Operation against encroachments

Last night after having dinner at saddar with friends, I was walking towards my friend’s car when I saw people were trying to pick chicos & bananas lying down on the road…and some were trying to put them on the hand cart. I thought that it was the result of some kind of accident or something. I asked the guy picking up the fruit about what had happened, he replied “Police is demolishing encroachments around saddar and they just fliped all the hand carts upsidedown”. While we were talking a police mobile approached and started trying to harass the guy who was picking the fruits up. I thought it is better take some snaps and rush from the scene rather than waste time with cops.

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  1. balma on February 20th, 2009 @ 8:25 pm

    As I keep saying, hamaari poori qaum jaahil or stupid hae.
    I am against encroaching on parks, land for hospitals, but why can’t city government issue licenses for these Thailay vaalaas (vakeel, take notice), give them a badge, make some license fees, and let them set up stalls or Thailaas…nicely arranged, on sidewalks/footpaths. The fruit Thailaas, or even Lahoree Murgh Thailaas in Karachi, if done properly, are a great service. They should be kept away from raods, on the side walks, controlled, organized, spread around, but this jahil police turning their Thailaas upside down, and destroying food is totally unacceptable. Kameeno’n ko rishvat nahi’n milee ho gee.

    I always love it when I see Thailaas full of fruits.

    Horrible people of horrible Pakistan!

  2. karachite on February 21st, 2009 @ 2:45 am

    very heart breaking indeed!

  3. MB (kar_munib) on February 21st, 2009 @ 11:38 am

    Ah!! the BANANA city under the terror of banana police

    Poor theley wala.. Will this police have guts to get the land encroached by BIG GUNS?

    en kaminun ka zor es thailey wale per hee chal sakta hai . . . jin asal gasib hain unke toh ye paaun chaatey hain….

  4. nida on February 21st, 2009 @ 1:31 pm

    Well for the topic Starter : Last night i also got stuck in Traffic while coming back from my office on II Chundrigar Road, There was a whole mess in a number of Guys Carrying weapon with red scarf tied around their heads were misbehaving on the Main road of Press club. again after paying a small shoping trip to Zainun Nisa i again got stuck in traffic Jam the reason was a number of protesters were demonstrating against the Bomb Blast in Dera Ghazi Khan. will

    1) This is a sad incident but in result damaging the peace of the city is not just, also as we all know that the same elements which are involved in suicidal attacks are also present in our city the demonstrators must keep this in mind before doing any un organized demonstration without any security is a overall threat for the Peace of City.

    2) Raja Are you sure these Banana were thrown by Police in the name of encroachments, the Photo Shows its night time may be its by some of the demonstrators from press club or Numaish or some one stucked in traffic show his rage and anger on these thellas, as these theallas and BUSES are the main reason of traffic Jam in Saddar

    3) Mr. Balma who inform you that CDGK issue license for Theallas ?? just came out of your negative approach against CDGK, its police man even not the police who allow these Theallas.

  5. MB (kar_munib) on February 21st, 2009 @ 1:49 pm

    Does KMC come under CDGK?
    I guess the encroachment issue comes under KMC, no ?

  6. khaled90 on February 21st, 2009 @ 2:50 pm

    @ Nida
    the guyz with red scarf and arms looting people and doing firing are workers of ANP who staged a sit in in front of Jang Office.

    These ANP guyz do such things when ever they have a chance with out any fear.

    So karachiites how it would be like living under these Pathans rule in the name of Talebans or ANP ??

  7. fasee on February 22nd, 2009 @ 1:05 am

    how it wud be like…

    hmm….all guys wud be a walking talking stalk of unruly bushy beard.

    with a 6 inch higer white shalwar and a push button on the forehead. everyone shud drop there laptops and mobiles..and carry a "standard issue" lathi to break clean shaven mens head.

    and see chiknay chiknay bachon ka dance for " dil pashori" in evening.
    and blow girls schools in the night….and oogle at girls in burqas in morning..:)

  8. obiwankenobe on February 22nd, 2009 @ 3:48 am

    Feeling really sorry for the poor man. And there was no one who had guts to tell police to act politely because that bananas was all that poor man had. May be we deserve all these suicide blasts because we do not value any thing.

