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Karachi Map Maker Update

Google map maker KarachiKMB made a post almost a month back about the recently released Google mapping system for general utilization in Pakistan, since then I have been addicted to this tool and have seen the Karachi area being extensively mapped.

I share a screencapture of the mapping done in the regions of Shahrah-e-Faisal and one is definitely impressed at how much work a collaborative team can pull together in a short span of 30 days, this areas was barren a month back and is now peppered with accurate roads maps across the city and it continues to grow

We definitely need YOUR input as well, take a look at an area you know well and contribute in some way by adding one or two (or more) points of interests [road, name of mosque, school, shop or anything]. In all honestly it just takes a little getting used to but once you are in swing then its quite addicting. Do keep in mind that these images are a few years old (3-4) [taken before the development of Shahrah-e-Qaideen flyover] but even then, most of the city can be accurately mapped.

Join the Karachi Mapping effort here on Google Map Maker

Convention of the Creative – 2008

Following the two successes of The Karachi Anime Conventions, Metal Seinen originated to bring together Pakistan’s ‘metal youth’ to the fore. COTC is organized to propagate creative and professional progression though mutual efforts of the members by means of untraditional interests such as anime, gaming, digital art, music and performance racing.


Be there, if you are enthusiastic about the upcoming genres of Anime, Gaming, Comics, Live Music and Art. Witness the creativity of the youth of today.

Location: Bayview Auditorium
Date: 27th July, 2008
Time: 3 To 11pm
Entrance: Free

Google Map Maker for Karachi

Google Map MakerGoogle Maps has just recently opened up its map database for Pakistan hence allowing an open community of volunteers to help make navigational maps for Pakistan. If you have some spare time please insert a few landmarks so that it can contribute to benefit the community in general.

Edit Karachi Map Here

This will naturally be a work in progress and soon we might have a very good database of Karachi, but in the mean time I thought it may be interesting to hear from the community the present status of development of the local GPS maps in continuation to our numerous posts before (2005 Maps, Google Earth Karachi, 2006 Karachi Maps?, 2007 Map it with Naqsha & in 2008 ApnaKarachi).

My own fascination with GPS maps stems from my recent activities with the OffRoadPakistan group which often heads off into the uncharted wilderness of Baluchistan and Sindh almost 5-6 times a year literally breaking away from the hectic Karachi life for a few days of hardcore adventure. Despite having some expert navigators within the group, I pitched in to buy Garmin Nuvi 660 (it was more to satisfy my gadget-fanaticism, I have since then, uploaded it with the Mapsource WorldMap data but found it to be practically useless for street navigation in Pakistan. I’m just sharing a few pictures from our Goran Gatti trip in Jan 2008

In search of a better map I also came across the brilliant effort on, Islamabad is decently well mapped but the Naqsha maps of Karachi leaves a lot to be desired for. Extending my hunt I also stumbled across a retailer who claimed to have Garmin maps for Karachi (!!) willing to sell it to me for Rs.6500. So the big question here…. Is there any decent maps on Karachi & Pakistan which can be used or do we have to wait up until progress is made on the Google Maps?

Credits: Adnan Siddiqi & Noman

PTCL – Broadband or Broad-burden?

I and many of my friends were almost-attracted to the print and electronic advertisements PTCL was coming up with last year. In fact I made few calls and the deal was almost done when a junior fellow at my previous office Mr. Junaid Khan gave me his long and torturous tale of PTCL’s broad band service. The strange part was(is?), even its hard to get rid of the connection. Since then it has become my routine to hear complains about it. Kashif Aziz narrates his experience at chowrangi of what he went through.

Though I have seen some improvement in customer service for phone, PTCL DSL does act like broad-burden instead of broadband frequently. Also, I heard that they are planning to launch eVideo service in future. How many of you are happy with the broadband connection and how many have similar stories to tell?

Kunda Supply Corporation

Kunda Supply Corporation

"We Care!"

So on my way around Itwaar Bazaar earlier today, as I was busy taking footage for a documentary I’m working on, I came across a really sad looking “stall” in my camera. To my horror, it was a Warid umbrella, trying to sell phone connections. The additional attraction was that “Golden numbers were availale”. (No.. the spelling IS correct! the guy told me!! Please see their magnificent attempt on the signage” (please read on for the video) (more…)

P@SHA-Intel Workshop on Opportunities in Non-Traditional IT areas

On Tuesday April 8, from 2 pm to 5 pm, Vickram Crishna conducts a discourse, at the Mahnoor Room, Karachi PC, about the world of fascinating opportunities that have opened up in applying IT and communications technologies inclusively. Addressing the needs of communities currently less well served, such as rural dwellers, urban persons who do not use computers, and persons for whom computers are unaccessible primarily because of physical design issues. Accessing business needs in such circumstances can be rewarding in many ways – both commercial and non-commercial.

TOPIC: INTELLIGENT CHOICES: Opportunities in Non-Traditional IT areas

DATE: Tuesday, April 8 2008
TIME: 2:00 – 5:00 pm
VENUE: Mahnoor Room, Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi

Read more details on P@SHA blog

NED Students’ Project Exhibition & Competition 2008

SPEC 2008 is being organized by the Department of Electronic Engineering, NED is hosting an event this event which will provide a platform where engineering students can present their talents.

The SPEC is in its third year starting off from SPEC 2006 which the first endeavor in which 36 Electronic projects were displayed. The tradition followed in SPEC 2007 where 46 projects were displayed and attracted more than 800 students and faculty members. in 2008 the event is now expanding its boundaries from Electronic Engineering to Computer Systems, Information Technology, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering. The event will be held on Saturday, April 12, 2008. This year they expect more than 300 participants from all over Karachi and also Pakistan who will come together to participate in the event

Registration deadline was initially 30th March but has been extended to the 5th of April if you are willing to show off your electronic talents and are enrolled in an undergraduate engineering school then head on over to the registration page HERE or have a look at the Rules and Regulations PDF

Banking of Tomorrow……Today

Disclaimer: This post represents a personal experience, and is not intended to be construed as a product advertisement in any manner

Although not a lot of people know about it, UBL has launched a truly online banking facility by the name of Orion – mobile wallet. It is an intuitive and convenient way of making payments, paying bill and transferring funds.

Teeth Maestro & Jamal Ashiqain on Breakfast with DAWN

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