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Karachi dry weather – 40°C & 19% Humidity

Since yesterday, the Karachi weather has gone really hot as the humidity level has really plummeted from our comfort zone to a whopping 19% – Source BBC Weather

Though the forecast have the humidity rising to roughly a comfortable 40% on Saturday onwards but the temperatures are expected to remain the same. So if these weather gurus are correct [?] so we only have to outlive todays’ dry spell.

BBC Weather 5-day Forecast for Karachi

BBC Weather Forecast for Karachi -> next five days

Early morning drizzle welcomes Karachiites

kmb-aug4.JPGClouds get ready for another shower as light drizzle says GOOD MORNING to Karachiites.

Image taken at 11:00am.

It rains…

As little as 15 minutes ago, I saw a strip on a popular news channel, telling people that Karachi and its adjoining areas have no probability of recieving rain in the next 24 hours.

Incidentally, the truth of this news came to test in the next 5 mins.

Ladies and gentlemen, the heavens are pouring again, very gently.


Karachi – Rain Pics

The first one is just before the rain started.


DHA rain water drains

DHA is working round the clock to complete what appears to be a fairly ambitious (and rather ambiguous) program of making a network of drains that will carry rain water from defence into the sea. Well, good enough.

But, the drains appear to be square in shape and therefore, will allow maximum of silt to collect. That will cause lot of space to be filled up pretty fast. And that’s bad news for the people of defence, Karachi.

Secondly, some of the drains appear to be above road level. Well, how will water go down the drain when they are up and above the roads from which they are supposed to carry water?

Thirdly, it is not very clear how DHA plans to cope with the situation when rains finally decide to pour down during this week. Drains are at best incomplete though DHA management looks happy go lucky.

DHA has avoided such technical questions on the ground that they are working very hard and that people must stop talking and help them instead.

God help us all!

Finally It Looks Like It Will Rain.

It has just started to drizzle, and yahoo predicts a good rainy day for tomorrow, so Karachiiets brace your self for the first rain of the season.

brace, Brace!, BRACE!


While browsing through the internet a few days back I came across a picture of a 36 year old poor women with 9 children, another 25 year old had 5, population is on the rise, so is inflation and the crime rate too.


 Yesterday we experienced three episodes of load shedding, the power was out for a total of six hours for today the episodes were five and the total hours of load shedding was nine. We are out of power, food supplies, water, health care facilities and education.         


Every week hundreds of new cars come out on our streets, running us out of fresh air and adding to the city’s rising pollution, trees are being chopped off and new ones are not coming at the required rate, and the only green our newspaper boasts of is growing on the filthy sewage sludge gathered in a nullah with a warning that flood threats persists if the clogged drains are not cleared before the monsoon spell unleashes upon us. 


And what do I do about it ? Nothing besides punching a few keys, scribbling a few notes and bracing my self for this and the worst that may come.

Coming Soon!!


It’s that time of the year again! The heat is at its oppressive high and that is exactly what the mangoes need to ripen and turn a bright yellow.

The farmers in interior Sindh believe in another week, the world’s heavenliest fruit will be ready to be transported to Karachi. ‘Desi’ mangoes are already on their way but the ‘Shaakhs’, i.e, Sindhri, Anwar Ratol and Chaunsa etc, are yet to ripen. The farmers will be working at breakneck speed next month to make sure they get the mangoes off the trees before they fall to the ground themselves.

man3 mangoes

Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?

Earth Day and the need for a comprehensive effort

Karachi has literally become a trash site in recent times. Except for few there is hardly any place that remains clean. I took these pics (Original 1, Original 2, Original 3) recently and though i knew people dont care about cleanliness but i didnt know this much of garbage & ugliness appears at SEA VIEW every morning(7:00am). Some serious efforts required by all sections of the society if they want to see their city clean in coming years.
Earth Day - Karachi
We have done enough of preachings in this regard and now its time for some action otherwise we have already started to witness the climate and environmental degradation in rest of the world. Interestingly we dont need something special on our behalf i.e only making sure we dont throw garbage outside our home/office/vehicle, a simple rule that will do wonders. Just like any other issue i am sure there would be LAWs already in the book but someone from HEAVEN is required to enforce em on ground. At times even if there is a site people feel tired walking few steps and put the garbage at proper place. Also, please keep in mind that there are related problems associated with this i.e the standard of education needs to be improved. More and more schools be encouraged to be a part of the cleanliness drive and dedicate sometime in respective school/college/university to such causes. Many people i have seen are dedicating their time in activities like cleaning beach etc. but my point is, why do we have to spread the ugliness at first place? Is prevention not better than cure?

DAWN, Climatecrisis, The NEWS

Its Raining

We here in Karachi simply love a little rain (but hate a downpour), over the past two days Karachi has had overcast clouds which on occasions has treated us to a drizzle here and there, but today it started to rain !!!!! albeit only a little till now, but everyone in my neighborhood was celebrating.

Happy Rains, Karachi

Update: Its sunny outside …. whatever happened to the rain…..?

Video: By the time I got done uploading this video – it was bright and sunny, I enjoyed the drizzle while it lasted

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