Jinnahpur fuss – One more dirty game to save Musharraf ?

karachi1[1]Our establishment’s competency is well proven without any doubt. Controversy manufacturing is their core area of expertise. One retired Brigadier (whose notoriety needs no discussion) & whose conscience took 17 years to wake up is behind this noise. What he said is this:  That the Jinah Puur map fuss was not true PLUS that Mr. Nawaz Sharif as PM had not been taken into confidence about the operation against MQM and he was only informed about the anti-dacoits operation in interior Sindh. Guess what, the 90 INC. immediately started thrashing PML with the first part saying why Mr. Nawaz, then PM, didn’t stop the 92-operation, though mostly it was PPP from 93-96 & Naseerullah Babar is absent in their attack. And if we recall correctly, their own best friend Mr. Ch. Shujaat Hussain was Interior Minister then, where his name dissappeared ? Answer coming shortly but first a new twist: One Major rtd. Nadeem Dar says Brigadier is all lies and indeed maps were found and showed in a press conference but later on ISPR put pressure on media to stop it. He didn’t tell you why though we can figure it out, that too coming shortly. Now 3rd twist, a list submitted to court in 1994 by RAM Asghar Khan has also been dug up on money distributed to IJI by our “honest and clean” ISI.

But first over to what Nusrat Javed has tried to exposed on LVT and he is on spot without wasting time. This is neither about 92 operation, nor about PML vs MQM and nor about what really happened in 92, this is actually a new stunt to save Mr. Musharraf. Let’s expose the script:

  1. The timing of this disclosure by Brigadier is strange but since recently a new fashion among retired officers to become haji/momin on TV has developed (The durraniz, the hameed guls and the Aslam baigs) telling us fascinating stories excluding themselves of any ill doing. They start like: I was an honest, upright, naive officer, was posted at xyz but I swear I had absolutely no idea about this dirty game being played, trust me its mr. XYZ who did all the dirty killing, abduction, MNA/MPA buying, I was just doing my holy ISI/MI/IB duty.
  2. Everyone knows that Intelligence agencies rule Pakistan, and politicians are just a public face, on whom all dirt is thrown when something goes wrong. Be it Nawaz, BB, Altaf or any other we known well the actual power and decision making especially on National Security comes from Pindi. So in 92, even if NS had intervened to stop the operation, our agencies might well ask him to pack the bag (the same pretext Durrani used while referring to a question as to why PPP gov was conspired against and removed, his reply was that the PPP was acting against national interest) therefore instead of acting on screen, MQM should reach out to the collars of those GENERALs (as in Waseem Akhtar’s own words if they have any “mard ka bacha”) if they have guts but wait, like Khuaja Asif said the other day, there is a method behind this MQM madness and it is this:
  3. With or without Jinah pur being a drama or truth, there is no doubt that MQM then (openly) and now (covertly) has a militant wing and it should have been dealt the way it was in 92 except that, since our establishment has this habit of going too far they mostly killed the innocent Urdu speaking in their anger on MQM. If Altaf bhai has anyone to shout at, wisdom dictates, to have some guts to name the Generals/Brigadiers/colonels behind the decision making. It is also very unfortunate that his brother (who no doubt is innocent) had to pay the price for some dirty fishes in MQM then. And if history’s mind serves us it was PPP gov when his brother was gunned down. This Altaf Hussain conveniently (deliberately?) forgets to mention since kiunki Sindh hakumat bi toh chalani hai.
  4. The reason why ISPR later pressurized media not to further continue with Jinahpur map drama was possibly because it could also put MQM-Haqiqi (one more agency PRODUCT ) in bad position since haqiqi also claims true representation of Mohajirs. Haqiqi might have requested agencies not to continue it since it could also undermine their own cause.
  5. Also an innocent is an innocent irrespective of his association. If innocent blood is what mr. Altaf crying about why he is not vocal for a judicial commission on May-12. The tele-acting might be justified for his followings (especially Mohajirs whose loved ones were brutally killed in 92) but the wise one should see behind the apparent.
  6. Altaf bhai asked Chief Justice to take suo moto action and inquire on 92. One can humbly ask: If CJP does inquire and a commission is set will he present himself in it for TRUTH-FINDING purpose? Will he accept that there were indeed some kana’s langraz and dhobiz who were indeed terrorists? If the commission concludes, that some content of the proof against MQM (say 25%) was indeed true and there were some torture cells etc. Will he accept commission report or repeat court storming of SHC  like they did to pressurize judges on May 12 fact finding inquiry? If his answer is YES, we as KHI citizen fully support his demand.

