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Dear Diary – A new art exhibition to look out for

*The following is being posted on behalf of Moiz Kazmi with all credits:

With all these days passing by and this year coming to an end, am getting happier, gay and proud – of myself, this city, its art, the artists and my love. A new gallery opens up at the much ancient Shafi Courts, Poppy Seed, by Indus TV group. The principal curator at Poppy Seed, the excitingly named gallery, is Sumbul Khan.

Sumbul has carefully curated a collection comprising works of Mohsin Shafi, Samar Zia, Ambreen Hameed, Mariam Ahmed, Arif Taha, Sonia Shah, Sausan Saulat, Ammad Tahir, Huma Shah and Emaan Mahmud. The exhibition titled ‘Dear Diary’, is not inspired or curated keeping Britney Spear’s song of the same name, but these are confessions of the showcased artists.

The launch day started with readings by Sanam Saeed, Momin Zafar, Omar Bilal Akhtar and Zoe Viccaji, who came to the gallery a week prior to the opening day and studied the pieces which were going to be on exhibit. Accordingly, they chose what poems to read which related to the work exhibited. Reading session was a welcome change and added more flavour to the entire showing, also one could relate easily to the work displayed. One could hear pieces read from Faraz Maqsood Hamidi’s book SKIN.

Worth Mentioning Displays:

– Arif Taha’s ‘I see, I record’ is an eye-catching visual presentation of a pencil which hangs from the ceiling with strings on a mirror with wooden stand..
– Sonia Shah’s ‘Self Portrait’ is a girl behind a locked carved door. Her dress is stuck in between the door and one could see her frightened eyes peeking behind the chained wooden door. This is one of the best pieces at display here.
– Sausan Saulat’s ‘Bored on Board’ was a series of paintings showing a young boy playing, thinking and contemplating on the canvases which were pages from a notebook. Sadly this is not for sale.
– Ammad Tahir showcased a series of paintings. His work showed growth of a dancer or most likely how he himself wanted or still desires to be a dancer. The first piece showed shades of the dancer’s past and then how the dancer loses himself in this world amongst all the machinery and finally how he starts dancing in his dreams once he could not fulfill his desires in reality.
– Huma Shah’s ‘The Struggle’ was a beautiful painting of a man struggling to climb a dangerous edgy mountain range.

Poppy Seed gallery is a breath of fresh air in the local art scene. One hopes to see excellently curated exhibitions here keeping in mind Sumbul’s study of history and Islamic art. Dear Diary exhibition is on till 9th January 2010.

Scientific Exhibition @ Alliance Française

2009 is the international year of astronomy.

This international year of astronomy aims at helping the world citizens to rediscover the universe by observing the sky, during day and at night, and at making everyone feel the wonder of discovery.

The international year of astronomy is a global celebration of astronomy and its contribution to society and culture, motivated by the 400th anniversary of the first use of the telescope by Galileo.

On this occasion, Alliance Française de Karachi invites you to discover an exhibition dealing with the history, the projects in process and those to come up, the discoveries and the technologies related to one of the most exciting and fascinating field of science.

12 to 19 June at Alliance Française de Karachi.

PS: Got this in email, and it seems to be worth checking.

of feathers and stones

one op

Do visit and encourage these young photographers and their art about Karachi.

PCK Exhibit ’09

Photography Exhibitions are thankfully increasing in Karachi with advent of digital cameras as good amount of people who have taken it as a serious hobby. In some way these photographs are documenting Karachi’s vibe, sights and people.

One such exhibition this week is being organized by Photo Club of Karachi at Alliance Francaise. The exhibition will feature above 200 photographs of 30 amateur artists selected by professionals. Hope this one brings us some aesthetic pleasure.


Photography Exhibition: Urban Changes

Date: June 4, 2008 at 6pm (The exhibition will continue till 18th June)

All interested people are cordially invited.

Location: Goethe-Institut Pakistan, 2, Brunton Road, Civil Lines, Karachi. [Tel: (+92-21) 566 1633-6]

Goethe-Institut / Max Müller Bhavan Mumbai organized a photography workshop with a special focus to capture and present images of India through the lenses of well-known young photographers from the South Asian region.

The workshop was conducted by the Berlin-based photographer Andrea Kuenzig. This exhibition comprises images created by participants during this workshop. Two of these participants, Sohail Abdullah from Karachi and Clare Arni from Bangalore will be present to talk about their work.

The topic “Urban Changes” has a large canvas and as such the approaches of photographic aploration are manifold. In their endeavour to present their perception of “Urban Changes” the photographers got an opportunity to identify their individual forté in this field and develop his / her own stylistic approach in photography. They primarily focused on the development of urban and rural structures in the era of globalization, using photography as an art form and also a medium for juxtaposition.

For further information about this program, contact the Programme Coordinator Ms. Mona Mala or visit their website.

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