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Eating ‘out’ karachi

Few days ago, I went to an outlet of Nandos in Karachi to try their new offering Espeteda Rustica. I guess it is the best of what they have to offer. I had to eat it so I ordered it though I found it little out of budget. I then tried to calculate how much the whole big meal would have cost the restaurant, obviously much less.

The catch is that the best and most frequent entertainment for Karachites is eating out. Those who can afford to indulge themselves to high-end restaurant pay heaps of moolah without thinking that money can be utilized on better things or maybe for a cause like Karachite blogger Fariha mentioned sometime back. We need to bring in the awareness of civic responsibility, and not as a trend but as a habit. For that we also need better avenues of entertainment where we can have intellectual dinners.

With rate of physical and mental obesity getting at rise, one should start thinking Gluttony as a REAL sin. I have started it to acknowledge this finally or say trying to.

ps: Mom-ka-kahana-is-the-best!

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