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A Nation Hijacked by a Lady

No doubt, Cowasjee is spot on. Lately, everyone in this land of “pure” from truck driver to the Elite, is worried about Aafia Siddiqui. No one is bothered (let alone questioning) about the 2 million $ (around 17 caror rupees) wasted for a useless cause. Since emotions have always overtaken wisdom in our country, MQM seeing the time “Right”, recently organized a big rally for Aafia so it doesn’t waste an opportunity to wash its own hands in behti ganga oblivious to the fact that it exposes their “ani-Talibanisation” rhetoric. One was not expecting them to fall in line too and take “populist” approach but nevertheless they are also part of the overall “Political Package” and a political analyst shouldn’t be surprised at all. Pakistan media is successfully leading the herd. A disappointed fellow SMS me that why PAK media inst presenting the other side of the story?. I say, you tell. Who will dare to go against the “mob”?. To top this all are some

cyber/SMS-jihadists bursting out www/texts on Aafia’s educational qualifications with a spicy touch of references to M. Bin Qasim and other super-emotional rhetoric, devoid of any rationalist analysis or factual info. My reader might ask why i dont post some info here if i see truth otherwise. The answer is : I dont want to fill pages on what is already there for the common sense to read. My point in this post is simply this: Pity on a Nation where hunger is on every street, 60% don’t have water, people are selling their children due to poverty, corruption is “National right” , inflation is touching new heights (with more coming next month), its at the brink of collapse with a “failed nation” crown and its National Agenda/Issue is a lady who had links with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. It’s no rocket science to find out what her past has been as well as her own behavior in court which resulted in the case been lost by her (one of the famous incident being where she offers “mediation” between Taliban/Al-qaeda and US gov). And my point is also this: I wonder where this hype goes when it is the matter of the other 8000 odd tortured/raped/killed in the name of honor women. Probably “ISLAM” isn’t in danger then, the rest of 8000 are not “Daughters of Islam” nor they are “Pakistan ki betiz” so its “Alright” to let those injustices happen but why would one waste an opportunity like this to cash some votes?. James Harvey’s words justify the current political environment may be:
” Political campaigns are designedly made into emotional . . . which endeavor to distract attention from the real issues involved, and they actually paralyze what slight powers of cerebration man can normally muster “

Who will cast the first stone in Pakistan’s TheMockracy – Ishaq dar at Nine Zero

The makeup over USA designed, Saudi-assisted, GHQ scripted, NROfied The-mockracy is, and as predicted in last elections, slowly coming off and the ugly face underneath appearing as country plunges into more uncertainty. The murder of Dr. Imran Farooq provided PML an opportunity to shake hands with MQM. This while Karachi is burning again and the circus of accusations and point scoring is ON. It is interesting that everyone (except PPP obviously) wants a change but no one wants to be blamed mainly because everyone wants this “change” for its own benefit and not the nation. “Change” itself being an alien commodity in general in our nation’s psychology the cartoon above is a good summary on Ishaq dar’s visit to 90. And this analysis by SS supplements it well. Every anti-PPP force is looking at each other to cast the first stone. PML wants MQM to end its support to Zardari in capital. MQM is googling for some “Muhibbe-watan-Generals”. The Generals waiting for the courts to make their life easy. The courts are hoping The-mocratic forces to join and bring a Constitutional change and people of PAKISTAN, while tired of the circus are a helpless, directionless herd waiting for some holy-assistance (which isnt coming and in fact reverse happening). Waiting to join this circus is former General Musharraf (the architect of this mess) and Imran Khan (his CV too good to be in politics) with JI (want to make Aafia the next PM) and JUI (5 ingulian ghee mei, always). Amid all this is PAKISTAN’s media, the circus telecast Inc. Welcome to Pakistan’s style of The-Mockracy.

“Democratic terror” in Karachi over Shoe incident reporting

PPP jiyalas (jiyala seems a tribute, lets change it to ghundaz or something similar) have decided to show their democratic muscle by resorting to threats and terrorizing GEO/ARY media groups. Apparently jilayaz “continued pouring in at the scene since noon today, sustained the siege of the offices and pelted them with stones. The PPP operatives showed shoes to the Geo News workers and uttered abusive words and set on fire the copies of Daily Jang. The party workers went on wall chalking spree under police cover writing bad meaning sentences and graffiti against Geo and Jang; however, police and administration kept standing as silent spectators.” more . .   (and more here)

One can see why i have often said all current major political parties in PAK are different shades of the same rotten faces. When it was possible all have used terror to silence anyone who has opposed their views. We saw it on May 12 in previous setup and now the PPP has decided to silence its critics. For ordinary man, democracy in PAK hasnt been anything better than a self decieving dream. While the country is under water, PPP gov instead of some work has decided to scare few media groups for exposing it While international press is questioning Zardari’s own personality, local media has simply reported some ugly truths but looks like PPP is still living in 90s or probably like Raja said 70s. Shall we learn anything from history?

Geo blocked over news of shoe hurling at Zardari

Update [9th Aug 1:54 PM] : ARY & SAMAA also blocked.

It is being reported by many sources all over Karachi that Geo channel is facing the wrath of PP gov. and its being blocked over news of shoe hurling at Zardari by a British PAK Mr. Shamim Khan. Looks like PP still lives in 70s when the nation was fooled on 71 disaster. Geo reports that : ” Some of PPP’s leaders and government officials have issued threats and warnings to cable operators across country against continuation of Geo News transmission, pressurizing them to shut Geo News transmission but most cable operators refused to do so, sources said.”

