"Journey To God" Launched

DR. Jurgen Wasim Frembgen, Dr S. Mehdi Raza Shah Subzwari, Dr Marcus Litz and Ameena Saiyid addressing the audience.

DR. Jurgen Wasim Frembgen, Dr S. Mehdi Raza Shah Subzwari, Dr Marcus Litz and Ameena Saiyid addressing the audience.

Yesterday, 12 of November, 2008 Oxford University Press Launched “Journey To God” a book written by DR. Jurgen Wasim Frembgen. The book is a revised English translation from the original German edition by Jane Ripken. The book surveys the whole Muslim world with special emphasis on Pakistan and India to understand the Sufi Islam as being embedded in wider and social and cultural context focusing on it’s concrete, practiced and live forms, showing how popular Sufism developed into almost ubiquitous mass movement, present in all levels of the Muslim society as a dynamic force until modern times. The book tries to synthesize the perspective and approaches of ethnography, history and Islamic studies to explore the different facets of Sufism which sets this book apart from various other introductory books available on the topic. The book not only address to the Sufi and Dervish traditions as a spiritual path following mystical teachings but also focuses on it’s popular manifestations as a ritualized, performance – oriented part of the local everyday religion.

Journey To God

Journey To God

DR. Jurgen Wasim Frembgen is the chief Curator of the Oriental department of the Museum of Ethnology in Munich as well as Private Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University of Munich.  He has been a visiting professor at the Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad and at the National College of Arts in Lahore. Frembgen has also been conducting ethnographic fieldwork in Pakistan on an annual basis since 1981. He has written extensively on Islam and Sufi traditions and curated numerous exhibitions dealing with the cultures of Muslim world and has several publications to his credit including The Friends of GOD, a book on Popular (Sufi) Poster Art from Pakistan Published By OUP , Karachi back in 2006.


At the launch Ameena Saiyid, the managing director presented a copy if the book to the chief guest of the ceremony, Dr S. Mehdi Raza Shah Subzwari, the Sajjada Nashin, Qalander Lal Shahbaz, Sehwan Sharif. In her short address to the guests at the launch Ameena Saiyid, after introducing the author and the book also gave a brief introduction on some of the forthcoming titles by Oxford University Press, some well researched titles with the context to our region and it’s history and culture.


Journey To God is available at all OUP outlets and retail shops around the country for a price of Rs.499/=.

3 Comments so far

  1. wasiq51 on November 15th, 2008 @ 9:11 pm

    This was an incredibly dull post with a very ‘canned’ feel to it as if the writer was producing a pamphlet.

  2. sarari on November 22nd, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

    I haven’t read the book as yet but the topic i think is very interesting. In the recent times such topics needs to be highlighted so that people of the world could understand the history of Islam and muslims. Th world today thinks that islam was spread through sword but sufism, sufi tradition and music is an evidence that Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity.
    Think our writers, directors, and people from all fields should work create positive image and the actual image of Islam .

  3. mizraab on November 28th, 2008 @ 1:20 pm

    sarari, if you haven’t read the book, then really you shoud not comment much on it. As for me the book did not serve to be very informative. I am quite confused about the context, as the author has not given many answers to the things that happened. And yes its sad that we, musims are considered to be real terrorists in todays world, and ateast somebody is making an efoort to clear that misconception.

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