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Pick your side # 2

If anyone was offended by anything in this clip. .
We do not apologize
We claim our right to be juvenile and delinquent at this age

is the bold disclaimer you see in the end. If you ever see kids fighting, notice how much they try to copy the content that comes on screen or their elders.

What would be your reaction to this/these simple vids that show potray violence as glorious thing(especially the electric torture). Tag also includes KARACHI. Also, do you think using an Institutes name was right?

(1) what’s the big deal. It’s very normal & nothing especial to talk about. It wont make any impact on its viewer. Who are we to object to their vid.

(2) Its public. Its a small reflection of bigger events & It’s wrong to show torture as a funny/enjoyable one. These violence vids make young minds hostile. Talk about some love.

in other blogs #1 – KESC protests against citizens of karachi

A new series, where we’ll feature a karachi related blog from the local blogosphere. A lot of really great stuff is written by authors on their own site and we believe it is important to bring these wonderful masterpieces to the publics attention.

Hakim over at MicroPakistan has written a really lovely satirical piece on the power crisis faced by the city and protests faced by KESC. Take a look here.

Resolution 5: A greener Karachi. A cleaner Karachi

There’s a lot for the CDGK and authorities in charge of the city to do, and the list of resolutions can be endless, the last resolution that KMB proposes is that of a greener and cleaner Karachi.
The city authorities has done quite a lot for the beautification of the city lately with developments of new parks, fountains etc but what will be really appreciated is an effective garbage disposal system. In lot of areas, we see piles of garbage dumped on roadsides and drains overflowing.
Lets hope 2007 brings an end to that.

Resolution 4: Bring Down The Crime Rate.

In the past three months 6243 mobile phones, 1,205 car and 1,467 motor bikes were either snatched or stolen, 1,838 robberies, 1,224 thefts and 646 people were killed through out the city and these figures are only those provided by the Sindh police to appear every Monday in “The News” which means the actual figures specially those of mobile snatching and thefts are much higher than declared because most of these crimes often go unreported.

Resolution 3: Commitment to complete projects

Seems like the City Govt. is really commited to completing the Karsaz Flyover. I applaud them on the effort of moving the contractors! Even though the project has gone grossly over their projected completion date (the IDEAS2006 exhibition), i see people working on it round the clock.

Be it rain, strike or sunday’s, the machines are moving and the workers are scambling about their tasks.

Lets hope the same kind of dedication is seen during the year 2007 and the mega projects around the city are, for once, completed on time.

On a side note, i also hope someone gets around to completing the small flyover on Queens Road going over the crossing to mai kolachi bypass! Another resolution for the year 2007.

Resolution 2: Be serious about health issues

After the outbreak this year of the Dengue Virus (which was extensively covered here), we hope this be the last year we have to suffer through these. The dengue outbreak highlighted the vast indifference of the political powers for the general health and well being of the largest city in the country.

We wish more officials from within the health ministry are involved in the various seminars conducted around the city, especially on viral and epidemic deseases, and the involvement of these people is more than ribbon cutting and bouquet giving. We wish for a more proactive department, where people with genuine interest are inducted, rather than people failing in other departments. We wish for stability within the province, so that funds can be allocated and spent where needed the most.

SMC and DMC are already doing a good job of educating doctors, lets hope for the next year, incentives and offers allow the best and brigthest to help their own city-men rather than taking the first flight abroad.

Resolution 1: A better Transportation System

As we bid farewell to 2006, let’s hope we also bid farewell to all of Karachi’s transportation woes. Let’s hope that in 2007, no Karachiite ever has to be a stuck in a traffic jam again. Let’s hope that traffic lights in the ‘city of lights’ never fail to work again. Let’s hope there are no more traffic bottlenecks, no more dug up roads, no more diversions, and no more VIP Movements in Karachi.
One resolution for the elected officials of Karachi would be to get rid of the traffic problems that plague the citizens of Karachi. They’re already trying their best but some areas that need attention are the public transport system, traffic law enforcement, and most importantly road maintenance.
Lets hope 2007 sees the end of all the troubles that we have to face on the city roads each day as we drive across the length and breadth of Karachi.

Karachi’s New Year Resolutions

With 2007 approaching fast, many of us are once again starting to jot down our new year resolutions. For personal the general rule seems to be a bit better next year, not to repeat the same mistakes, and ofcourse, the ever-present, shed those last few pounds.

But what if we think on a city-wide level? Given the ‘breakneck’ speed of construction and beautification going around in karachi, coupled with the disasterous health issues and the declining living standards, what should be the new year resolutions of our elected officials?

As a countdown to the new year, we’ll post the top 5 resolutions which, in our opinion, should be taken up by the city officials for the upcoming year, starting from 26th Dec 2006.

As always, suggestions are welcome.

Where in Karachi # 86

Ladies and gentlemen….

This is a different Where in Karachi…its based on something written at a fairly prominent place in the city. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to identify the exact location of this piece of writing.

Welcome to Pakistan

City of Waterfalls

Wellsprings of life

Yes, as odd as that may sound and as incorrect as it may be, its written at a very prominent place. If i took a pic, it would have been easily identified.

Winter Favourites: Peanuts!

The one thing which confirms winters are here, are the peanut walas who start roaming the streets!


So.. Peanuts anyone?

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