  9. Shamsi (shamsi) on February 22nd, 2009 @ 4:45 am

    KDA was abolished 2 decades ago.

    KMC seize to exist since City Govt system is evolved.

    :) Peace MUST prevail

  10. hbrehman on February 22nd, 2009 @ 4:49 am

    khaled bhai…i dont knoe if ANP is taliban..you would know better… but i do know that all pathans are not ANP…
    i have never seen the pathans tht you talk about… maybe im fortunate… i dont know… but the pathans ive seen are hard working men earning a days living… i dont see any other pakistani work as hard as these people… please dont disrespect all of them….

    i have no soft spot for the pakistani taliban…. which i should add is not at all related to afghani taliban… but i beleive that the hardworking pathan is a brother to me… as v are both pakistanis….

  11. MB (kar_munib) on February 22nd, 2009 @ 10:57 am

    for your information, Pathans in KHI are currently divided between following 3

    ANP followers
    Neutral and mix of the two

    For your information, the pathan followers who follow ANP are inverse to taliban, they are more moderate than PPP and MQM who are morderate on paper only. They are not the fanatics you hear about. People in KHI has no clue about ANP and they try to count all of them with same stick. Lack of information you can say.

    The talibans are the same ones you see even in non-PATHAN groups. Their ethnicity goes back when they adopt the hardline route. A pathan taliban and a sindhi,balochi,mohajir,punjabi taliban are exactly the same. Since they prefer their religious aims higher then any other.

    The neutrals are pooor rickshaw,thailey walaz and the labor group you see working minor jobs. They have tendencies to above two but not a fanatic approach. Exceptions apart.

  12. hbrehman on February 22nd, 2009 @ 6:27 pm


  13. d0ct0r on February 22nd, 2009 @ 11:54 pm

    I am not sure but it seems these are fruit sellers who stand on the both sides of the road starting from Empress market signal,demolished Shahabudin Market,Mayfair Center and even all the way till old Karachi Grammar School Signal which creates a bottleneck and traffic gets seriously clogged. Almost 40~50 % of the road is reserved for large Buses using concrete divider at empress market signal while the rest is clogged up by these fruit sellers which creates a serious mess at that signal. Previously these fruit carts were using the plot of Demolished Shahabudin Market but now a boundary wall have been built around that plot too so they’re again back on the road.Despite that i fully sympathize with them as this act of overturning their carts and treating edible food stuff like that by stupid police jerks is totally unwarranted.

    Would the police be able to launch an operation against MQM’s unit terrorists who have encroached hundreds of acres of public parks and playgrounds and turned them into housing units?

  14. Syed Johny (johny) on February 23rd, 2009 @ 2:35 am

    @ MB!

    Maybe you should get a crash course on the followers of ANP in Karachi !!

    as far as i can see ! 90% of these people live on illegally occupied lands, Grounds, Residential Plazas, etc

    Like take Al-Asif Square for example! That has been a source of tension for the common Karachiite! Why ? let me tell you !

    leaving aside that none of the Allotees/ buyers of Al-asif Plaza have been fortunate enough to get their flat in this huge plaza,

    This plaza is source of almost 50% (if not more) of Karachis Weapons,

    Due to the illegal occupation of this plaza, The northern boundary of the city has been stand still since last 20 year approx, the Scheme 33 which was sold out more than 20 years back, still is barren (for most part), and according to my estimate 20% encroached upon by ANP Thugs.

    People who bought plots in scheme 33, think of being able to actually live there as a Utopian Dream!

    Apart from these,
    If you look at the Plan of the City of 30 years back you would find that there are supposed to be scores of Sports grounds in Nazimabad, which fell pray to the ANP thugs and supporting PAthan Population ,

    You would also notice that the the are southwest of the Neti Jeti Bridge was alloted to, and still belongs to the KPT, ON DOCUMENT, in reality there is a vast population of Pathans living there!

