FAST and all that photography….

Canon sponsored event of photgraphy was held at FAST main campus, Karachi, Saturday 12th April. According to the organizing committee, the event was being arranged for the first time in the history of FAST and was being done to promote photography (sic).

I visited this so-called mega event along with my Flickr colleagues Ameer Hamza, Shehbaz Durrani and ZAK. As usual, FAST was hot, humid and beaming with people around. The event itself wasn’t looking much important – most students looked as if they were on a picnic trip and were very much unaware of photography sticking on the wall (no pun intended here). As for the photographs, they were merely sized 8 x 10 for no obvious reason and for no logical understanding. Having huge walls and a fine walkway one would expect FAST committee to do more homework than they actually did there. The shots themselves were not properly cut or framed and seemed that someone had done it for passing time. There was also a fee of Rs.150/person which was not officially announced and no receipts provided.

All bad things apart, there were some really fine shots from various photographers from Karachi. Fortunately, no major media channel or newspaper was covering, as I know. And that’s good for FAST. Had someone witnessed the mess on Saturday, FAST would have certainly faced a serious media negative proaganda.

I hope that next time FAST committee would be more responsible in style and more targeted in approach.

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  2. Raheel Lakhani (raheel07) on April 15th, 2008 @ 11:41 pm

    it was completely unplanned, badly managed and biased stuff. they also have some payables btw

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