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World’s smallest multimedia player by a Karachiite

Here are the details about the achievement. While the world is going towards big screen displays, this seems like an achievemt in the opposite direction. But everything has a purpose. Perhaps the next generation of iPod Nano will use this technology.

Suggested by: fAr stAr

Wateen WiMax Review

Just happened to come across this review on Wateen’s WiMax on Sarfaraz’s Blog and thought it would be interesting to share with Karachi Metroblogging readers here, some excerpts of his post are included here while the details review can be found at Sarfaraz’s Blog

I bought Wateen’s WiMax service and equipment yesterday. Just a while ago I got activated and online with Wateen’s WiMax. The package I bought is a bundle offer of 1 Year for about Rs. 18,000/-. The speed is very good, and I am getting downloads at 65+ kBps. The streaming experience is very good as well. YouTube, MetaCafe, LiveGeoNews Stream are all coming in smooth.


Local bank comes under phishing attack!

I get emails from quite a few foreign banks asking me to update my account by clicking on some link. Since i dont have any international account, i normally ignore these emails. However, today, i got an (authentic) email from MCB Bank, warning me of similar emails being sent out on ITS behalf!

This post is more of an advisory to all MCB Virtual Banking account holders than anything else. Never give out your banking details over the internet, call up the bank and ask why you’re getting the email.

The text of the email follows:

Dear Customer,

It has come to our knowledge that some of our customers have received an email with:

Subject: “Your Account Will Be Suspended”

From email: MCB Bank <>

And asking you to provide information or stating that your Virtual Banking Account would be shut down.


Also do not give out or email your MCB virtual banking password, username or any other personal information to any website/person other than MCB virtual banking section. Your virtual banking password should remain discrete and for use only. In case you provide your password or any other sensitive information through any medium to any 3rd party, MCB will be free of any financial liability.

Please be assured that your Virtual Banking Account is safe and running as before giving you innovative services and bringing the Bank at your door step.

MCB bank continues to ensure that you are delivered the best services possible. For any query at all please feel free to call our round the clock Call Center 111-000-MCB (622)

Thank you

MCB Customer Support

Twitter Karachi Updating News

twitter.pngIn tense situations like these, it is far easier to get instant updates via SMS as not everyone can have the luxury to read the news item online immediately. To get instant free alerts Join and subscribe to Twitter Karachi @ and receive instant updates directly to your cell phone [works on most networks & its far better then paying Rs. 50 {?} for the breaking news alert from your provider] Send situation updates to or SMS 0332-3491410 [strictly SMS] so we can relay the news to the network

Other good twitter channels to subscribe to are Twitter Dawn News & Twitter KMB

Twitter Karachi activated

I would like to thank Raza for reminding me of this brilliant service where simple SMS messages can be used to keep everyone updated of the happenings in Karachi. To get these alerts sent to your cell phones simply sign up for an account on and follow the instructions to activate your cell phone. This is a free service and generally available in Pakistan (with occasional problems on some providers)

Head on over to the Karachi Twitter page – – but if you have any updates please send it to

Map it with

Good news for those who have been looking for online map of Karachi. aims to provide interactive maps of Karachi. I didn’t get a chance to check it out because the required plugin is not installed on my browser (and my office network wouldn’t allow it), but from the looks of it I feel it is a promising project. I know it won’t be anything like Google Maps but having something local is still a big deal.

Check it out.

PTA takes PTCL to task

PTCL has recently taken few initiatives to increase its base & revenues (read PTCL Phone n Net). One such step (blunder?) was to activate Pakistan Package facility without customer consent. Personally i was quite angered on this stupid act. For me its nothing less than corruption especially when one has to waste money and time in de-activating it. Users have shared their pain in *** experiences here. This only shows the overall lawlessness in our society. Everyone is a baadshah. There should be strictness on issues regarding customers from companies or organizations.

PTA has now taken PTCL to task & the news is it has asked PTCL not to pre-activate package without customers’ consent and without prior approval of the Authority. Read more

Meanwhile I tried deactivating mine but before i could, my line went dead few days back. I called & had them register a complain twice but in vain. How many of you were able to de-activate the service?. For those who dont know, this SERVICE has been activated by-default without your knowledge or consent & you will be paying 199 for it. Also the de-activation is through IVR so you wont be able to vent your anger on their reps. How many of you have been able to de-activate ?

Karachi Photo Bloggers Set New Records

I’m a regular follower of several people’s photo streams on Flickr, especially those I discover via their frequent contributions to the Karachi Metroblogging Flickr Group. I was surfing through my favorite photo bloggers’ streams as always a few days ago, when I discovered that a fairly large bunch of Karachi based Flickr users had recently gotten together for “meet up” at Sea View.

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Gear in Air, originally uploaded by smrafiq.


Looking towards the heavens for news?

When the cable started making inroads, a majority of people let go of their satellite dish antennas and receivers in favor it. Such was the allure of the technology, that almost every home in the country was serviced by atleast some cable operator, large or small.

But following the recent media blackout in the country, largely administered by shutting down transmissions at the cable operators end, people are again resorting to the old method of a satellite dish and antenna to be aware of the situation, says Geo News.

The price of dish antenna has also increased in this wake of new demand to Rs. 8000 from Rs. 4000.

Any reader who would like to share their experiences with getting a dish antenna?


Northen Bypass Bridge Collapse

I am not sure who compiled this but it made interesting reading as it throws the responsibility of the unfortunate incident away from the contractors and on to the consultants and designers. The pdf does not appear to be a technical report but more of a ‘other side’ of the story.

Click here to see the details.

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