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Play for WGW at AKU

mgmj3-1Yesterday Tehrik-e-Niswan and Sheema Kermani brought a play ‘Mera Ghar Meri Jannat’ for ‘Working Group for Women’ at Aga Khan University. The play was organized for employees and students at AKU and was also open for NGOs and general public.

mgmj6-1A one- woman play about a harassed & overworked housewife, kept behind locked doors. The play is adaptation of “A Woman Alone” by Dario Fo & Franca Rame. Considering a one actor cast, Sheema Kermani displayed a very powerful performance, also gave audience a room for imagination & thought. The best part was the feedback was not only a standing ovation but also the emotions coming from the audience during the act.

mgmj8-1When she was asked about how to solve the problems of violence & harassment that women face, she said that plays only bring out problems & then Sheema encouraged audience to suggest solutions. By initiating this dialogue, the whole process become more thought-provoking.

mgmj9-1It was also remarked by a member of audience that the hall only had a number of men and such plays should be presented in front of men too because they are the ones in the majority who do violence and harassment. Moreover to break this chain of hatred and dependence, women need to get such education which can used professionally and making them financially independent. It was also suggested that it is the responsibility of mothers to inculcate their offspring with the respect a women deserves but in my opinion, it is only effective enough when the whole family is a role-model.

A kudos to both AKU and Tehrik-e-Niswan for this intellectual lunch.

A ride to childhood

sindbad1I still remember the days of childhood when monthly visit to Sindbad Tariq Road and Clifton was a must. The reason being that Funland and Sindbad were the only places for hangout and I used to get 20 tokens free from Sindbad each month for being high achiever in annual exams at school. It continued from 3th to 8th grade.

sindbad2Now when I visited Dolmen Mall Hyderi some time back, I can see that with inclusion of Sindbad there, the visitors to the food court and fun has increased manifold. They have games for kids and elders alike. AND TO MY AMAZEMENT, THE FREE TOKENS STILL CONTINUE UNDER THEIR TAGLINE ‘Education Before Recreation’.

For people near living by especially a must visit and don’t forget to play Air hockey which is auto-serve =D. Also Zekes Shack the water shooting game, you will love the mess.


PS: I am frequent visitor there :p

Glimpses from TLISM

The play “Ismat ki Do Kahaniyaan” based on Ismat Chugtai’s short stories Kaafir and Amarbel was performed by Tehrik-e-Niswan on March 13th, 2009 in its theatre festival TLISM, marking 30 years of its works. The direction was superb and therefore all performances of the cast(comprising of Sheema Kermani, Asma Mundrawala, Mahvesh Faruqi, Saleem Mairaj and Saife Hasan) really stood out . Both the acts got laughters, appluases and standing ovations. The first was about the inter-religion marriage and second was about marriage of an older man to a younger girl. The adaptation was carried out in a very sensitive manner so kudos to Anwer Jafri for that.

Today: Us Bewafa Shehar Main at 8 pm sharp
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PCK Exhibit ’09 – Amateurs Come Up But With Fine Prints

9I wouldn’t review the exhibition as I myself am one of the 30 participants and then my opinions might be seen as a bias. But I would to like to bring into notice what Daily Times thought about it. Today, 28th February 2009 is the last day of exhibition so if anyone of you are interested to visit then you are more than welcome. Alliance Francaise is located behind ICAP Clifton and gallery remains open from 10 AM to 8 PM. (more…)

Free SMS to any number in Pakistan

I was just introduced with an interesting SMS service offered by a Pakistani company. Some interesting features include:

• SMS for free on any number in Pakistan (it seems like a hoax but it’s not)
• All your sent and received messages are saved on your profile
• Personalized tagging for everyone you are having a conversation with
• Delivery status (you would know if your sent message has been delivered to the receiver or not)
• You can integrate your Twitter account with it as well
• Numbers of invitation increase as more friends accept to register
• Ideal for everyone who live outside Pakistan and want to stay in touch with friends

Membership: Free (takes 1-2 days to process)

Overheard on FM 103

Overheard an RJ on Mast FM-103 Wednesday evening : ”   Karachi, the capital city of the next world, Woops !, and now listen to ……..

What does ” The capital city of the next world ” exactly means ?

At Schools

Found in a class work copy of a (class 5) school student.

Found in a class work copy of a (class 5) school student.

Iftar at Shaan-e-Mughlia



Chef Zakir has become a sensation with his cooking show on Masala TV. Few days back I discovered that he owned a restaurant, which was doing rather well. After inquired about its reputation, I found good reviews and decided to check it out with friends.

What I discovered was something delightful, worth the price and ideal for a family/friends gathering. “Shaan-e-Mughlia” is the name and it boasts open air spacious lawn, truckloads of finger-licking food just as Chef Zakir cooks it. The ambiance, greenery, structured and spacious seating arrangement was surely a breath of fresh air.

The place is running on sheer word of mouth, people referring other people. Without much advertising, it is heavily pre-reserved and crowded. So, a good idea would be to call in and reserve before you show up. Also, there is a long waiting list to avail the ‘takht’ seating.

More in Pictures:

1971, In Retrospective.

kmb1971.jpgThe events of 1971 were a part of the history long before I was born but even years later in the mid 80s as a primary school child I could smell the stench of the vicious broth we had cooked to suppress, degrade, demoralize, dominate and disgrace our very own people, the people of Bangladesh.

