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The Feudal Conglomerate of Pakistan

pak-feudal-structurePakistan is country under the occupation of a feudal Conglomerate consisting of different components (show at right side in a chart). While people have almost complete freedom of movement they are restricted by design in their thinking through the very same components that makeup this setup. Terror is one of the productive weapons of this setup to keep its occupation tight. This occupation is never discussed in electronic and print media which is itself a baby in an atomic age and is hardly able to come out of the roti, kapra, makan slogan. Under the very same occupation some media groups, civil society and courts have tried to get rid of this setup and it is too early to judge if they will succeed.
You must have all seen this video which is at least not a surprise for me since we know the reality is worst than what we can imagine. This video below, however is related to Karachi. I have full sympathy to these fellows terrorized by one of the components of this feudal setup (the rangers). If they had any proof of the wrong doings the law should have taken its course but as you will see, the “official” terrorist abuse law and beat the fellows just because they belong to a particular ethnicity.
(warning : Language/violence)

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