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Where in Karachi?

Why is DHA on a stink ?

We all may have noticed that parts of DHA, almost half of the area is on a strange stink of dead, rotting fish, any idea WHY ?

Suggestion Credits: Sanna Hussain.

More parking plazas needed

Karachi has a serious traffic problem. With only one artery which is the Shah Ra E Faisal running through out the city and non existant parking in the down town area of Karachi plus the parking mafia ruling the pavements has made driving anywhere and running even simple errands in the city a nightmare.

Although in the last few years many fly overs and amendments have been made to the road structure of the city one huge problem has been overlooked so far and that is parking.

Currently there is a move going on to make a huge 4 story parking plaza near bohri bazaar and another 3 story one at khadda market but this not going to be enough.

I suggest that the entire downtown area should be turned into a “no car zone” and only pedestrians walking should be allowed thus enabling office workers, businessmen and traders to go about their business in peace, rather then it taking 45 minutes to find parking and that too at the behest of the neighborhood sidewalk don who then has the leeway to throw your car whenever he wants, to be retrieved when you gingerly ask for it back, with fender benders and minor milage issues included.

Enviro-safe Buses

What ever happened to those green buses that were supposed to be crawling all over the city a while back?

Rumors circulating

With stock exchanges tumbling like domino’s the world over all of us have lost not just a pile of our hard earned savings but a lot of our trust as well.  We as citizens of the world normally believe that

a) The financial system has backup plans and checks built inside to aide the economy and stop a complete meltdown

b) There is a bottom

c) It cannot happen to me

All three of the above have been literally blown to smithereens in the last month or so in Karachi. First the stock exchange went leading to a massive flight of capital, then it did not stop falling in fact it did not stop at all until an artificial freeze had to be put in place to save almost half the brokers of our KSE from completely defaulting and then the coup de grace our rumor mill went into overdrive.

Consider this I just returned from a trip to Dubai and in the first day I have heard that 10 banks in Karachi are going belly up including huge foreign banks in this list of names. That the government is thinking about whether to seize foreign currency accounts or seal and freeze lockers or stop honoring government issued bonds or some other hair brained cockamamie conspiracy that people are dreaming up while counting the pile of gold coins they just converted their life’s worth too because “they just cannot trust anyone anymore” Well HELLOOOOOOO here is a clue doofus, if you keep your entire lives worth in your house or garden or wherever you have it hoarded, in the most insecure city in the world you are basically lying naked and ready for ravishment in a sailors bar.

I wonder what makes sane minded clear headed people scream PANIC PANIC and run to their bank to stand in a queue of their fellow looneys who are withdrawing every penny like its gonna be really worth something in the local currency when & if (god forbid) the country defaults hahahaha!!!

Some are even advising  against sending texts to each other as the “Government” is monitoring all info  to see who makes the most fun out of Zardari so they can pick them up in the middle of the night. I want to know why we need to make fun of him at all? Is he not doing that job pretty darn well all by his lonesome?

Oh and here is a thought while you are busy digging a hole in your floor to hide your jewelry in, when the time comes…all you will need is a flight out of here to save your life. Nothing else will work. So if the mood strikes you I suggest a queue outside the main terminal, I hear planes landing make for peacefull sleep. Also keep a sack handy for your goblin gold as they will readily change that at the disembarkation lounge in london or dubai into the local currency for ya, while you are at it you might want to book a vault in gringotts as well I hear they never go belly up!!!

This city has seen the most horrible times in its existence and I assure everyone that this too shall pass. It may not be as easily navigated as we think it is but in the end Karachi will remain. I would like to appeal for calm and to stop indulging in hoarding as it is driving morals down and the dollar up.

Altaf Hussain as a CNG Rickshaw driver…

I was thinking what would become of Karachi and the green CNG rickshaws, (legacy of debunked General & President Musharraf) if Altaf Hussain, Pir of London, Imam of Mohajirs of Karachi, were to suddenly transform from being a leader of MQM into an erstwhile rickshawala.

First, he won’t get any license. PPP wants all Sindhis, mostly un-educated and belonging to interior, to do everything. From sweepers to customs officers at port, to PIA’s various GMs, and the President of the god-damn country.

If in case he gets the license, he will do lot of things.


A case against Altaf Hussain

Pir of London, owner of Karachi, citizen of Great Britain, butcher of Muslim brothers and sisters, agent of RAW, Altaf bhai to his followers, is a single person who now makes his home in posh locality of London. His wife has since left him and therefore, he resides alone along with his British guards (and maybe sniffer dogs). His call can jam Karachi and his voice is loved by most who call themselves Muhajirs, people who migrated from India during partition of 1947. Well, he is wanted badly here back in Karachi which he rules via internet.

He is wanted in multiple murder and rape cases which took place around and after 1995. He is wanted by mothers whose sons he ordered dead; he is wanted by husbands whose sisters were raped and thrown away in ditches; he is wanted by sons of the soil whose fathers he threw in bags.


The Solution?

KESC, burn it! Break it! Kill them! OH MY GOD! 86 Rs/lit Petrol! Bus Fares to 15 Rupees till 1 stop! How the hell did they snatch a person’s cell phone, burn him alive! Kill them, shoot them, throw stones at them, blow it all up. Government sucks! New Government sucks, Oh the past Govt messed this this and this up! He’s bad, he’s worse, he’s stupid, what’s that, why is that………….