    The only place in whole of Karachi which i find the PAthans have actually paid to use, is the Jamma Cloth Market ! the only legal area of Pathans.

    are these moderates?!?!

    i dont think so !

    These SoBs had called strike , when CDGK of both JI and MQM tried to ban 3 stroke Rikshaws & Smoke emitting Busses.

    and you think these are moderates !!

    A Salute to your thinking Sir !

  15. Syed Johny (johny) on February 23rd, 2009 @ 2:40 am

    one more thing ,

    you want to compare MQM with ANP ??

    here an Idea,

    go to 90 (Azizabad) or any other strng hold of MQM, and then visit the famous karhayee outlet/hotel in De Silva town, (Near Asghar ALi Shah Stadium, Nazimabad).

    you find any public display of Arms in the MQM areas, while in the ANP area (De Silva town) on the start of the mountains, you will find a line of chowkies, with ANP thugs sitting on it with AK 47 either in their hand, or on display on the Chowkee!

    now you decide which is moderate and which is not!

  16. d0ct0r on February 23rd, 2009 @ 10:24 am

    I Own Karachi’ — and can sell it! (MQM Altaf’s slogan)

    By Ardeshir Cowasjee
    Sunday, 22 Feb, 2009

    KARACHI, this increasingly ravaged city, has a dire history of the conversion of amenity plots to commercial and residential use.

    Virtually every ‘ruler’ or administrator has left his mark on the exploding metropolis by giving away what was not his to give — public spaces and civic-use plots that were planned by experts for the common good.

    At the Corporate Summit on Climate Change held in Karachi last Thursday, the city nazim Mustafa Kamal told a gathering of some 200 businessmen, industrialists, environmentalists, academics and NGOs that he had learnt that day for the first time of the importance of the environment. He admitted to being unfamiliar with the Environment Protection Act 1997 and with the effects of climate change.

    He welcomed an offer from LEAD (Leadership for Environment & Development Pakistan) to assist him in evaluating his development strategy and his proposed solutions to the city’s problems, including mass transportation, treatment of 400 million gallons per day of raw sewage presently being dumped into the sea, and the management of 10,000 tons of garbage generated daily.

    Coincidentally, whilst the nazim was speaking at the DHA Golf Club, members of the MQM were passing a City Council resolution at the KMC Hall, barely eight miles away, converting over 40 acres of amenity space at Sewage Treatment Plant-2 in Mehmoodabad (located at N24o51’6”, E67o04’27” on Google-Earth) into a housing colony. This was done despite the protests of opposition members who foresaw “horrible devastation” if land assigned for a treatment plant expansion was swallowed up. They explained that many previous attempts to misuse and convert amenity spaces had been struck down by the courts.

    In July 2008, a similar illegal conversion (‘commercialisation’) of a 2.5-acre space on the Clifton beach was attempted by the City Council treasury benches (over the objections of the opposition members) for use as a five-star hotel-cum-shopping complex. Earlier this month, a blitz of ads in the press announced the auction of the beach plot for a reserved price of Rs119 crores.

    With seven others, I filed a case in the high court of Sindh. It was explained to Justice Gulzar Ahmed that Clifton was the only beach promenade in the city, and was protected under law as an amenity space to be used for public recreation. On recognising the merit in the argument the good judge suspended the auction that was to be held on Feb 17, and issued notice to the city government. Now, residents of the area, especially those with beach-front apartments, must join the fray to protect the environment and the beach.

    Over the past three years, our City Council under the slogan “I Own Karachi!” has passed a number of resolutions converting the status of parks, playgrounds, public building plots and amenity spaces to residential and commercial use. Auctions or encroachment/conversion of such spaces are the order of the day. I have attempted on several occasions to bring these flagrancies of the law to the notice of Nazim Mustafa Kamal.

    In some instances, individuals and community groups in affected areas have filed petitions in the high court and have obtained ad-interim stays. Herewith a partial list of amenity spaces in the city under attack by various mafias.

