A year has passed since the Northern Bypass collapsed

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  1. mohammedosama on September 1st, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

    I remember it was etxactly one year ago, me and my office pals while going back home commented about the unusual lenght of the bridge, we counted the total spans, and spans without the pillar, I doubted its equation with the distribuation of load factor, any way the next day when we were again coming back it was collapsed, what a pity and shame to FWO, and the responsible departments, at the end of day for every wrong doing always the poor has to pay…Oh…….

  2. d0ct0r on September 2nd, 2008 @ 7:42 am

    I had just used this bridge once,when it was opened up for vehicular traffic few days before its official opening by Musharraf and Shamim Siddiqui MQM’s Federal Minister for Communications. Same consulting firm which was responsible for this blunder was later on entrusted by MQM controlled city council with designing all important "Master Plan of Karachi"

    The Northern Bypass Bridge collapse – what really happened?
    Separating Facts from Fiction!


    snippets from this article:

    But what is stunning indeed is that even before the inquiry begins, the MQM minister blames NLC and announces its blacklisting!

    Also, it should also be noted that as to why the design of the bridge was changed when a factory came in its way and took stay from the court. The factory owner, his details, contacts with MQM, and his ability to get the design changed should also be considered. This is critical as last minute changes in design lead to serious engineering complications. Why the city government did not get the stay vacated, why the hurry to finish the bridge that they did not waste time in legal proceedings to vacate the stay and went for alternate design which was risky ? was it their attempt to get the project completed in undue haste to take the credit for their achievements or was it to get the lucrative contract where commissions and kickbacks make good money? Why the MQM is trying to protect the Consultants ECIL and blacklist the Contractor, NLC even without the inquiry?? In order to avoid all these issue, the MOM lead ministers are finding a simple solution of blacklisting military led NLC instead.

    Also, there are reports that all other bridges made during the MQM tenure are engineering disasters with similar design issues as in this case. There are traffic jams on many flyover bridges due to poor designs which increase the weight and shake the bridges violently or they cause major accidents when traffic from these bridges merges with the main roads. Flyover designs are not meant for huge traffic jams but for smooth flow of traffic. Installing traffic lights or speed breakers to merge the traffic into main roads or distribute the load on bridge pillars are engineering design disasters not construction faults. Many other Karachi bridges show similar design disasters. It would be interesting to collect data on all projects and to survey design faults on other "mega "projects under taken in the last few years by the MQM government else I am afraid we will be cleaning ruble from many other places in near future.

    Gulshan Flyover
    (Photo Credit: Dawn News)

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