It is valid to say that people of Karachi have lost and are continuously loosing their sanity over the depressing problems in their home town – and for this, it is not them to blame.

Keeping all the problems in mind and giving each, another viewpoint, I would say that apart from the prices of food, fuel and utilities etc, we have yet another problem. The problem we are having are the PEOPLE themselves. Everyone and everything has problems, but finding a solution to a problem requires something of a mind, heart and wisdom. Let this post not be taken against the people of Karachi, but I’m just not satisfied by the way people (we) are handling their (our) problems!

What is a problem? A problem is an outcome of acts in the past creating an unfavorable vision of the future or partially blocking it.

So, the question is NOT “who did wrong in the past”, the question is… WHO sees the FUTURE! Its people who see the future, if the people are not in a normal state of mind, heart and wisdom, they are unable to identify the future. If you are unable to identify the future, how would you be able to walk on a path that actually leads to a better future.

I always give this example, lets say “Mr. X” had an accident and X is lying on the road. X is thinking damn! What just happened, Oh It hurts so bad, it wasn’t my fault… The next second X get squished by a truck that says “Baloach Taiyyara”, and tomorrow headlines reads “noa-jawan halak, truck driver farar”.

If you don’t get up, don’t drag yourself to the corner, or don’t get yourself to the hospital you are actually ignoring the worst that is yet to come. You will have a life time to think about what ‘just’ happened, so its better to stand up and get yourself fixed so that you can have a life to live and deal with the memories later.

This is a typical scenario of our situation, we have just been hit by a car and we are lying on the road, thinking about what “just” happened. We are just crying about and thinking over and over about the things that are going wrong. My friends worry about the drunk truck driver with his Baloch Taiyara coming right at you.

To maintain mental stability is of the utmost importance in the time of crisis!

I’m not sure how many of you would actually consider the people as a problem to the problems of people. Lets hear it from you in comments and based on our comments I will be proposing actual solution of each and every problem.

Should we burn down KESC?

I have a radical idea for Karachi and its citizens. For one, I think KESC is all crap now after Musharraf and company (specially his darling PM, Shaukat) sold this fine organization to a private company for peanuts. No external or internal audit reports have ever been shared with citizens who pay their blood to keep this outfit afloat. Yet it dismisses us all like we are beggars. So, ladies and gentlemen of Karachi, should be burn down KESC? I am sure we should. It is of no use; it fleeces honest men and provides electricity free of cost to VVIPs, VIPs, brothers and sisters of PM; it also does not help when it fails to dis-connect illegal connections; and since last two nights I and my family and millions of others have not slept well. Karachi is in crises and we need someone else to bring us electricity.

By the way, which should be the first KESC office to go down?

Prestige of the state and weakening national morale!

I was going through my regular G-reading when this news took my attention. Its about a blogger being Jailed for undermining the prestige of the state and weakening national morale. It is not the first time that I have heard such a news. I then did a minor search for such cases over the internet and what I find is astonishing. Russia, Bahrain, Malaysia you name it! all are in the list.

We say what we want to and write what we want to and we feel like it is our right to be able to speak up our minds. We debate on politics, criticize the government, comment on the hopeless laws and anything and everything. Not just that we speak on every aspect of life where we live whether its good or bad, fun or frustration.

What I’m wondering is from a perspective of a third person. Imagine yourself in a place where I was when I read the news. Did you notice that the Location of the accused is the first word of the heading of the news? First thing I came to know was that it’s something in Syria, then it’s a Jailed blogger and the last was the name of the person that appears in the last paragraph. I’m thinking! and thinking hard that the laws in the country, the watch on people is strict enough and good enough that they actually care about someone badmouthing about them. They are even tackling the situation in a decent lawful manner rather than blocking every blog across the country!

Sentenced to jail, is something we can’t even imagine in Karachi or Pakistan, do you think we (citizens and the politicians both) have enough “Prestige and National Moral”? Forget about national moral, does a single man have a moral or are we just typing out our guts in order to “expose” everything and prove we are free? Don’t say that the country and us are two different things, it is one thing. If you (we) don’t exist, Pakistan don’t exist and if Pakistan don’t exist we are no one from no where! Everything is related to one and other. The reason for saying this is that we are writing about ourselves whatever we write. In our “social” circle we may be recognized as us, but on a global scale we are only “Bloggers from Karachi, Pakistan”

My point is simple, the “outsiders” reading the blogs would be having what sort of a perception about us and our nation? For instance, if something happens in Karachi, I get tired of explaining the situation to the people abroad. They seem to be under an impression that we are all ‘dying’ here, how can I tell them that only 10 to 20 percent of the city is affected and the “rest is fine”! That is because they hear what the media tells them. The media tells them right or wrong is not of a concern, the concern is that the media can never report on every street situation of a the entire city where the riots emerge – it can never report a hundred percent.

The same way, we are ‘creating’ history of ourselves writing what we are writing. No matter its good or it is bad, it is what it is and the world is reading it. Now I am personally at the toughest of time to form a judgment about my observations and thoughts.

Should we again be blaming the “government” for not implementing proper laws, take us towards advancements, create a national moral and prestige? or Should we blame the writers for writing it all down for the world to read and laugh at us that these people have no “national moral” or prestige?

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