Will LEA be able to clean Karachi from arms?

Gov. has once again decided to clean Karachi from arms (more) and therefore few steps are being taken. Such announcements were made in past too and we know the results. The main problem is on the WILL side and not just TECHNICAL. We can only hope that this mini operation bear some fruits. But few important questions must be addressed, mainly: 1. Who will monitor our highly politicized police which works almost as backup support for different political parties on practical grounds. 2. People have absolutely no faith in police, how and who will restore it. 3. Since all political parties have mini militant wings in some loose/concrete shape. How the gov. plans to tackle it? 4. Gov. should include media to fight its case it it believes its honest in its resolve. And at the end, will they really be able to do it this time?

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  1. khaled90 on December 6th, 2008 @ 4:11 pm

    Karachi can not become arms free city untill and unless there is a migration with out check from upper country.

    Karachi has no arms making factories all the weapon is coming from NWFP where there are arms making factories.

    The LAW in pakistan should be applied to each and every one whether the person is from karachi or from NWFP or Punjab.

    Arms should be taken from each and every one with out the old crap "Hatyar Hamara zewar hay" till that is not happening karachi can’t become arms free.

    The HUB’s of Arms smuggling in karachi are mostly Pashtun areas so they need to be clean first.

  2. penance on December 6th, 2008 @ 10:24 pm

    I remember the early 90s, when me and my older brother converse a lot about MQM and its role in karachi, especially for urdu speakers. One thing we like and share in common was the mood of unity under MQM, apart from that we disagree on almost everything. I must say that there were times when I feel sense of betrayal, on his criticism of MQM. He used to say alot that MQM is taking an Hawkish approach and hard-line policies on matters of uncomplicated solutions. Most of the times I end up justifying and persuading that party needs some time to settle, and once things calm down, there will be good times ahead. As the years pass by I find myself wondering and facing the same questions which I used to answer. I want to ask my fellow karachiates.
    Altaf Hussain, representative of 8 million Urdu speaking community in sindh, really qualify to be a leader?

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