CPLC……(not) willing to help!

Though some might disagree, CPLC is generally known for their courteous behavior. I for one have not been entirely disappointed by them till a few minutes ago.

Incidentally, I bought a used car yesterday and before making the full payment, I wish to get the registration details verified by CPLC.

The contact numbers for CPLC verification that I got are: 568-2222 & 568-3333.

The 2222 number continuously busy, or no response for the past 1.5 hours, however, the 3333 number is most disappointing.

A lady picks up the phone, and without letting me complete the sentence says, “call 5682222” and hangs up the phone. I called the number again to ask for an alternative number, but she did the same.

I called a third time and could even say “hello”. She picked up, said to call 2222 number and hung up!

I called the fourth time, told her to let me complete, but alas…..she sort of scolds me for calling that number and hangs up!

In a time when we see drastic improvements in KESC and PTCL call centers, are we losing the quality of call handling by CPLC?

Anyone else faced the same problem? I say give it a go right now!

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  1. d0ct0r on April 21st, 2008 @ 2:10 pm


    Call all those numbers


    U.A.N Number 111 222 345
    Emergency No. 136

    Phone Number +92 (21) 568 3333
    +92 (21) 568 2222

    Fax Number +92 (21) 5683336

    Email info@cplc.org.pk or cplc@gerrys.net


    Phone Number +92 (21) 5687444
    +92 (21) 5687333

    Email cplc_s@gerrys.net


    Phone Number +92 (21) 2562333
    +92 (21) 2563333

    Email cplc_w@gerrys.net


    Phone Number +92 (21) 4942222
    +92 (21) 4942223

    Email cplc_e@gerrys.net


    Phone Number +92 (21) 9246168
    +92 (21) 9246169

    Email cplc_c@gerrys.net


    Phone Number +92 (21) 5188888
    +92 (21) 5018889

    Email cplc_m@gerrys.net

  2. barristerakc on April 22nd, 2008 @ 10:29 am

    As someone who has worked closely with CPLC on different cases – I think of CPLC as an organization as ‘over-rated’. There’s no doubt that CPLC has gained ground; especially with regards to kidnapping and ransom related crimes but keeping the records in mind – I would rate the organization’s performance ‘average’.

    National Security Advisor(s) office which will be established at the PM(s) secretariat under the command of Gen (r) Durrani (ex-ambassador to the USA) where heads of three intelligence agencies will meet regularly to share intelligence and co-ordinate joint operations under one command is a welcome step and we need more ‘command centers’ like this in different parts of Pakistan – especially a unified command centre for better policing and response to a crime scene in every city to be step up by the Police, City Government, Forensic Department, Fire Brigade, Bomb Disposal and a Quick Para-medical unit with at least two helicopters at disposal 24/7.

  3. sohail (unregistered) on November 12th, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

    Yes i agree with Farrukh i cal them at 568 3333 then they gave me 2 numbers to call for verification, 568 2222 and 568 8888 the 568 8888 was continuously busy from 1 hour and no one was receiving the call at 568 2222 then i tried their UAN number 111 222 345 for help then a lady pick the phone and repeat the same thing which is described by the Farrukh in post above she told me to call 568 2222, then i said to her that i have 2 more numbers like this ie 568 3333 and 568 8888 but no body is responding, then she cut my sentence without let it complete and said You have to call on this number and hangup…

    Now i agree that CPLC is also not willing to help the peoples like other departments.

  4. mullah jp-8 (18 wheel wali) (unregistered) on November 13th, 2010 @ 5:41 pm

    bhala batao…paisa abhi pura diya nahein….aur lagay chaddi tight ko bataa ney…lol

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