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Zardari be the president – Altaf Hussain

AT recently said that AZ should be the next president. This he thinks is better for country. Many see it in quite different perspective. For Karachi this might be a good gesture, no matter whatever is the real agenda. For country’s sake this seems shocking. What you think is the real reason Altaf bhai gave such a statement? Was it because of the reconciliation fever that seems to take on everyone in country or after sitting in power for 5 years Altaf bhai finally realized the attraction is too difficult to resist? What they say in urdu ki iqtidaar ka maza muu ko lag gaya hai. There is no doubt about the fact that no matter how much you despise the two, currently Karachi is in their hands & luckily/unluckily people have choosen them. With agencies always ready to get political parties fight each other do you think both guys are taking right steps for peace in karachi? Please also comment especially in view of the fundamental reason MQM was born i.e the fight for the rights of the Urdu speaking community in Pakistan (Karachi). Do you guys believe this cause is still alive or it’s dead now?

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