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Saving the last Mangroves of Karachi


Mangroves are a wonderful being of ALLAH. They are species of plants which thrive in saline waters. Their roots grow best under fertile land and maybe found at places where deltas are formed due to discharge of river (sweet) water into sea waters (saline). They are important for survival of countless land and sea species and hundreds of thousands of men earn their livelihood through them (fishing, cutting trees, making homes, hunting, etc). Therefore, it is imperative that such wonderful and unique species are preserved for the betterment of people and environment. That’s not happening. From the lead organization:

“In Pakistan, mangroves are found along the southern borders of the country along the coast of Sindh and Balochistan. The Indus Delta extends to an area of approximately 600,000 hectares of which 160,000 consists of mangrove forests. These are unique in the sense that they are considered to be the largest area of arid climate mangroves in the world”.


Rising cost of living in Karachi!

As an urban location Karachi has always been slightly expensive to live in. Recently though the cost of living in this great city of ours has risen by astronomical amounts, with the cost of every day usage products going up by 30 – 40% in the last few months. If we study this increase in costs over the last 2 years we will see a difference of almost double in prices.

In Jan 2006, a five-litre tin of Dalda cooking oil was for Rs395, which has now increased to Rs750. Ghee saw a similar increase, with the five-litre tin going from Rs395 to Rs730. Similarly, Basmati rice went from Rs36 per kg to Rs85-90 during the same period, while kernel rice went from Rs50 per kg to Rs105. Basmati tota has gone from Rs22 per kg to Rs54-60, while Irri 9 is tagged at Rs65 as opposed to Rs16 per kg in Jan 2006.

Obviously nobodies income has doubled in the last two years, specially the salaried class. Therefore everyone is feeling the pinch of these rising costs. People are using less fuel, eating out less and buying only essentials to make their days go by.

The point is though, as an agri based nation how can we allow our prices to go up by so much? Most of this is a result of bad policing i.e the current export of rice from our nation, when there is a shortage of it locally.

I appeal to our new city government to please provide a subsidy in essential food products rather than spending it on meaningless flyovers. I know traffic has to be distributed as well, but the rate of suicides in this city is going up day by day, i would rather be stuck in a jam then see my fellow karachites stand in long lines for flour. I also appeal that immediate bans be placed on the export of all essential food groups from our city and nation.

Plastic bag nightmare continues

Despite repeated rhetoric by the authorities (March 31, 2007: No leniency in plastic bag ban says Sindh Minister for Environment and Alternative Energy, Dr Saghir Ahmed, April 30, 2007: Drive against plastic bags intensified, city district government claims, March 17, 2007:Plastic bag transportation in and out of the city to be checked says city nazim Mustafa Kamal), it has become increasingly apparent that the environment is the last thing on their agenda. Since the ban against plastic bags below the 30 micron weight limit was put into place last year, both the local city district and provincial governments have come out several times with tall claims about strict enforcement of the ban. Yet we see in practice that their claims couldn’t be further from the truth. (more…)

Icky goo

sludge1.jpgEvery morning, there is a team of CDGK guys cleaning up the sewerage line here, close to my office. I pass them almost every day. This morning, whilst I enjoyed the cooler Karachi temperature with my car window rolled down, I had a head-on collision with a terrifically potent, extremely vile stench. I escaped the scene with just only a disgusting feeling, but this was the man, that had to handle the cause of the stench. (more…)

Another Mineral Water in Town

Mineral Water
Thanks to our (all) governments whose incompetency in providing basic necessities of life one of which is clean water we have seen tremendous growth of companies selling mineral water and they are using the indifference of the gov. for their profiteering. As one of KMB author said “if our gov. doesn’t do anything NOW there would be a DAY when WE WOULD BE BREATHING OXYGEN by paying to companies”. His comments seem like a joke for now but so did the mineral water issue 100 years back that was considered free along with oxygen ever since we heard it.

Blood Donation for Thalassemic Patients

blood-for-life.jpgA blood camp is being set up in Gulshan-e-Iqbal for Thalassemic patients organized by the Thalassemia Foundation

DATE: Saturday 26th April
TIME: 3:00pm to 12:00am Midnight
LOCATION: Mynmar Drive, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-10, Opposite Aladdin Water Park

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes the body to produce less hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps red blood cells spread oxygen all through your body. Low levels of hemoglobin may cause anemia, an illness that makes you feel weak and tired. Severe cases of anemia may damage organs and result in death.. Patients afflicted with this disease are dependent on blood transfusion throughout life and hence its important to schedule these blood donation centers to replenish the shortage. Which is why blood donation centers are setup.

Blood donation is a generally a healthy exercise for everyone to be done as frequent as every 8 weeks. If you are in good medical condition being at least 17 yrs old & weighing approximately 110 lbs then you care fit to donate blood, Step up for this noble cause, it is also considered as a Sadka Jaria

Read the Flyer HERE or download the MAP to the Blood Camp HERE

A Doctor From Hell

I had a persisting elevated temperature for a while my cousin who is a doctor (Anesthetist) put me on some antibiotics but when these medicines didn’t work he got me an appointment for a general physician but because there was almost a week before I would see this new physician so in the mean while I decided to see another doctor ( Doctor “A”) who was recommended by an elderly neighbor.


Karachi Beach Clean up Drive

The Rotary Club of Karachi Bay has organized a beach clean up from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday, April 20 2008 in DHA starting from McDonalds and running as far east as possible during hours specified.

Gloves and bags will be provided to volunteers and garbage collection trucks have been arranged for. All that is needed is for you to come for as little, or as much time as you can spare on that day, even if just to clean one square foot of the beach. We would like to have as much participation as possible so please invite your friends, family, or anyone else you think would like to contribute just a little time to make a difference to our city. Please forward this to as many people as you can.

Help keep Karachi clean!
Credit: Arsalaan Haleem

Blocking Out The Sun

For the last 10 years the residents of Sharafi Ghot in the Landhi Industrial Area, Karachi have been suffering at the hands of a Chipboard Factory owner next to them. This factory ironically called Sunlight has been producing/emitting dust in such volumes that literally thousands of children as well as elders living in this Ghot have developed serious health problems. It is further reported that there are school going children with problems such as TB, Asthema, Severe Eye Infections and even cancer in this locality all due to the dust.

Normally factories with such high rates of dust emission are not located near residential areas for a good reason. They make them inhabitable. However as is the case often in our city the factories owner is a rich and influential person. This time from the Memon community. Thus he is able to escape the clutches of all environmental or other emission enforcing agencies at the behest of a few thousand poor who have no voice.

The people of the Ghot have even contacted the Memon federation which has assured them of speedy action but nothing has happened. Why should anything happen? What is the opportunity cost of a factory relocating or installing environmentally clean machinery visa a vi a few thousand poor lives.

Shame on the Memon community, we always claim to be philanthropic and socially active people. Where is all our charitable spirit now? I guess its out back printing notes.

Entire Story (The News)

PPP to engulf Karachi

Yes, its ugly. And painful. But the reality is that PPP is going to be all over Karachi and there is little you could do to stop it. (more…)

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