    Kashmir Road — China Ground (five acres); Kashmir Road — KMC Sports Complex (2.5 acres); 148/1 Tunisia Lines — Webb Ground (five acres); ST-1 North Nazimabad (two acres); North Nazimabad — Green Belt (1.5 acres); K-28/108 — Gutter Baghicha (480 acres); KDA Scheme No.32 — Kidney Hill Park (62 acres); Mehmoodabad — TP-2 (40 acres); ST-10, ST-9/1, ST-9/16 Gulistan-i-Jauhar (one acre); ST-9 Block-A North Nazimabad — Bagh-i-Baber (three acres); ST-5/1 Block-E North Nazimabad — Hazoori Bagh (1.35 acres); ST-5/2 Block-E North Nazimabad (2.03 acres); ST-5/4 Block-E North Nazimabad (two acres); ST-4 Block-D North Nazimabad — Bagh-i-Dilafroz (three acres); ST-1 Block-1 North Nazimabad — Bagh-i-Dilkhusha (three acres); Block-L Sector 11 Orangi Township — Al-Mehran Ground; ST-3/B Block-6 Federal ‘B’ Area (one acre); ST-5 Block-14 Gulshan-i-Iqbal — DC (East) Office (8.3 acres); ST-36 Block-3 Clifton — Clifton Beach Promenade (2.5 acres); ST-13 Sector-6/F Block-6-F Korangi — Mehran Town (2.27 acres); ST-14 Sector-5 Block-6 Korangi — Mehran Town (2.26 acres); ST-15 Sector-5 Block 6-F Korangi (0.87 acres); ST-17 Sector-5 Block 6-F Korangi (0.41 acres); ST-18 Sector-5 Block 6-F Korangi (0.41 acres); ST-20 Sector-5 Block 6-F Korangi (one acre); ST-21 Sector-5 Block 6-F Korangi (0.95 acres).

    To repeat, as has been repeated time and again, amenity plots and spaces are established for the public welfare and common good of all citizens. They cannot be converted or used for other purposes.

    The very concept of establishing a housing colony on an amenity park plot is an anathema, especially in a situation where there is a severe paucity of open spaces, parks and playgrounds for the burgeoning population of this city.

    When Enrique Penalosa, the well-known and well-regarded former mayor of Bogota, Colombia, visited Karachi some weeks ago he rightly asked what our future generations of congested city residents will be able to do when they find that we have greedily occupied and converted most of our parks, playgrounds and open spaces. What will they think of us, their forebears? That we were uncaring, selfish and rapacious, our greed for money never slaked? He pointed out the obvious fact that wealth and other assets can be created in future, but eaten-up open spaces and parks once meant for the beneficial use of citizens can never be recreated.

    If the city government needs money to run its functions, it must be raised through taxes or other legitimate means, not through the illegal sale of land notified for amenity and public purposes.

    My team and I are tired of battling increasing gangs of marauders determined to lay waste to Karachi — as millions of citizen bystanders, who should know better, look on silently. Perhaps the superior courts will take suo moto notice of this rape of the city and ask why the applicable laws are being brazenly flouted. Perhaps the ‘silent majority’ will become ashamed of their apathy and act.

    Is our city, and its open spaces, not worth saving?

  17. khaled90 on February 23rd, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

    yeah there is a need of operation on illegal occupations.

    Thank God MQM allegedly occupied a little land


    90% masajids in karachi are on encroached land All the Punjabi Pathan Population living in karachi on grabbing illegal land they didn’t even spared the karachi Nadi Nullahs.

    So an operation cleanup against all the illegal mosques, Punjabi Pathan Population living on encroached land and in the end on alleged MQM encroached land.

    Hey Doctor do you favor this or you only look into one direction?

  18. khaled90 on February 23rd, 2009 @ 10:22 pm

    what you said about ANP terrorists is real but as now a days Punjabi Establishment & ISI is trying to give more and more power to Pathans in karachi with a slogan that only Pathans in karachi can crush MQM and Urdu speaks, what they are doing becomes legal.

    ANP terrorists are freely doing everything in karachi but no hues and cries from jamat and from media.

    Just read and watch video of that ANP gathering couple of days back and notice the criminal silence over this issue by jamatis , Imrani Zaani, PML N and Media.


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