Geo can be accessed here:

Let People Live !

It is just shattering when all of a sudden shops start to close down, “some one is shot, someone is killed, close down your businesses.” I saw the expressions of the pushcart fruit and vegetable sellers today. fear, disappointment, and sadness speared on their grayed faces. many of them will loose their merchandise, some their lives, most of their children will sleep on an empty stomach today. Karachi is one city with many opportunities and and even more uncertainties, too much of blood shed for every single day. why cant we just let people live, is that really too much to ask for ?

Imran Khan at IBA in Karachi on Building Brand Pakistan

Imran Khan inspires young generation not just by words but practical examples. From sports to Shaukat Khanum and NAMAL ( one two three four five) he is probably the only political personality who actually has done something on ground for his country, not from publix tax but own effort and donations. While i have (and i guess many others too) have serious reservations on his political stand on some issues mainly security, nonetheless his speeches (check youtube) are worth pondering for, specially coming young generations. Probably one of the most invited speaker too, IBA gives students a chance to hear the Legend in Karachi on June 19th, 2010.PakistaniTM brings to IBA a once in a life-time opportunity to take part in a highly interactive session with Mr. Imran Khan. The seminar will be based on the following topic: “Building Brand Pakistan: Leading the change through youth”. Mr. Imran Khan will be delivering a lecture on this topic and will also be taking part in a Q&A session with the students of IBA.The seminar will be conducted on 19th June, 2010 at the APWA Auditorium, IBA City Campus. For further details, log on to


Foto of the day

Shared from a friend.

MQM – Supporting dictatorship to serve democracy ?

Following statement has been given by MQM in today’s paper on this issue. No further explanation was given on nature of “majbuuri

Original Post:
Amid all the politically irrelevant noises media wasted everyone’s time in, there are few developments which many have ignored and hardly any channel seem to be interested in discussing it. This is about the elimination of the rule to conduct elections inside a party, which is a serious blow to the already fractured democracy we have.
Pakistan is currently under political occupation of the 2% feudal tribe and all major political parties have literally become the personal property of few individuals namely PML and PPP leading the race with ANP and JUI behind. But what was shocking was MQM’s vote to support this amendment which is quite contrast to what MQM has been preaching since 3 decades. For a long time now MQM seemed to be the only hope (at least on paper) against the feudal family affair in other political parties but has MQM joined the feudal voices lately or was it eyewash that worked for 3 decades before it also started enjoying the fruits of power corridors?
MQM claiming to be middle class, anti feudal party seems to have taken a U-TURN when it really matter the most and is a very disappointing outcome for the ordinary people as now the one man rule in parties has been officially validated. How a party which has no tradition of democracy inside its own ranks can claim to bring democracy to the nation, MQM’s support to elimination of the elections inside party has raised some serious questions on its stance on the 2%.

One of the most shocking example of this dictatorship rule inside parties is shown yesterday when Mr. Zardari gave party ticket to Mr. Jamshed Dasti (and here) who was recently forced to resign after his grand humiliation in Supreme Court when his degree proved to be fake. If there had been democracy inside party this nonsense wouldn’t have happen at first place. MQM by supporting elimination of elections inside party has indirectly validated “Dynastic Despotism”, like someone said on TV.

SC orders to file another case in Shershah Bridge collapse

Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has issued order register another case against the National Highway Authority (NHA) and other relevant contractors in Shershah bridge collapse case. Hearing the suo motto case about bridge collapse, the chief justice severely reprimanded the police and inquired what progress was made during these many years in the case. The CJP ordered that another case should be registered against the National Highway Authority (MHA) and concerned contractors. In addition, the chief justice ordered the police to arrest the people involved in showing negligence.

[image: Mudsi]

MQM and Aafia Siddiqui – Principle Stand or Political Marketing

Disclaimer : This post is not in support/disapproval of Aafia Siddiqui nor it discuss her case. It is purely written in the context of the famous missing person issue. Many of the missing/disappearances occurred in Karachi. Very few people know that missing person issue was one of the main reasons of tussle b/w Cheif Justice’s and establishment/Musharraf , along with Wardi/Steel Mill issue. [read here here]

Visiting Aafia’s family was a good thing to do by MQM but this one was not an ordinary visit. MQM’s support for Musharraf needs no explanation therefore when we read the below news item we have to see it in a larger picture and so, here, we failed to find an important aspect i.e. MQM did not offer apology for its full support to the former president’s policies (at least policies w.r.t WoT). This then forces us to think if this was more a “Political Marketing” campaign than any REAL admission of guilt. Since, of late, the whole nation seems to be behind Aafia Siddiqui, was this visit aimed at cashing public sympathies PLUS to counter JI-JUI effect who are trying to hijack it completely?. There are dozen’s of missing cases from KHI (and many hundred from Pakistan) , why this case only?

I found it important to inform the reader about the magnanimity of this issue by pasting few lines from Musharraf’s book. A tip for those who are interested in reading Mr. Musharraf’s book : Read it in ENGLISH. After realizing, his commando emotions went slightly over limit in English version he has removed some parts in URDU version. Below is a scanned portion that has been, i have read, removed in Urdu version. Read it and decide for yourself if MQM should not make a public apology for fully supporting MUSH foreign policy blindly for 9 years. Will a public apology not be more objective and help better its image on NATIONAL LEVEL issues but also clean at least one stain from its past.

And the news item :

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