I remember being a student of class 4, one day I heard a fellow student use the term “Bhookay Bengali” as a derogatory remark to another fellow student of a slightly dark complexion. That day when I got back home I asked my mother why Bengalis are called hungry? And why the term Bengali is considered a derogatory remark ? It is when she told me how we over powered them used them to our advantage, made them work hard for us and paid them less then half of what they deserved and in terms of respect we gave them none.

It was this day this I first realized how in human we had been to these people. But as time passed and as I grew older historic events, stories and accounts of the events of 1971 kept coming to my knowledge. The picture kept becoming more and more gruesome, the scale went up to a level where it literally became a haunting scene. It painted an undeniable picture narrating the shear brutality we showed towards our Bengali sisters and brothers.

yesterday an evening of literary reading was held at t2f, a local café and the book which was read from was “Fault Lines” an anthology of stories of 1971 by noted authors from both Bangladesh and Pakistan and a few others from this same region, compiled and edited by Niaz Zaman and Asif Farrukhi, both of them eminent writers and noted literary figures from Bangladesh and Pakistan respectively, who were present for the evening along sides with noted writers Intizar Hussain, Asad Mohammad Khan and the editor Books and Reviews (DAWN) Saima Hussain to read out their contributions and share their stories, views and thoughts with the audience.

The event started with the Urdu version of “Fork Lift No. 352” a story by Asad Mohammad Khan. Which followed by a thoughtfully placed question by Asif Farrukhi: “Do we yet have any competent “driver” for the faulty “fork lifts”, to run them smoothly, and how would we know if the drivers are competent or not ?”. We may blame the faulty fork lift or the driver for his incompetence to trace the fault in time, but form the damage that has already been done have we yet learned something or not ? Was the question which instantly popped up in my mind.

The event continued, Intizar Hussain shared his views of the time and Asif Farrukhi  read an excerpt of his writing from the book while Niaz Zaman followed by sharing her story of those years in history, and her views and expressed her grieve for the unjust sad and later much regretted events which effected the common people of both the sides. 

By looking at the whole picture specially with the prospective I hold, it was not too difficult to see that we had pushed the people of Bangladesh to a point where they were actually cornered and were left with not many options at their hand.

 It was Only three days back when I came across this link, a link which narrated an incident of a horrifying war crime committed against some innocent women. the people we deliberately rendered poor and helpless we victimized, just because we could and yesterday’s event left me with a heavy heart, I had always been ashamed to meet the eyes with any Bengali, although I was not a part of the brutality which was unleashed upon the innocent people to favor just a handful few but still I feel the guilt. For these Crimes and incidents I do not blame the army, I do not blame the foreign elements, I don’t blame anyone else but my self. Me, and the people who took advantage of them, who never stood-up for them, who never raised their voice against the unjust, We never talked to our children about it, we never told the stories we should have been telling. Was this not our responsibility ?

But it is yet not too late to began correcting what we have done wrong in the past and to start with we should first realize and accept our own faults and not to repeat them, We should also bring the stories which were either censored at the time or remained unpublished and unknown and for that matter this book “Fault Line” published in Dhaka and being distributed here locally by the Oxford University Press is an excellent progressive step and hopefully more such books and anthologies will follow. Also as Bloggers, writers and journalists it is time to use the mediums we have in our reach to bring out the true stories images and events of the history with a neutral stance. Not to derogate one another but to make our people realize of their mistakes and the best way to do it is to find our own faults.

In relation to the topic (As someone mentioned yesterday) a group has been formed on facebook to submit our apologies to the people of Bangladesh, I have joined this group and I would suggest that all of us should do so as it will help us sort out our deference’s on a more public level.

1971, was bitter year for both Pakistan and specially for what now is Bangladesh, but now lets take lessons from our own mistakes and try not repeating our selves with the same mistakes again and again in history.

Taare Twinkling in Karachi

Just wanted to change the mood to some light topic. So, Aamir Khan’s “Taare Zameen Par” is premiering in Karachi (Prince Cinema, Capri & Cineplex) along with nationwide releases in Lahore, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Multan & Gujrat. There was this news of Aamir Khan arriving for this event but looking at the current situation, you can guess the answer.


Initially banned in March, under a regulation that says it cannot be shown as it has been shot entirely in India. Besides, no Pakistani actor is starring in the film. However, the ban was lifted with the statement: “The ordinance gives the government the power to grant exemption from any provision. We found Taare Zameen Par to be educative and informative — in short, an outstanding movie,” said Azfar Shafqat, the chairman of the Pakistan Censor Board.

Reviewing the movie in words is not enough. You have to see it to feel how different it is from the mundane pop-corn popping, style-masala mixture, Hollywood remakes. The movie makes a league of its own with re-creating how a child’s mind work, which is no easy task. It strikes a chord, but most importantly, it has been treated with such sensitivity and maturity that you’re left shell-shocked in amazement by the sheer impact it leaves at the end of this 18 reeler.

I’ve not been an avid fan of Aamir Khan; however, now I am because he comes through to his audience with a substantial story of a child that serves as a wake up call for every parent or parent-to-be. Every character in the movie is well defined. You would fall in love with the innocence of Darsheel Safary’s character “Ishaan Awasthi”, rage against a father who would not realize and cry with the mother who can understand like no one and a godfather teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir’s character), who paves the way for a better tomorrow.

So, what’s your take on TZP?

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