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The “Mindset” – calls forJihad against Urdu Speaking

For many years now, even before few people were even admitting we have a “Taliban-Jehadi” mindset issue I was one of those lone souls over internet voicing my concern on the growing TALIBAN-Jehadi mindset. When I often use the word Jehadi mindset people misquote it as targeted towards only some conservative Mullahz or Militant organizations

This is not the case. Words like “jehad” and “talib” have a +ve literal meaning but it’s unfortunate that one has no other way but to use the same words to point out a particular mindset in society which is hell bent upon eliminating every opposing view point. I have been at the forefront at KMB on criticizing militancy be it any party or group but my TARGET is not just groups but a MINDSET. This mindset is related to the idea of rejection of “difference of opinion”. After PNS Mehran attack PAKISTAN agencies, the historical GOD FATHERS of terrorism in PAK and especially the formation of MILITANT groups for their vested interests have first time taken the brunt of “taste of their own medicine” at a BIG level. It’s sad that they had to reach this low to understand what a snake they have fed for decades and if they don’t stop harboring militantly for one pretext or other i.e “Strategic Depth” or “Good Taliban – Bad Taliban theory” PAKISTAN will continue to go down the hill. However, for now, this Frankenstein Monster has penetrated so much deep in our society that every TOM DICK and HARRY has become a judge of everyone’s faith. And to convince society on a particular “opinion” different methods are being applied, one such you can see in this video. How come the local police doesn’t know whats being thrown out of these loudspeakers? If terrorism has to be rooted out, the main question is not the guy who is spreading hate speech but the “lack of action” by the LAW. What is that “mindset” which has made our society “happily” and “conveniently” agree to let such speeches vomited? That mindset is the Question.

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Roshan Karachi Roshan Pakistan Inter School Competition

Roshan Karachi Roshan Pakistan Inter School Competition

As appeared in Daily Jang today

Darakhshan Police – Honoured to help you

Karachi – Bus Advertisement

Disclaimer: Considering this story in mind, please dont bug me if the people behind this ad. are not reliable. Its shared here purely in the context of photoblog and the way innovative minds advertise their services in Karachi, a city well known as Business hub in Pakistan.

Faisal Raza Abidi’s guard and his son torched

Unconfirmed reports suggest some unknown assailants torched Faisal Raza Abidi’s son (PPP Karachi) along with a guard near Al Asif Square a while ago. The condition of both the men is said to be critical. More soon . . .

UPDATE 6:46: It is not Faisal’s son, it is guard’s son. Source [KMB commentator]

Naheed Supermarket Karachi – Sugar @ RS 65/kg

Just to add that the sugar bag is available in 2Kg

Blast near PIDC, CID building in Karachi

A blast was heard near PIDC a while ago. Friends from nearby localities have said they heard a very huge blast. Geo reports “A powerful blast in CID building near PIDC has rocked the buildings in the surrounding area. The powerful blast brought down the whole building of Central Investigation Department (CID) located in the most sensitive area in the central area of the metropolis. A powerful shock wave released by the blast also shattered windowpanes of a number of surrounding buildings”

A Public Service Message for Karachiites

When The Bomb Goes off !

After a slight unrest in the morning the city had finally started to get back to its usual pace, i was on the road in a cab when a phone call from my home announced the news of two blasts, one after another at the Shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi (R.A) and I automatically switched into a panic mode, My first reaction was to inform all friends and family to reach home or stay safe. Within an hour of the news the whole city had started to shut off, shops being closed , fuel stations being barricaded, cars rushing in total panic.

An hour later i was home, i was anxious to get the latest news, the fear that the death toll may have been very high was getting on my nerves, but as soon as i was about to reach the TV remote my mom warned “Jamal don’t ! ” her eyes were red from crying ” The footage is unbearable “.  That is exactly what happens each time there is a bomb blast in the country. The news channels blast out television screens with explicit, graphic insensitive imagery. Parts of human body drenched in blood, a head in a policeman’s hand as if its a trophy that you just got to find the culprit and yes any heads found must immediately belong to the suicide bomber and must be shown on all news channels. Yes I knew the news on TV would be all wrapped in imagery that would give any sane person nightmares for ages but i needed the news so the demon’s idiot box had to be turned on.

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