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4-wheeled, 2-wheeler cruising down Shahrah-e-Faisal

Cruising Down Shahrah-e-Fasial

Cruising Down Shahrah-e-Fasial

I happened to observe this motorbike cruising down Shahrah-e-Fasial a few days back, somehow the two additional wheels on the side did catch my attention. Observing the motorbike make its way down the road it was interesting to observe him casually shifting his weight from one wheel to the other with such ease that at first it seemed uncomfortable for me [simply observing him] as I felt he might just tip over and crash, but as I continued following I realized it was quite a fun ride. Literally no issues of balance to worry about granted it might increase the drag but it must be a god-send for handicapped individuals.

For those who have driven / ridden a motorbike might be able to relate the awkward sensation of ‘not’ balancing yourself, the two additional wheels on the side slightly elevated off the ground does only engage when the balance shifts to the other side. Best off all, I somehow enjoyed watching the passenger perched on the back enjoying the ride.

Tyre killers – Dire Measures

After a long long effort to control traffic flow within the Defence Stadium circle area, the DHA has, after complete lack of success, launched its final assault on vehicles that break the traffic flow pattern that has been set up to eliminate congestion in the area.

Tyre killers

Tyre killers

These tyre killers will puncture the tyres of cars that come from the wrong direction, while allowing the correct drivers to pass through.

I spoke with an engineer there, who told me that during the past week, DHA had received 4 complaints from angry drivers who lost their tyres to this device. Its interesting how people can call up and complain about something thats a consequence of violating the law!

Lawmaker breaking law

yet another MNA who thinks he is above law. Spotted this car at teen talwar which has no number plate, just an MNA plate in PPP colors. Looks like parliamentarians cannot be bothered with following law, they just make them.

Jalo Mat!

Jalo mat, kalay ho jaao gay

Jalo mat, kalay ho jaao gay

We have all seen “Mehnat Kar, hasad na kar” on buses, rickshaws, taxis etc, but today I saw a new one, and found it worth sharing.

“Jalo mat, kalay ho jaao gay”

Basically, what it means is “Don’t be jealous”, but the phrase in urdu “Jalo mat”, refers to the colloquial reference jealousy in Urdu, which is in its meaning, is identical to the act of burning.

The phrase above says “Don’t be jealous or you will turn black”. The metaphor is the burning bit.

Car Achi # 105 – Budget Car

Saw this one near Allah-Wala chorangi. Don’t exactly know what it meant. Any one, any idea?

Here is another pic from near point.

Car rolled up and over

Car Rolled up

It has been some time that I posted here so as soon as I saw this, I decided to post ASAP, meaning this happened one and a half hours ago. Just a bit after PAF chapter at the Baloch Colony road opposite Defense View, a Honda Civic rolled up the slope and then over.


First Working Day with DST Khi

I usually leave my house at around 9:30am to go to my office in the I.I Chundrigarh Rd Area. Having set all my clocks one hour ahead on the night of the 31st of May 2008. I set out as usual for the morning commute today. Surprise surprise i encountered almost nil traffic on the way and got here at exactly 9:45am, please note the usual commute takes 30-40 mins atleast.

Along the way all the major markets appear closed, the electronics one near Marriot Rd, the whole sale ones as well. When i got to my office only one member of my staff stood waiting. The rest trooped in at 10:45am surprised and confused as to why the boss is pissed.

It appears that this confusion is going to remain for a good while as some people are just not willing to comply with the DST application. I spent an hour yesterday convincing my grand mother to set her clocks forward but she has refused to do so as according to her, there is only one time not two times.

So as the whole city is confused, would it not have been better for the government to first take out ads in all major newspapers to explain the application of DST first? Would someone explain to me how all this confusion will result in the salvage of electricity? Oh wait i understand…its 11:18am and there is still no electricity at my office, this is how it shall be saved and the burden on the KESC lessened.

Bravo DST!!

The Street Car That Says It All

taxi photographI just couldn’t help it… I trailed this car for a ways before I managed to whip my camera out and snap this. But I think the stickers on the car cover just about every imaginable message, applicable to all of us! “Keep your distance”, “Park Ethically”, “Don’t block others”, “Respect Other’s Rights” and of course, “Please drive safely”. It’s bi-lingual, it’s bright and yellow (Courtesy former PM Taxi Scheme!), (more…)

Car-achi # 37

Carachi 37Spotted this car on Shahrah-e-Faisal just today, I initially whizzed past this car but then had to slow down, pause a moment to give a courtesy thumbs up to the driver while taking a bunch of pictures of this marvelous creation.

Hats off to the owner. By the way, what is it? LOL

Impressing the neighbors

While Karachi has seen the motorsports grow from plain old street racing to somewhat organized ‘karting’ and ‘autocross’ over the pas few years, the core form of the sport still remains the dangerously fast drag-racing new sea-view on weekend nights. Even the police raids haven’t kept the adventurous away!

Recently however, the need for speed is being transferred to the sister city Hyderabad and more and more enthusiasts are storming Karachi and buying the already modified cars at high prices for street racing in their teeny weeny city!

If you (or your friends) own a modified street race car, now’s the time to cash in on your reputation!

However, I do wish all this is somehow kept as far away from the streets as possible.

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