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The Story of Sabra

Her hair knotted, her jeans as dirty as it could get, completely worn-out, with sticking coming off from some places, and an old tee shirt, which too as dirty and ragged as her paints hung loosely on her bony shoulders. I spotted her sitting on a heap of garbage, having some rotten fruits probably thrown away by some pushcart vendor, near my uncle’s house in New Karachi.  “Who is she ? ”  When i asked my uncle, her sad story was narrated to me.


Why media is mum on Karachi Killings ?

This time i am writing about a more important issue , one that is very disturbing. Disturbing because it is exposing us as a callous society only busy in their material objectives, unable to think as a group. But my point is not society, mine is even more a serious one. Our media which doesnt let go any opportunity to report president’s fever/cough is mum and silent over Karachi killings. The reporting is more of a formality then any effort to inform the readers/viewers about what is really going on. While daily ummat is the only source doing some job, our TV channels and newspapers, which are also based in Karachi mainly, are happy churning out the “usual stuff”.

karachi_killingsOur media which has done a good job in acting like a surgeon to debate each and every legal/political point is less bothered about these target killings. May be they do not want to take the wrath of the players involved or may be this is not an “attractive package” at the moment. In any case, this is a very very disturbing trend. At one hand it follows the murder of a girl and a Colonel in Punjab like a National Security issue but on other hand it is absolutely mum on the many dozen killings in mini-Pakistan.

Who is responsible for latest Karachi Killings

Karachi_killingsKarachi is once again in headlines for targeted killings and like always we have difficulty in finding the “namaloom afraad” behind. The media which is mainly Karachi based is completely silent on this (for known reasons) and is limited to informing only about deaths. Daily Ummat known for its investigative journalism has posted this story on details of the killings. Currently there are 3 parties in coalition and therefore the political responsibility squarely lies on PPP, MQM and ANP. If current situation is brought under control we may see a repeat of history but it is hoped that some quick meetings will follow to cool down the situation. We want to know readers opinion as to which party is actually responsible for these killings:


MA Jinnah Violence – Terrorists Pictures released

Following are the pictures of terrorists of MA Jinnah Road Violence after the blast. Spread this and help LEA to catch terrorists.

Click here and here for better viewing


[image: Ummat]

CCTV Footage of MA Jinnah road Violence – Help Police Catch terrorist

I would like readers to share other video links in comments. Thank you Technology. Spread this CCTV footage and help LEA to catch terrorists. In the end all i want to ask is Who won in all this ? Hussaniat or Yazeediat ?



Come ahead! And do something

We all are aware about the recent bomb blast in Karachi at MA Jinnah road and then we witnessed the worst … 9/11 for Karachi… burning markets … yes! Complete markets. These were not small shops… the wholesale markets responsible for different kind of supplies for whole Pakistan, from medicine to decoration items. The smallest shop in this market must containing items worth of millions rupees.

I myself, being victim of such incident, can understand the feelings of these poor people. The most of the shops in those markets are owned by Memon and Bohri communities. Both communities are famous to run business on low profit but turnovers. And one can get more turnovers by having good stock and so investment in business. The both communities also having the ideology to retain low cash in hand instead stock items. I am telling you all this because to give an idea about the damage caused by such incidents.

Believe me; fire didn’t leave anything behind for them… as I received this from a friend:

Jala daali zaalimo ne meri dukan,
is se to acha tha jala dete mujh samait mera makaan.

Ab kahan se kama k khilaounga apne gharane ko,
Jb ghar main hi nahi ho ga raashan-o-samaan.

Mera qasoor kya tha ae zalim jalane wale,
Na main hamla awar tha na wo mera mehman.

Meri zindagi bhar ki kamaai aik pal main jal gai,
Aur tum kehte ho sabar kr ,na ho halkaan?

Can we do anything for them? We, thousands of people, can do anything for them? I need 1000 people who can contribute just Rs.500/- are you one of them?

Come ahead! And do something….

Dec 30, 2009 @9:22pm Update: City Govt opened an account for rehabilitation of victim.

Pictures II – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Related : Pictures – Bomb Blast at MA Jinnah road on Ashura

Another Blast at Qasba Mour.

16 reported injured including three police officers, a ranger personal, and a child as a bomb exploded in a Muharram procession at Qasba Mour. The procession was to conclude shortly at the nearby Ali Raza Imam Bargah when the blast occurred.

There are reports of unrest, firing and violence from the area after the blast while the place of the incident has been cordoned of by the police and a bomb disposal squad is on it’s way to examine the nature of the blast.

More reports and details are still coming so new the important bits, if any, will be added to this post later on.

Bomb Blast Raise Security Concerns.

A road side bomb exploded in in Paposhnagar near Khilafat Chowk, reportedly injuring at least 20 people including women, children and two rangers personal only a few hours ago here in Karachi.

The bomb which is said to have been a homemade explosive device, planted on the road side was detonated probably using a remote control, when a shi’ite procession was passing by. Thankfully the device is said to have exploded near or under a moving vehicle, a white sedan which too was with the procession, which sheathed the force of the blast preventing larger number of casualties.

The key dates, the 9th and 10 of Muharram marked by Azza gatherings, processions by shi’ite and Tazia and Alam processions both by shi’ite and Sunies are just tomorrow, and although all security precautions are said to have been well in place this incident today does add to our concerns. We hope and pray that all goes well and peacefully during these two important days and hereafter.

In Headlines for a Bad Reason

Is sad to note that Karachi is in headlines, again for a bad reason. When i first saw these karola police i asked my friend what he thinks about it. His reply was practical and blunt, he said gadhay ko karola mei bithane se wo afsar nai bun jata. I inquired if he thinks our police is a donkey-group. He said, no one is bothering to ponder upon the root of the problem, much emphasis is on cosmetics. The primary focus should have been personality building of these policemen, who are nothing more then “legal terrorists” for a shareef-un-nafs on the street. Since slavery is part of our genes for 6 decades now, we have decided to blindly follow the west in aspects which are more of a show than substance in our case.jang-khiWhere is the training part? where is the elimination of  prevalent feudal “thana culture”, where is the need to bring ordinary policeman at par with best salary packages ( i personally think that our police should be given double the benefits as to what our Army is enjoying since our police is at war for last 62 years and our Army has just left its barracks after 3 decades ). There isn’t a slightest of hint of any improvement in police at root level. And this is not just about police, its about the whole security apparatus. The fact the all successive corrupt gov has cleared themselves of any responsibility w.r.t the life and property of ordinary citizens, the onus was shamelessly shifted to private security guards and though they are doing a good job but , we can come across something like this as well. Someone mentioned on twitter yesterday that there are around 80k private security guards in Karachi. That is almost 3 times the police which basically means our gov’s have left us at the helm of luck for our safety.

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