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MQM and Aafia Siddiqui – Principle Stand or Political Marketing

Disclaimer : This post is not in support/disapproval of Aafia Siddiqui nor it discuss her case. It is purely written in the context of the famous missing person issue. Many of the missing/disappearances occurred in Karachi. Very few people know that missing person issue was one of the main reasons of tussle b/w Cheif Justice’s and establishment/Musharraf , along with Wardi/Steel Mill issue. [read here here]

Visiting Aafia’s family was a good thing to do by MQM but this one was not an ordinary visit. MQM’s support for Musharraf needs no explanation therefore when we read the below news item we have to see it in a larger picture and so, here, we failed to find an important aspect i.e. MQM did not offer apology for its full support to the former president’s policies (at least policies w.r.t WoT). This then forces us to think if this was more a “Political Marketing” campaign than any REAL admission of guilt. Since, of late, the whole nation seems to be behind Aafia Siddiqui, was this visit aimed at cashing public sympathies PLUS to counter JI-JUI effect who are trying to hijack it completely?. There are dozen’s of missing cases from KHI (and many hundred from Pakistan) , why this case only?

I found it important to inform the reader about the magnanimity of this issue by pasting few lines from Musharraf’s book. A tip for those who are interested in reading Mr. Musharraf’s book : Read it in ENGLISH. After realizing, his commando emotions went slightly over limit in English version he has removed some parts in URDU version. Below is a scanned portion that has been, i have read, removed in Urdu version. Read it and decide for yourself if MQM should not make a public apology for fully supporting MUSH foreign policy blindly for 9 years. Will a public apology not be more objective and help better its image on NATIONAL LEVEL issues but also clean at least one stain from its past.

And the news item :

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