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Lighting up the day


taken at 8am, what power crises?

As the prophets (pbuh) birthday gets closer, Karachi is lit up in an array of overpowering green and white. The colors of choice for the various religious organizations making plans which last upto 12 days during this holy month.

Chief among them is the “DI” or Dawate Islami which seems to have decided on its own that there is no power crises in this country and that people want to hear naats and cries of “Sarkar ki amad, marhaba” at all hours of the night.

Noise pollution aside, even though they claim to pay for all the lighting they use, i think it is quite safe to say that their over zealous celebrations are turning from a pageant to a nuisance every year.

Perhaps it is their war with the shiates who paint the city black with equal fervor to their green that has gained precendence over true spirit and effort? The emphasis is now more towards outdoing each other then on bettering oneself. In either case its been a total of 72 hours and the naats are not stopping, the lights are not turned off during the day even upto 10am sometimes and it feels like I am being kept in some of sort of concentration camp. Naats and duas are beautiful to listen to when one has the choice to listen to them when they want not whether they want to or not!!!

Gutka Ban in Karachi

Sindh government with Local authorities imposed ban on gutka sale and purchase. Even I do not have much information about this ban but yesterday two people were talking in lift in very low voice

Lift Man “Yaar subh say aik hi gutka chala raha hon”
Second Guy “Han yaar gutka sirf black may hi mil raha hay”

A friend [unconfirmed report] told me that rangers are stopping people who are chewing gutka and fine them 5,000 Rs. People who are violating gutka ban also being beaten by rangers as friend told me.

Unhealthy water & commission

According to a recent report published in Dawn, 500 of the 1,500 water samples collected and tested by the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board were found unfit for human consumption.

Anyone who can afford now drinks bottled water. The rest make do with boiling the murky water. I think it is about time KW&SB should start charging commission to the multinational companies who sell the bottled water. Had they been doing their job properly and supplying clean water to the residents of this city, the multinationals would not have been doing such a roaring business.

Yet another dead baby

A very small news item caught my attention today.

Daily Dawn reported that the body of a newborn baby was found in a drain in the limits of the Kalri police station on Friday.

A relief association volunteer told Dawn that the child was given ablution and buried in the Mewashah graveyard after conducting legal formalities. Since no post-mortem examination was conducted, it was left undetermined how and when the baby boy had died.

While all Pakistanis are busy denouncing Israeli aggression in Gaza and the continued murders of men and women, its about time we take stock of what is happening in our own backyard. We may not be able to do much for the children that are dying in Gaza but can’t we do something about those who are dying right here, in our own communities for various reasons.

Doctors or Demigods?

Since I was born and raised abroad and after having lived there most of my adult life, I’ve come to expect a certain amount of quality when it comes to the most basic amenities in life.  Protection from police forces, drivable roads, clean water, and quality health care – all examples of the basics millions of us around the world take for granted.  All these topics are separate blogs in and of themselves but for now, my main gripe is the quality (or lack-thereof) of medical and dental care in this country – and the corresponding accountability that one would assume exists in such professions.  I’m not saying that high quality is not available here – I’m just raising the point ‘how is one to discern quality from mediocrity in this case?’  In a place where there is little to no regulation, no standardization and a blind faith general acceptance, without question, of whatever is being relayed by medical professionals – how is the average person to know when to do a figure eight and leave before the damage is done?  I once had to have dental work done and after a careful examination it was determined I would require two teeth extractions and one filling, each in subsequent sessions.  Later when I went in to have the procedures done, I was sitting in the dentist’s chair, fully comfortable with the doctor’s abilities, only to discover that the filling had been performed on a tooth that was to be extracted a week later!  If I hadn’t been conscientious enough or proactive in the business of my own healthcare, it would have just slipped by, I would have had to pay for it and then assume the mental and physical damage of having yet another filling done, in vain.  The sad part is that this took place in a well-renowned, ISO-certified facility.  (more…)

Annoying Flies, They Are Everywhere!

 Since a few days I am spending most of my time swatting flies, it is not that I don’t have anything better to do but when these tiny flying insects bother you beyond your limits of tolerance one has to take these measures, I have got the flours washed with Phenol, have tried bug spray on them but nothing seems to shatter their determination nor they reduce in number because they are plentiful all over the city.


Today I parked my car under a tree in North Nazimabad and within an hour there were at least a thousand of flies on the bonnet alone, two days ago I discovered one in the Biryani purchased from a famous Biryani Chain in the city, and today in the morning, Right in our own garden, along side the mint plants one committed suicide in my freshly brewed cup of coffee.   (more…)

Blood Camp on 10th and 11th Jan 09 in Karachi


Complaints of Tainted Milk?

A number of complains have been received by a lot of shops in the Defence Phase 2 area for carton milk of 2-3 different brands. Could be seasonal or just a bad batch in the market, but please be careful before you drink from a fresh carton. If you could post any similar experiences, we can perhaps try and figure out if there are more of these complaints out there and perhaps bring it to the attention of the relevant companies.

CDGK Fumigation schedule

Daily Jang

"Machar Art" An Exhibition For a Difference

3rd Annual ” Machar Art ” Exhibition opened it doors to public yesterday evening at The Elephant Ware House, Clifton. But this is not just another exhibition, the kind which is the usual feature of the city. This one is far more different because there is a cause attached to it. Organized by Concern For Children, the exhibition is comprised of 175 artworks mostly photographs created by the under privileged children of the Mohammadi (Machar) Colony and some of the work of country’s most prominent photographers and artists including Yousuf Bashir, Amean J, Tapu Javeri, Adnan Lotia, Kohi Marri, Arif Mahmood and Izdeyar Sethna. With a promises that the proceeds from this exhibition will go towards CFC,s Machar Colony Community Driven Project which addresses issues related to health, sanitation and education for the people of Karachi’s largest unofficial Kachi Abadi.


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