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Accident on Main Gizri Road

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Name the minister

Out of Gas

Dangerous Ride

I followed this car over a mile and continuously honked and flashed my lights at him but the irresponsible parent continued to drive while the kids hung dangerously out of the car’s window, this was an accident waiting to happen thankfully this day was in favor with them but another day may not be that lucky.

I hope people understand how important it is to make their kids follow safety rules while traveling in a car , which means the kids have to be seated on the passenger seat of the car with the seat-belt on and keep their head and arms inside the vehicle at all time during the travel.

Traffic Campaign

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Karachi Traffic Jams: WE or GOVT?

We have been observed lot of development in last few years in Karachi. But traffic problem is becoming worst day by day. In my personal experience, the distance which took around 30 minutes to reach a destination a year before now it takes not less than 30 minutes.

In your opinion, who is the responsible of traffic jams in Karachi?

  • Public: because people don’t care about rules and still want to use incorrect paths regardless the impact?
  • City Government: because they didn’t plan properly and creating problems for public?
  • Traffic Police: because they are failed to control traffic properly?


Point no 12


Found this on Youtube below is the description about video.

“6 No. point kharab honay ki waja say 6 no. point walon ko 12 no. point ka rukh karna parha jis say rush main izafa howa aur ya dilchasp sorat e hal samnay aii

Video By MUHAMMAD WAQAS FE – ME – 034 Sec -A NEDUET karachi”

Traffic Accident video by CDGK


A Dead Cat’s Tail.

Yesterday, driving from Hasan square towards the nation stadium my heart skipped a beat when suddenly in the centre of the road I spotted a cat lying still, it’s blood splattered on the cold tar of the road, lifeless. Apparently a driver didn’t had the audacity to pause for a few split seconds to spare the life of a poor cat. The cats lifeless body lying in the centre of the city and it’s tail pointing towards us citizens, a sign that we have become so insensitive that we have stopped respecting life, of fellow human beings, of animals and of all God’s creations.

A student, a child, an old man, of a father, mother sister, wife, daughter, who once back in the timeline who too were lying lifeless just like this cat, on a Similar road, and like the cats tail their gaze pointing towards to city asking only one question. “Was the rush really worth taking away a life ?” The city is silent, maybe of guilt or too insensitive to understand the question.

Sitting on a ticking time bomb!

In the last few days, there had been reports of Pakhtuns being targetted in various parts of the city. Needless to say ethnic violence had to follow as seen last night. MQM cites Talibanisation as reason enough to evict Pakhtuns from Karachi. However, a sudden realization of the threat the Pakhtun community poses is suspicious.

Karachi is the trade hub of the country, and as any economist will tell you, when an urban centre is developed without enough attention to rural or even semi urban areas, rural-urban migration is only natural. Karachi thus attracts a number of migrants from not only the N.W.F.P, but all over the country. This migrant population then assimilates into the workforce and over the years has become an integral economic force in the city.

The Pakhtuns too have become an indispensable part of Karachi. Not only do they control most of the public transportation system, but a majority of cobblers, tea hotel owners, construction labourers happen to be Pakhtuns. (more…)

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