MEDIA Pakistan Exhibition

 Yesterday on the last day of the three day media exhibition at the expo centre Karachi, excited to see the latest technology and equipment for videography and editing I entered the  venue. The exhibition had occupied two halls, I decided to visit the first hall which was showcasing the technology and equipment but much to my disappointment the exhibitors were almost getting ready to windup the show four hours before the actual closing time and a few stalls were already sitting deserted.


But Thankfully enough, or so I thought, a set of stalls by one of Pakistan’s the largest broadcast solution provides was somewhat still in place so I went to their first booth which had a number of camera switchers on display, the equipments were indeed beautiful but not something that would interest me, because I was more keen to know about video cameras, sound and  lightning equipment but then I spotted something of my interest. It was a Datavideo Retro-Reflective Screen and ring light set for chroma-keying, a technique. This screen is a reflective cloth which reflect the sharp green or blue light back directed towards from a set of LEDs  fixed around the rim of the camera lens this way the reflecting backdrop appears sharp green or blue, a color which can later be replaced by a movie or any other background imagery through computer software. The technique is called chroma-keying. When I asked the price of the this setup comprising of the screen and the light only ( camera not included ) I was responded with a very strange look and then I was told that it was Rs.4,800,000/-, just to confirm the price I asked again and the man on the counter sarcastically repeated “Jee 4,800,000/-“, (the equipment is for $1,110 USD only in the international market) so by now I had a good idea he was not willing to entertain me any further and I was in no mood to argue.


 I continued my survey, only tightlipped decided not to ask them anything any more because by the looks of it, as stupid and silly as it may sound, they seemed either too pissed off at something or they really didn’t want to entertain any person they didn’t really know.       


My next stop, the hall where all the television channels were housed was even more disappointing. Some stalls were simply there with nothing to show but just two or more people sitting there wondering what they are suppose to do and hoping their sit-down-idle  session would end soon. The stall of a music TV was over crowded, I tried to make my way in to investigate what the matters were, and I saw a poor VJ busy signing autographs at lightning speed on the channel’s promotional sticker, only to promote the place where she work, a place which is earning because she has a talent. The thought actually made me a bit uncomfortable, I really felt for that VJ, and there was a guy too who had just ended his session of signing some few hundred calendars.


There was a huge crowd on another channels stall too but I dared not venture to it, whicle on the other stall Aaj TV was distributing Plastic shopping bags ( so NOT environment friendly of them) along with some stickers.


Only the stall of Radio1 FM 91 had something sensible for the exhibition. A number of listening booths which were running their popular radio programs on the loop which can be listened through a set of headphones installed on the wall.


 The exhibition was a good opportunity at least for our local media channels to showcase their upcoming programs, promos, productions and get some firsthand feedback but it seems like the never crossed their mind, too bad now it’s too late but maybe next year only if they know how to learn from their mistakes.


For me the exhibition proved to be a total disappointment, if you had a different experience of this exhibition do feel free to share your views.

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