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Shanakht: ON or GONE

After the riots, ADP and T2F informs that Shanakht Festival has been cancelled and the official announcement in press by CAP will be up soon. But on the contrary, CAP on facebook announces that it it open today and other events will be finalized later. Time will tell the festival’s fate. All this brings in an important question too, has violence become our identity?

Riots at Shanakht

It was the first day and almost a dozen PPP supporters wrecked up Shanakht Festival ’09, The Identity Project organized by The Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP). They were reportedly protesting against an artwork relating to their beloved leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, which, to them, was inappropriate.

It was also reported by some local media groups about gun fires but people present there including a friend deny this.

In my view, it is not only about PPP but as a nation, we almost lack the respect towards art. Events are important but then there should also be public awareness campaigns, not only by artists but government too.

Images courtesy: FurSid

What actually happened has also been reported in
News: The News
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Profit – Not Production, keeps us in Darkness

Power generation is definitly required for the lights to come back in KHI, there is no argument on it but that is not the only reason why we were without electricity at times in this mosam-e-sarma. Ummat reports that its not actually the production, its actually the profit and the BIG digits that keep Karachi in darkness. (more…)

Himat hai tou paas kar, warna bardasht kar!

We always complain and vain about Karachi’s transportation system and here I am doing that again. I was traveling in a public bus. We know their conditions but some are so bad (like the one in which I was commuting) that you never know if flooring would collapse and your feet might touch the ground. Then one rickshaw literally skipped the chance of accident with the bus and it’s side mirror only got affected or else it would have rock n’ roll-ed on the ground. Btw I love Rickshaws but I equally value safety. Motorbikes walon ke liye tou my lips are sealed.

Then most of us Karachites don’t have any civic sense and many of us don’t even know how to drive, forget the etiquette. Now during such incidents, I sometimes wonder why is it that we get silent after bomb blasts in Karachi. Why are there no reservations at channels to show dead bodies? May be we don’t value human life or maybe the apathy in us has deepen its roots.

Annoying Flies, They Are Everywhere!

 Since a few days I am spending most of my time swatting flies, it is not that I don’t have anything better to do but when these tiny flying insects bother you beyond your limits of tolerance one has to take these measures, I have got the flours washed with Phenol, have tried bug spray on them but nothing seems to shatter their determination nor they reduce in number because they are plentiful all over the city.


Today I parked my car under a tree in North Nazimabad and within an hour there were at least a thousand of flies on the bonnet alone, two days ago I discovered one in the Biryani purchased from a famous Biryani Chain in the city, and today in the morning, Right in our own garden, along side the mint plants one committed suicide in my freshly brewed cup of coffee.   (more…)

Load-Shedding Continues to Haunt Karachi.

 It seems to be so that, load shedding has become an all season brute for the citizens of Karachi the bare with even in this season when the pleasant weather insures the air conditioners around the city be at rest and the heaters too are not even out of their storage boxes, which means that consumption of electricity in the city is at it’s minimum these days.

 We in Gulshan have been experiencing at around four to five episodes of power load shedding, which sums up to at least 6 – 8 hours of power outage for each 24 hours. The worst part is that the timings of this un announced load shedding is totally random, insuring to cause maximum inconvenience  


 According to this news report published in The News on the 24 of December, the KESC spokes person Ayesha Eirabie attributed the load shedding to frequent tripping of lines, cable faults and routine bad management.


The news item also states:

 ” It is learnt that two units of the KESC’s Bin Qasim Power Plant have been closed while those functioning are also not performing up to their maximum output. The KESC spokesperson maintained that Independent Power Producers (IPPs) were not providing the required electricity either owing to their own maintenance and repair requirements.”


I wonder if this routine continues what will be the hours of load shedding once we are over with winters…

100 rapes a day in Karachi

A very worrisome news report appeared on the front page of Daily Times yesterday, which was again highlighted on ATP as well

On average, 100 women are raped every 24 hours in Karachi city alone, and a majority of them are working women, said Additional Police Surgeon (APS). Dr Zulfiqar Siyal told Daily Times “…. very few rape survivors have the courage to come forward in search of justice.”

They do not come forward because of the lengthy medical process and delayed justice system in Pakistan. Only 0.5 percent of cases are reported and the majority (99.5 percent) of survivors prefers to stay silent. Part of the problem is that there are 11 medico-legal sections in three major public sector hospitals but there are only six women medico-legal officers (WMLOs) for the 18 million population of Karachi. “I am sure that there are more than 100 rape cases every day … but you can gauge how many are reported from the official data which says that during the last eight months (between January to August 2008) a total of 197 cases were reported,

I am aware there are some brilliant initiatives already afloat on this issue, so I open the debate allowing people to highlight this problem, offer solutions [existing and planned] which we as the ‘educated section of society‘ can hopefully help to improve.

Credit Discrimination?

Ramadan Traffic Mayhem

On the first day of Ramadan it’s 3:30, although more then four hours before one opens the fast with a soft, sweet date still everyone on the road is impatient. Switching lanes, blaring horns, and motorcyclists rushing as if they are on a mad race in a virtual dimension where they have several lives before it’s game over. And cars Screech-halting on every signal and a few even running through the red light. (more…)

A year has passed since the Northern Bypass collapsed

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