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Chand Nawab tries to manage pedestrian traffic


I recently met this legendary Journalist Chand Nawab a few days back, his shot to fame was this TV blooper which was recorded almost a year back at the Karachi Railway station. The video finding its way online was a prank by his colleagues and for a good few months Chand Nawab was in a fit of rage at his friends having humiliated him. But now he instead enjoys narrating this story in his own unique hilarious way, which in retrospect believe is worth another youtube clip for the legendary Chand Nawab and his KARACHI blooper

Media & Activism Seminar

coveritMauj Media Collective Invites you to an evening on Media & Activism

Date: Tuesday, 07 April 2009,
Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: Goethe Institute, 2 Brunton Rd, Civil Lines, Karachi

Do media and activism always go together. How does an activist media fill the gaps. How do the new technologies fit in this picture. What does this increased access to information mean for our complex culture and society.

In a timely note Rob van Kranenburg observes the present age of acceleration. Concerning the role of the artist in an ever more complex world full of radicalism, he dares to ask: what does this mean for the disruptive qualities of art if disruption becomes the default?

Suzanne Hogendoorn presents her film on European activists at the G8 Summit 2007.

Awab Alvi gives us a behind-the-web look at citizens covering the Long March in March 2009 using internet & cellphones.

We hope to involve journalists in the discussion. Open discussion will follow.

GEO TV blocked in some areas

watch-geo-tv-live1So Mr. Nawaz was right. Musharraf ki rooh shayd waqai mai Zardari mai ghus gai hai (and here) although he was enough himself). I have just been informed by few friends from different areas that GEO is blocked on their side and seems like we may see a repetition of 2007 when the dictator turned it into hell. We were already saying that Feb 17 elections will result in more corrupt gov. since how can be a child legal when the marriage is illegal (NRO).

Its pathetic that our governments never learn from history. And this will just be the beginning I guess. Media is under threat as earlier it was mentioned in recent newspapers. After loosing media battle at an early stage and since GHQ is in full support to the civilian dictator, I hope that Zardari continue to make mistakes like these so his exit come as fast as his spiritual mentor came.

[Image : Buzzvines]

Kara Bichara!

One of the most associated words with our city Karachi is uncertainty. The same has become true for the Kara Film Festival. It is getting postponed since 2007, then was scheduled for 2008, after which organizers had to postpone it even further till February 2009, all because of the instability in the country. Now the festival which is scheduled from 4th to 15th February 2009 is again in trouble. Major sponsors have backed out of the festival because of the recession. Till now, they have only one of the venues that is Arts Council and because of lack of funds, are not able to book PIIA which was also in the list before. The organizers are trying some serious fund raising through their facebook group.

Kara Film Festival has always been into controversy from issues ranging from lack of management, over influx of Indian films and stars to favoritism. Whatever the case may be, it has been one of the important platforms helping in improve the cultural scene by promoting independent cinema but yes organizers need to streamline and take their efforts way forward to subsequently increase its access.

I personally wish Kara Film Festival good luck because I want to see more local stuff on a relatively large screen. Those who can help with funds do so more. I guess they would organize the event any how so moreover at least support them by going there and giving yourself some entertainment. Remember culture displays a nation’s core and revives its spirit.

The Media Mum – who is behind ?

Our brave media recently went mum again and since there was again no official reason/confirmation/notice/press release ETC. every tom dick and harry has his chance to jump in for a comment. I avoided it for few days merely because i had absolutely no idea. But now, as time passes, and as it is always the case, guess who came out behind the curtain . . . . . again . . . . (more…)

Bol kay lub azaad hain Pyaaray!

This was the ad jingle that one of the news channels played JUST after announcing that the Supreme Court and President had asked for the transcripts of ALL talkshows who had addressed the judiciary issue AFTER November 3rd. I obviously couldn’t help but see the precision in timing and execution of the request and the ad.

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