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Ismat Ki Do Kahanian

This a play based on two stories by Ismet Chugtai. The Tehrik – E- Niswan group usually does a good job so i am looking forward to catch this one at the Arts Council. Tickets are available at the gate and Agha Supermarket as well.

Dolmen Mall in North Nazimabad!!

Finally a place for the teenagers of North Nazimabad to hang out at? Or just another window shopping chance for the area’s aunties. Decked with branded shops from top to bottom, I was forced to think if the shops were considering a revision in prices to cater to the customers in this part of the city. Not saying of course, that people here are any poorer but it is a general perception here that the ‘old money’ in North Nazimabad, is less ostentatious than pull paar affluent.

Serious shoppers still head to Hyderi, that’s exactly opposite Dolmen Mall. Hyderi, too has its own version of shopping mall in the form of Madni Mall. Nonetheless, for all those who used to head to Zamzama for shoe shopping can now find some good brands right here.

Another Mineral Water in Town

Mineral Water
Thanks to our (all) governments whose incompetency in providing basic necessities of life one of which is clean water we have seen tremendous growth of companies selling mineral water and they are using the indifference of the gov. for their profiteering. As one of KMB author said “if our gov. doesn’t do anything NOW there would be a DAY when WE WOULD BE BREATHING OXYGEN by paying to companies”. His comments seem like a joke for now but so did the mineral water issue 100 years back that was considered free along with oxygen ever since we heard it.

Of Coffee Houses and Differentiation..

Since the last two years, authors at Karachi Meroblog have sporadically announced a number of coffee shop openings in the city. Most of these coffee shops are concentrated in Zamzama, but some like Roasters and Kahva are expanding into areas like Tariq Road too.

At the pace the gourmet coffee houses are springing up, one is forced to wonder what market the premium priced coffee providers are catering to, and if the market isn’t already saturated. A quick survey around Zamzama, however, brings a unique insight into the coffee house industry in Karachi.


Wildlife Aquarium?

I have passed by the “Askari Park” quite a few times (where the old sabzimandi was located), and always been perplexed by a sign on a building which reads “Wildlife Aquarium”. Never having had the chance to enter Askari Park, I would like to ask if anyone can shed some light on what this building is and what can be found inside it.

Rs 20 currency note Launched Again

Rs 20 currency note Launched Again

Impressing the neighbors

While Karachi has seen the motorsports grow from plain old street racing to somewhat organized ‘karting’ and ‘autocross’ over the pas few years, the core form of the sport still remains the dangerously fast drag-racing new sea-view on weekend nights. Even the police raids haven’t kept the adventurous away!

Recently however, the need for speed is being transferred to the sister city Hyderabad and more and more enthusiasts are storming Karachi and buying the already modified cars at high prices for street racing in their teeny weeny city!

If you (or your friends) own a modified street race car, now’s the time to cash in on your reputation!

However, I do wish all this is somehow kept as far away from the streets as possible.

New In Town: TAPAL Ice Tea. Tea found popularity among the people Karachi last year as I had noticed various imported Ice Tea cans being sold at the many leading stores throughout the city. I think TAPAL must also have noticed this new change, which is probably why they decided to launch their very own Ice Tea. Packed in a peachy colored tin and priced at Rs.30/-, this peach flavor Ice Tea is a refreshing addition to the popular TAPAL product line. They have been the leading brand here in Karachi for many years, almost 30 I suppose, and this new product which is for now only available at leading (selected) stores in Karachi and is sure to stir up some more excitement among the Chi freaked Karachiiets can really put them an other step ahead of all the leading brands in our city.

Karachi gets a botanical garden

Karachi becomes the first city of Pakistan to have a botanical garden. A city where every empty land is looked upon with greedy eyes and drooling mouths to build something on it, this garden seems to be a bold initiative taken by the Karachi University.
Built on 35 acre of land, the garden has 2000 species of plants from tropical temperature and alpine climates and will be opened for public in a months time.
The garden has seven sections, with Lotus, Cactus, desert rose. Hopes are that this green piece of land will not only add to the beauty of the city but will equally be used for scientific research by botany students.

Source: “The News”

Irish Coffee

We’ve all seen the coffee revolution slowly sweeping across the city. Every other day new coffee houses are popping up, and suddenly going out for coffee is an acceptable way for timepass and catching up on gossip. Cuppicino, latte and mochaccino have become the words of choice when ordering the drink rather than plain ol’ coffee.

Not to be left behind, the small ‘coffee thelas’ (the one with the expresso machine serving frothy cups of coffee since god knows when) are also jumping on the bandwagon by introducing new flavours in their offerings.

flavouredcoffee.jpgThe one flavour which really caught me by surprise was “Irish“. Now anyone who has seen enough of english language serials is well aware, the irish are famous for their drinking habits, especially with beer and whisky. Infact, they are so fond of their whiskey, that they add it to every other drink to make it… well… irish. Here’s what the coffee guy had to say when i asked about it… “acha flavour hai, buss thora nasha mila hua hota hai”. It tasted just like normal coffee, infact quite lighter than the usual cup… but after a little while, i realized that the guy was not wrong about the nasha.

Here’s to enlightened moderation! *raises cup of irish coffee for a toast*

Available at Coffee Thela outside BooksPlus, near Mottas supermarket, Clifton

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