring me bleakly in the face is that i do not feel any safer, or the climate any less hazardous for work or for business then it was before. I too went and voted at the polls in hope of a better tomorrow, i too want our political parties to stop behaving like firearms who’s triggers are pressed from somewhere else.

When will it happen though? When will we see an era where the people elected hold themselves responsible for the problems of their own constituencies and do something about solving them. Rather than give speeches to the media and complain about this and that. Till that happens, democracy will remain a bad joke played by the west on our people.

Meanwhile i shall now invest in some cotton buds to save my ears from the piercing sirens of these Police Mobiles. Screaming to all and sundry, Democracy is here but it is of no bloody use.

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  1. Teeth Maestro (kar_teeth) on April 10th, 2008 @ 2:49 pm

    It was refreshing to read this rant – though I do not work in ‘that area’ but am going through practically the same depression along with you – after all it is OUR city and it has been hijacked by some unknown assailants who seem to have full protection while we as regular citizens of Karachi turn towards Allah asking for mercy

    This is to the hope that we see a better tomorrow

  2. mvohras on April 10th, 2008 @ 9:08 pm

    I am not physically there in karachi but feel the same pain and stress about karachi happenings.
    I believe that nations change either through revolution or in other case gradually(rather say painfully).
    we have to singleout options 1 by 1. Comparing Army rule and so called elected govt, we first cut Army rule (totally stop army solution) and stay and struggle toward improvement with elected government in all conditions. May it takes time but once we got into this practice probably our new gen. will see some better rulers. Leaving no excuse for Army to come and rule and exit handing corrupt people another chance to come. Sad… God save us all.

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