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My pile is bigger than yours – Karachi ka haal

Source : Jay’s Toons

MQM MPA Raza Haider gunned down – Traffic bottleneck

As the news of MQM MPA Mr. Raza Haider being gunned down spread, traffic in Karachi witnessed a “tense pattern” and bottlenecks were formed at main routes everywhere. Picture of SF traffic taken 2 hours back by a friend.

MQM to sit in opposition if reservations not removed

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has stated that if its reservations regarding security situation in Karachi are not removed, they will cosider sitting in opposition. In a statement issued a while ago MQM said : “ The terrorists of Lyari gang war and other criminal groups have continued to kidnap and kill the innocent activist of the MQM. While some elements of the provincial government are patrioinsing these elements ”  More

Jinnahpur fuss – One more dirty game to save Musharraf ?

karachi1[1]Our establishment’s competency is well proven without any doubt. Controversy manufacturing is their core area of expertise. One retired Brigadier (whose notoriety needs no discussion) & whose conscience took 17 years to wake up is behind this noise. What he said is this:  That the Jinah Puur map fuss was not true PLUS that Mr. Nawaz Sharif as PM had not been taken into confidence about the operation against MQM and he was only informed about the anti-dacoits operation in interior Sindh. Guess what, the 90 INC. immediately started thrashing PML with the first part saying why Mr. Nawaz, then PM, didn’t stop the 92-operation, though mostly it was PPP from 93-96 & Naseerullah Babar is absent in their attack. And if we recall correctly, their own best friend Mr. Ch. Shujaat Hussain was Interior Minister then, where his name dissappeared ? Answer coming shortly but first a new twist: One Major rtd. Nadeem Dar says Brigadier is all lies and indeed maps were found and showed in a press conference but later on ISPR put pressure on media to stop it. He didn’t tell you why though we can figure it out, that too coming shortly. Now 3rd twist, a list submitted to court in 1994 by RAM Asghar Khan has also been dug up on money distributed to IJI by our “honest and clean” ISI.

But first over to what Nusrat Javed has tried to exposed on LVT and he is on spot without wasting time. This is neither about 92 operation, nor about PML vs MQM and nor about what really happened in 92, this is actually a new stunt to save Mr. Musharraf. Let’s expose the script: (more…)

Sitting on a ticking time bomb!

In the last few days, there had been reports of Pakhtuns being targetted in various parts of the city. Needless to say ethnic violence had to follow as seen last night. MQM cites Talibanisation as reason enough to evict Pakhtuns from Karachi. However, a sudden realization of the threat the Pakhtun community poses is suspicious.

Karachi is the trade hub of the country, and as any economist will tell you, when an urban centre is developed without enough attention to rural or even semi urban areas, rural-urban migration is only natural. Karachi thus attracts a number of migrants from not only the N.W.F.P, but all over the country. This migrant population then assimilates into the workforce and over the years has become an integral economic force in the city.

The Pakhtuns too have become an indispensable part of Karachi. Not only do they control most of the public transportation system, but a majority of cobblers, tea hotel owners, construction labourers happen to be Pakhtuns. (more…)

The Media Mum – who is behind ?

Our brave media recently went mum again and since there was again no official reason/confirmation/notice/press release ETC. every tom dick and harry has his chance to jump in for a comment. I avoided it for few days merely because i had absolutely no idea. But now, as time passes, and as it is always the case, guess who came out behind the curtain . . . . . again . . . . (more…)

Are pakhtuns being targeted?


Lately there have been shady reports coming in from different parts of Karachi that Pakhtun hotels and dhabas are being put out of commission overnight.

There are also reports that Pakhtuns are being systematically sought out and removed from mohajir based areas as the leader of MQM has warned his party of the dangers these people somehow pose. Removal means eviction by landlords, refusal to buy goods from pakhtun businesses and so on

I thought it would be a good idea for us to engage in some citizen journalism and see if this is actually taking place or is more here say to fan the flames of ethnic violence in our city. This can easily be accomplished as most of us live in different areas of Karachi and can report via comments as to what is actually going on while trying to stay away from a political tilt in any direction.

So answer the above poll and tell us why you think this is or is not happening, based on your own locality. Pretty soon we should have a city wide grasp of the ground reality in this matter

Altaf Hussain as a CNG Rickshaw driver…

I was thinking what would become of Karachi and the green CNG rickshaws, (legacy of debunked General & President Musharraf) if Altaf Hussain, Pir of London, Imam of Mohajirs of Karachi, were to suddenly transform from being a leader of MQM into an erstwhile rickshawala.

First, he won’t get any license. PPP wants all Sindhis, mostly un-educated and belonging to interior, to do everything. From sweepers to customs officers at port, to PIA’s various GMs, and the President of the god-damn country.

If in case he gets the license, he will do lot of things.


A case against Altaf Hussain

Pir of London, owner of Karachi, citizen of Great Britain, butcher of Muslim brothers and sisters, agent of RAW, Altaf bhai to his followers, is a single person who now makes his home in posh locality of London. His wife has since left him and therefore, he resides alone along with his British guards (and maybe sniffer dogs). His call can jam Karachi and his voice is loved by most who call themselves Muhajirs, people who migrated from India during partition of 1947. Well, he is wanted badly here back in Karachi which he rules via internet.

He is wanted in multiple murder and rape cases which took place around and after 1995. He is wanted by mothers whose sons he ordered dead; he is wanted by husbands whose sisters were raped and thrown away in ditches; he is wanted by sons of the soil whose fathers he threw in bags.


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