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SIM Information System by PTA

To check how many connections are issued against your ID card enter your NIC number after “=” without space or “-“.

Updated on 15 October 2009 – It is working fine

Google Urdu Transliteration

One more reason to love google. So well, Google Urdu Transliteration engine is launched. Start with short lines and within minutes you gonna love it. Check it out !!
The automatic help is the best part in this. If you type a word and move on and then realize its not what you expected, come back (BACKSPACE) and it will popup a small window for your help. Also check detail help

Local Cyber Advertisement Scene

cyber-adAs the world moves on in technology, advertisement initiatives also change. Internet provided one such opportunity for companies to grow their market. In Pakistan, these days there is increasing competition among companies, especially TELECOM. From MSN to YAHOO MAIL and many others, companies are investing more into Cyber war apart form the prevalent TV/newspaper. My prediction is, internet enabled mobile devices would be in pipeline these days with cross-service advertisement i.e common service layer for mobile communication where you can receive ads from XYZ company even if you are on an ABC network. Tech guys might guide on this especially how EFFECTIVE this marketing is. Is it worth the investment. How many of us seriously note these ads, promotions and how our decisions are based upon what we see over internet. Also are we ready or its just too early?


Augere – Wimax Operator Launching Soon

augere1Looks like internet users will once again have a good time in future as news is Augere , a new wimax operator is launching soon. Initial work has been done and deployment is in progress. This is great since we had WI TRIBE also jumping into the competition and obviously the more companies competing the more to pick from. Read more

Karachi Bloggers Discussed Activism.

2576_68178627787_525727787_2236010_6702109_n Last Friday, on the 6th of March 2009, A small Meetup of around 30(+) bloggers from Karachi took place at the Royal Rodale. Organized by CIO Pakistan and Badar Khushnood and sponsored by Wateen, the meetup was themed around online activism which produced quite in a vibrant discussion full of ideas, issues, solutions and in the end of it all, concluding on resolutions.  


Free SMS to any number in Pakistan

I was just introduced with an interesting SMS service offered by a Pakistani company. Some interesting features include:

• SMS for free on any number in Pakistan (it seems like a hoax but it’s not)
• All your sent and received messages are saved on your profile
• Personalized tagging for everyone you are having a conversation with
• Delivery status (you would know if your sent message has been delivered to the receiver or not)
• You can integrate your Twitter account with it as well
• Numbers of invitation increase as more friends accept to register
• Ideal for everyone who live outside Pakistan and want to stay in touch with friends

Membership: Free (takes 1-2 days to process)

If you’re going to spam, run a spell check!

For those of you wondering what SPAM may have to do with Karachi and why I’m bothering to make a post out of this one, here’s a snapshot of a message I JUST got. We can’t do much about the SPAM but this one caught me a bit offguard. See what you think. And as much as I thought I’d keep the senders number there just for kicks, well, I don’t know – what do you think? But for those of you who may miss the reference in the title, the correct spelling is “wrappers”!!!

Despite all this craziness, for anyone who eats TastyGold, do you really hold onto the wrappers?!?!?!?

Need phone number of any resturant for Order?

Enough busy because of coming deadline? or don’t want to drive few kilometers in order to save fuel? …. just make a call to your favorite restaurant for home/office delivery of your order! but … what? You don’t have phone number of your favorite restaurant?

Wait… Don’t worry! Karachi Metro is for you. Karachi Metro is a place where you can find phone numbers of popular spots in Karachi. Filter restaurants into different categories by a simple click. You can also find menus of different restaurant to find your favorite meal.

New tricks in mobile balance transfer scam

The other day i heard one friend talking about a conversation at his office between a CSR and a customer who was complaining that he had already spent RS.3000 but didnt get any gift (that was never coming at first place lol) he was promised by the guy/company, to whom this innocent guy kept on sending scratch card numbers for sometime now.

” At the moment almost every Mobile Service Provider has offered balance transfer facility (except ZONG) between their pre-paid customers. Initially offered by Telenor as smart share it immediately got noticed and everyone else replicated it (Ufone: UShare, Mobilink’s Jazz Share, Warid’s Balance Share). However none of them initially realized that our market is not literate enough for such service. This eventually gave birth to a scam that is still in its full swing and there are hundreds of complaint on daily basis about customer’s mobile credit stolen by anonymous people.

The scale is so big that during Warid’s balance share launch almost everyone was getting fake messages of getting their balance doubled (asking them to send messages having balance transfer string). Thanks to Warid, the service couldn’t work during initial few days and it saved us all the pain. Even though actions against these numbers involved in this fraud are taken, there is still room for minor structural changes (we will come to that later). ” READ FULL POST

CIO Pakistan Launch and Awards

CIO Pakistan It was a morning set to impress. The a hall of a hotel in Karachi was buzzing with activity aw we were all ready for another milestone to be laid in the history achievements in the It industry of Pakistan.  

The event was the launch of CIO Pakistan Magazine, CIO is the world’s largest business technology leadership magazine, printed in over 35 countries around the world and will now be printing locally to help highlight and support our local technology Industry. Besides the launch the event also included CIO “Technology Pioneer Awards” the recognize the excellence and the achievements of the best amongst the leaders of the local technology and telecommunication industry.


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