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Jinnahpur fuss – One more dirty game to save Musharraf ?

karachi1[1]Our establishment’s competency is well proven without any doubt. Controversy manufacturing is their core area of expertise. One retired Brigadier (whose notoriety needs no discussion) & whose conscience took 17 years to wake up is behind this noise. What he said is this:  That the Jinah Puur map fuss was not true PLUS that Mr. Nawaz Sharif as PM had not been taken into confidence about the operation against MQM and he was only informed about the anti-dacoits operation in interior Sindh. Guess what, the 90 INC. immediately started thrashing PML with the first part saying why Mr. Nawaz, then PM, didn’t stop the 92-operation, though mostly it was PPP from 93-96 & Naseerullah Babar is absent in their attack. And if we recall correctly, their own best friend Mr. Ch. Shujaat Hussain was Interior Minister then, where his name dissappeared ? Answer coming shortly but first a new twist: One Major rtd. Nadeem Dar says Brigadier is all lies and indeed maps were found and showed in a press conference but later on ISPR put pressure on media to stop it. He didn’t tell you why though we can figure it out, that too coming shortly. Now 3rd twist, a list submitted to court in 1994 by RAM Asghar Khan has also been dug up on money distributed to IJI by our “honest and clean” ISI.

But first over to what Nusrat Javed has tried to exposed on LVT and he is on spot without wasting time. This is neither about 92 operation, nor about PML vs MQM and nor about what really happened in 92, this is actually a new stunt to save Mr. Musharraf. Let’s expose the script: (more…)

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