A simple summary of this complex game goes like this:

Mr. Nawaz Sharif, due to twist of fate finds himself trying to break the Establishment’s KID label and is seen now as the only anti-establishment person in political basket. Everyone tried to get him away from Mr. Musharraf’s trial but no success so first the Saraiki provice fuss and now the new drama? This PKpolitics post (alternate link ) saves my time to explain in detail the reason why MQM is hell bent upon selectively thrashing PML. Are all these frequent meetings recently by Mush himself and his men to discuss weather in London?. Has anyone noticed how suddenly article 6 has disappeared from screens and all the noise now is about a dead story, just because some lately-mominized brigadier’s conscience woke up to uphold the truth?

MQM should now grow up and try to act like a national political party (which it has full potential) instead of playing in the hands of agencies. The same agencies who kept using it to pressurize/control PPP in Sindh and PML/ANP in center. The dictator has thrown many bones since 2002 and they enjoyed his company and now he is dying. Why they want to risk their own party life for a lost chapter. If they are really honest with their own cause they should (and everyone should support them) forcefully push for bringing the agency officers then to justice instead of selective criticism to save a dictator, that is, if they are really honest to the innocents killed in 92. Moreover mr. NS should stop acting like he was too helpless then and apologize for not resigning in 92 with dignity or else face the Law accordingly.

I believe PML is as corrupt/as PPP/MQM but even a kid can see why this whole fuss is started : Very simple : put as much pressure as possible on PML so it can quit its stance on NRO (to benefit ZARDARI) and ARTICLE 6 (to benefit MUSH saheb).

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  1. Shiraz (unregistered) on September 5th, 2009 @ 6:49 am


    You call yourself and author?? Are you that dumb that you actually think all this fuss is for saving Musharraf??? Musharraf doesn’t need all this fuss to be saved. And saved from who? Nawaz Sharif?? This is such non sense. Any idiot who knows anything about Pakistan politcs should know by now that the deal has all been done at the time when Musharraf left the presidency. Nawaz is on board with all this and is just trying to play politics to remove Zardari and the current government. Poltics as usual. Those of you who all the sudden think he is some saint he is not. Don’t worry about Musharraf’s trial, in a few months this will all be forgotten. If he keeps this up I can already see the next general coming to take over. Everytime democracy is given a chance we get these losers who think only of themselves instead of governing and taking care of the country. Don’t blame the dictator’s for your own mistakes. As far as Jinapur and the operation against MQM if you think its a lie then I think you are a hypocrit. I was there and saw it all happen. I never heard of Jinapur myself till a couple of weeks ago. Its all made up proganda, and Nawaz knew all about it. You are not fooling anyone MB.

  2. balma on September 5th, 2009 @ 9:38 am

    Balma, being a balma, can and has always proved that this jinnahpur thing is garbage. Here is the proof I gave 17 years ago, and like mathematics, it is still valid today. Mullah type jamatis, pea (or pee) brained types may not get it….but, here is the proof that Jinnahpur was all made up….and I can’t believe that MQM guys are so stupid that they couldn’t come up with some thing half as decent as balma’s proof. May be MQM should appoint me as their boss.

    Well, guys, if MQM is against Pakistan, or the idea of Pakistan, then by the same logic, MQM will be against Jinnah too. Then, why o why, will MQM name a new country Jinnahput that is yanked out of Pakistan and destroys Pakistan?

    Bachnaa ae haseeno’n…lou mae aa gayaa….MQM kaa nayaa boss!
    Rejoomae kish ko bhaijoo’n?

  3. fasee on September 5th, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

    @ balma

    Sir jee…yehi theory hassan nissar ne jang me 2-3 days pehaly publish ki hai..

    So either you are hassan nisaar chupkay chupkay bloging….

    Ya phir yeh ik plot ki do do files nikal ayin…phadda per jai ga yaar

  4. fasee on September 5th, 2009 @ 6:51 pm

    Besides…..I think this theory is bases on shit…either it was from hassan nisar , balma or eienstien…



    If taliban can claim they are enforcing nizam-e-muhamadi….while in clear violation to it….

    If hitler can attack half of euorope while crying hoarse, dat he came in peace.

    If america can support dictatorships all over the world while being a champion of democrqcy.

    If whole west can organise methodical institutional torture….while being head of all human rite associations

    Tu, why can’t mqm make jinnah pur

  5. balma on September 5th, 2009 @ 10:04 pm

    Who is Hasan Nisar?
    Second, I said this in 90’s.
    Internet per search karo….saaDaa asli naam vhee patah chal jaae gaa, tussee ko! Otherwise, you will have to bribe vakeelya or Kabirdas:-)

    And, I am not saying that MQM could not think of independent Karachi…I am saying MQM will not name it after the founder of Pakistan.
    I still think MQM should appoint me as their new peer-faqir.

