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Whose building is this?

On M. T. Khan road, there is a new building under-construction with a very modern and innovative design. It borrows classical elements in its architecture, and combines it very well with modernist steel and glass trends. Best part about this building is its innovative energy efficient design:  a glass facade is used in order to provide the interior with the maximum amount of natural light, and giant tensile fabric awnings are suspended in front of the facade to shield the entire building from the intense heat of the sun. Seems to work very well. This building is breaking new grounds in terms of architecture in Pakistan. 

But who does it belong to??


Unidentified new building on M.T. Khan Road

Unidentified new building on M.T. Khan Road


Utility bill for Municipal Services

I was surprised to see amount of the bill for this month yesterday. The amount was RS. 953. I thought we probably had already paid the previous month bill as we never skip so how could this much amount as it was around 450/month in our case. When I inquired dad he told me that we did try to pay the bill previous month but the bank officials refused to collect it. Interestingly instead of simply adding the two bills they had also included the FINE (40 odd rupees) for late payment for previous bill though it’s not our fault at all.

…proud to be in Pakistan

....Is Proud to be in Pakistan

....Is Proud to be in Pakistan

I know I might actually be hyperventilating here, but the mere sight of this billboard brings a smile on my face, in the chaotic situation plaguing our country, at least there are some who are proud to be IN Pakistan.

Port Grand Retail & Entertainment Complex

Yesterday I received an email from a friend about the most awaited food street of Karachi which is still under construction. If i recall correctly the place has been under construction since quite a few years under the Nati Jetty bridge. With this the curious I thought of investigating. I took the only clues that i had to further investigate (the email from a friend). On further investigation I found that Port grand a US based company is working on this project and it was expected to get completed in 2006 but for unknown reasons they are almost 3 years behind the project deadline.

Grand opening of Metro Cash & Carry Karachi

Metro Cash & Carry, the international leader in self-service wholesale, opens its outlet for general public today. After the successful opening of its four wholesale centers, two in Lahore, one in Islamabad and one in Faisalabad. The response and crowed was so tremendous that metro staff closed all gates for public who were waiting outside. Metro only allow people who have metro cards. I reached there around 8:30PM and I got two metro cards but all gates were closed. I think the rush was due to rumor that metro is offering 60% discount.
Minimum shopping limit for Metro is 2,000 Rs

Srilanka Vs Pak starts today in Khi

After what seems like a huge void in the Pakistan team’s activity in the cricket arena, Srilanka has arrived to provide us with some much needed playing relief.

What is of even more importance is the fact that after the Asia cup, Pakistan will get another crack at the spin sensation Mendis who totally bamboozled them the last time around.

The two ODI’s are to be played in our lovely National Stadium here in Karachi and tickets have been on sale at various Alfalah branches, surprisingly to some lackluster response.

Tickets are available in the denominations of Rs1500 for the Javed Miandad, Hanif Muhammad and Fazal Mahmood enclosures. For First class enclosure the rates will be Rs 400 and First class ‘B’ enclosure the rates will be Rs250. Rates for Quaid-e-Azam and family enclosures will be Rs 150. The General enclosure will be Rs 50 only

The first match is today and I for one will be there to see our “boys” back in action, come on people of Karachi lets enjoy something we all love collectively.

Currently SL is 86/1 after a blazing start!!!

Where’s the rest of them dummies?

This was a photograph I snapped outside a store on Zamzama, whilst trying to navigate my way through the one-way streets. The lower portions of these dummies were just standing around, quite freaky until I realized how they were probably just waiting to be picked up… ;-)

(This could technically be categorized under the category or theme of “Breaking News” but then I didn’t want to catch people off guard!)

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