Countering Mullah Gardi through Tauheen-e-Insaniat Law

Background: (also Read) We heard about different “gardiz” but the most prominent of all is this Mulla Gardi which has spread like a cancer in our nation especially after 80z. While this topic was in my mind for a long time the gojra incident (though factually unrelated but fully related in essensce) forced me to highlight this issue. Its not just specific to that area only. Look everywhere in your city and you can see how religion has been hijacked by retards acting like self certified thaikedarz of faith. Their religious terrorism needs no explanations. From building constructions to land grabbing and politics to sports they consider it their birth right to poke their nones in every domain. And their nose is not enough, they use militancy to further their objectives and put a religious cover to hide their designs. This in short is known as Mulla Gardi.

The evil ZIA was the main culprit to first introduce us with this cancer to strengthen his power. Karachi which then known to be a progressive, highly educated city which produces artists, engineers,doctors of class is now producing militants on religious and ethnic grounds, charas and arms heaven, and a big bunch of ill-literate degree holders. Roam around to see how many of religious constructions are LEGAL (since these thaikedarz act more worried abour morals and legalities).

The Issue: But this is not the point actually. My main point was a suggestion which is why not make a new law titled “Tauheen-e-insaniat” which should auto-activate once “Tauheen-e-Risalat” is not established and this means if one person accuses other of TR, failure in court to justify should automatically result him punished him under Tauheen-e-Insaniat with same punishment as of TR since a person using PROPHET’s (pbuh) name/reference to blackmail/terrorize another person is himself guilty of a TR (logically speaking ? no ?) and the state should now register him under TR law and not any other law. There is no need to go back and do an FIR and all the time-wasting procedures. This should provide good safety check for innocent victims. If there is any such law present it should be further strengthened.

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  1. بستنی (wasiq) on August 21st, 2009 @ 9:07 am

    @KD sarkar….sir the red ones or the blue one… uses an orange one….that looks like an zombie for quadrant epsilon….

    ay rooh ay quaid aaj kay din hum tujh sey wada karte hain…
    la lala la…..hum tujh sey wada kartey hain…

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    Why u taking about yourself mr. Altaf

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