  6. fasee on September 5th, 2009 @ 11:27 pm

    @ balma

    Hud hugai…abhi pechay itna lamba bhashan diya hai…ke having an oxymoron is either not impossible or implausable…

    When we have islamabad, with nothing remotly related to islam besides faisal masjid…..why not jinahpur nothing to do with jinnah besides lotsa karanchi ke mohajir bhaiyyaaz…

    Ps: hassan nisar is a leftist, comunist, jang columist, senior political anylyst and now a tv anchor of a programe “choraha”….he said the same words…and said I used these words around 15-17 yrs ago for the first time.

    Jub aap bi yei baant bolain..tum hum bolay..aray bawa yein tu hassan nisaar nikal ayan nee…

    Per ye tu iko plot ka do do file lagta ne

  7. balma on September 6th, 2009 @ 12:27 am

    Oyae Fussy,
    Pehli baat: is this Hasan Nisar a good looking guy? If not, then it is not me!

    Second: vakeelyaa and Hazrat KabirDaas sahib can confirm if I am Hasan nisar or not.

    Does he talk like me, otherwise too?

    He writes for Jang? Vahan to itnay jamaati type likhtay hai’n that I rarely read their editorial page, but I will check.

    And, if Hasan Nisar did say what I am saying…well, aur bhee smart guys hae’n dunyaa may balma kay saath (not sivaa)!

  8. fasee on September 6th, 2009 @ 2:13 am

    @ balma

    1) Yes he is handsome…as handosme as u can expect from a 55 year old….skinny,white haired, sunken cheeks, dark complexion, and bespecticaled.

    2) Why wud I ask KD, what if was qazi hussain ahmed…..qazi rights for jang randomly too you know.

    3) No, I don’t think both of you are smart on the jinahpor defence theory…although I admit you both are otherwise…..but with due repsct to both….I find this alibi of mqm a hare brained defense.

    As thugs give a shit bout theory or spirit or visions….they r like any african militia…..movment ko ya mulak ko naam koi be dey do..unhu ne tu loot ke khanay ke liye aik adda banana tha…jinah pur bolo ya vodka-pur ya reema-pur…what diffrecne wud that have made buddy

    4) Wish I cud have sent u the link, but blackberry pe link sent nai kersakta, sorry….

  9. balma on September 6th, 2009 @ 3:23 am

    abay lay, 55 years vaalay say milaa diyaa tussee nay:-)

    I hope altaf bhai is not reading your comments, otherwise tuaaDay taasuraat soun kar oun kaa dil TooT jaataa!

    Also, baiTay, I am a capitalist, not communist. Aaindah moonh sanbhaal kar gal karnaa.

  10. shamim (unregistered) on September 6th, 2009 @ 7:06 pm

    Please get one thing straight. The sheiks of abu dhabi calls mush and tells him uncle sez take bb or else all pakis will be sent home from UAE; king calls and tells take gunja or uncle sez all paki bak from kingdom.
    so Mush is neither target of PPP nor PML; this is just a ploy to rule; but Aristotle sed, ” poverty produces criminals and revolutionists. yeh faisla hai dono kaa mita ke dum laingay. hav gun will travel. todays motto: salute the four horsemen

  11. balma on September 6th, 2009 @ 8:17 pm

    Dear lady Shamim,
    Please write proper English, otherwise all of us here understand Urdu. And, you cna write in Urdu or any other language…but keep English out if this is how you are going to write.

    thanks lady.

  12. shamim (unregistered) on September 8th, 2009 @ 2:33 pm

    sorry for my English my sons and daughters; but this the way v speak/rite here, Down Under. karachi has been bled by all and sundry; the kahn of hazara wanted it to drown in neti jeti; his son was the first slaughterer; then here was pushtu fatwa declaring our daughters and mothers Maal-e- hneemut. Then during judge-drama; bus-load of charred body of females. One day Bhaari Mandate kaa bharam bhi toootegaa.

  13. shamim (unregistered) on September 10th, 2009 @ 9:06 am

    To the mourners of 12 May: aka Shahjee: do you know how many young girls where kidnapped and raped and burnt alive in coaches and buses in karachi; haidrabad and sukkur; in retaliation of BB’s shooting ? how many shops were looted and gutted in these cities? rangers recovered 3 ATMs from only in one hutment in karachi.
    Are you aware how much the country is losing in the name of genetic engineering. V soon the country will not be able to produce rice, wheat, mango, and other staple crops unless the seed is IMPORTED

  14. Namat Khan (unregistered) on September 11th, 2009 @ 3:02 am

    The real issue of Jinnahpur was started by Syed Jamaluddin by writing a notorious book titled “FORMATION OF REPUBLIC OF JINNAHPUR”. Syed Jamaluddin is living in Germany under the nose of German government. Syed Jamaluddin has been an activist of MQM. Jinnahpur book is basically sponsored by MQM to blackmail Pakistani establishment.

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