Art Exhibition By Rafique Soomro at KUNJ

 The Kunj Art Gallery opened it’s doors today to a vibrant display of beautiful paintings by Rafique Soomro. The young artist born in Hyderabad has a masters in political science and has done his Art masters certification with first class first position in 1997..

The paintings exhibited by the artist portray women of the Thar Desert and the issues they deal with on the daily bases. One is sure to spot a “Matka”, an earthen vessel used to store drinking water, in almost all his paintings pointing to the major and much talked issue of availability of drinking water for there people. Poverty is also quite clearly addressed along with children who are shown standing idle with their mothers or young girls walking with a matka. The artists says his works comes from heart, and he has well addressed much talked issues of the people through portraying these women because he feels these women suffer the most due to these issues yet they battle for survival and raise their children with a bold stance.  

Artist Rafique Soomro At KUNJ Art Gallery.

Artist Rafique Soomro At KUNJ Art Gallery.

What I feel lacked in the artists work were issues which are not much talked about but are equally serious when it comes to the women folks. In his work all the women are portrayed colorfully with a certain contentment and with a feel of complete command, but infect the status of women in these areas is very oppressed. Also hygiene, child care and women health issues are also some of the major issues these women face, but sadly none of his work touched any of these issues.


 On the whole the exhibition is a brilliant display of art, his intelligent choice of keeping the colors and compositions well balanced, and skillfully presenting his subject in it’s true details and essence is simply marvelous. And He has indeed done a great job of brilliantly portraying  the true women of Thar.   


The exhibition for any art enthusiast will surely be totally inspiring and a pleasure to visit.


The exhibition will remain open till 8th of December 2008, At the KUNJ Art Gallery, Karachi

KUNJ Art Gallery:

  20-A Muhammad Ali Housing Society,

  Main Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi.

  Tel: (92-21) 4312481, 4526028.   

2 Comments so far

  1. khandy on November 9th, 2008 @ 4:07 am

    Great job, Rafique

  2. wkhang on November 9th, 2008 @ 3:40 pm

    I like his paintings, Excellent Work !!
    But are we ever be able to practically implement our thougts into these areas ? or we just view these factfull picutres and walk away ? just my thoughts : (.

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